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Jared Marzdon Fucks Zach Covington

Only The Best

Jared Marzdon is back and is ready to get some ass from one of BSB’s best bottoms, Zach Covington. The boys get right to business, kissing hard before the cameras even start rolling. After making […]

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Zach Covington and Justin Dean

Energized and Ready to Fuck

Zach Covington is almost 21! That means I’ll be able to get him drunk and…never mind. Ummm moving on, Justin Dean and Zach Covington are both vets in the BSB studio and know how to […]

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Drake Tyler and Zach Covington

Bottom to Bottom

Drake Tyler and Zach Covington are certified pros, so when they promise that they’re going to deliver an excellent scene; no one should doubt them. They make out while Drake’s hand explores Zach’s body. He […]

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Brad Gemini and Zach Covington

Who’s New?

It’s early, but you know how boys are; we can fuck anytime of the day. Zach Covington drew and newbie, Brad Gemini are with us today and they’re ready to put on a show. Although […]

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Zach Covington and Jos Alvarez

Moving Too Fast

Zach Covington hasn’t been with us for a while but now he’s back and ready to get that ass reopened. We have newbie, Jos Alvarez on deck ready to help (and get some ass). These […]

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Ronan Kennedy and Zach Covington

Shut up and Fuck!

“So, we’re just not going to talk?” No, Zach Covington, we’re not going to talk because we’re here to see you fuck! Once Zach gets the point he leans over and begins to suck on […]

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Kaden Porter And Zach Covington

I Taste Good!

Zach tries to talk to Kaden about their plane ride by Kaden’s eyes and mind are fixed on one thing, Zach body. Kaden cuts Porter inquiry short and gets things started by moving in for […]

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Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington

Like a Flashback

Well, well, well…guess who’s back! Kaden has returned and is ready to start making some money. Here to welcome him back with all the warmness BSB has to offer is Zach Covington. After talking about […]

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Tyler Griffin Fucks Zach Covington

Fighting To The Top

Tyler and Zach are just like any other two guys, full of ego and cum. We find them debating who can kick the other’s ass. The winner, surprise surprise, will get to top today. The […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Zach Covington

So Excited

Whenever you have Zach in a scene you know it’s going to be full of passion and excitement. That’s exactly what we get when this one kicks off. Zach runs out of the bathroom and […]

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Antonio Ferrari And Zach Covington

What’s for Dessert?

Antonio isn’t big on boobs, but he enjoys a girl with thick legs and a nice ass…that sounds an awful lot like Zach. Zach shows off his assets and calves by getting on his tippy […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington

Speechless and Breathless

No words are necessary between. Zach Covington and Ryan Fields; they get right down to business by tasting on each other’s lips and pulling on each other’s clothes. They slowly lose their shirts and pants, […]

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Brandon Evans Fucks Zach Covington

Dick at Dawn

The boys are up early and ready to get their scene over and done with. Zach tells us that he’s usually up at 4am and wouldn’t mind starting even earlier. I’m all down for some […]

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Tanner Valentino And Zach Covington

Chef Valentino

Rumor has it that Tanner Valentino can cook. He has been whipping a delicious dinner for the guys all day but now its time for him to putting in a different type of work. I […]

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Gage Owens And Zach Covington Flip

The Hunger

I think there are two things that men need in this world: food and fucking. This morning the boys need and want food but they’ll have to wait until the fucking is done. I’m sure […]

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Zach Covington Fucks Junior Fernandez Bareback

Mixing and Pounding

Zach Covington, fresh off of being apart of one of the hottest scenes in BSB history,  and Junior Fernandez are back in the studio. Junior is one of the cutest guys on the site and […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Zach Covington

Newbies? Ummm…

Two newbies are set to collide in this one. Both Zach Covington and Ben Dover are fresh faces here at BSB and they are ready to fuck for the first time on camera. They may […]

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Zach Covington Sucks Tim Hanes

A Natural

Two of our newbies, Tim Hanes and Zach Covington, are in the studio and are supposed to be exchanging blowjobs. However, Tim isn’t quite ready and decides to pass on sucking Zach’s dick for now. […]

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Zach Covington Jerks Off

Red Alert

I can’t believe BSB has yet another sexy red head in the mix, and he’s ADORABLE. That’s probably not the best descriptor for an upcoming porn star but it fits! He’s in the military and […]