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Ryan Fields Fucks Xavier Ryan

Here’s another big dick daddy dicking down his boy twink update!   Xavier and Ryan both share more in common than just a name.  They both have a Big fan base that supports them and follows […]

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Ryan Fields Grey Donovan

Both of these hunks are tall.  Grey may be new, but he’s definitely not shy.  The result of his profession as a male model, no doubt.  In this video we push Grey’s experience and boundaries […]

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Mason Woods and Ryan Fields Fuck

Field Training

Ryan Fields is easily one of my favorite bottoms at BSB. That ass tho! So I’m excited to see him paired up with one of our newest additions, Mason Woods, who is eager to pound […]

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Ryan Fields and Liam Andrews

Ryan Fields Returns

Heeeeeyyyy Ryan! Ryan Fields hasn’t been around for spell but he’s finally back and ready to put in some work. He’ll be working with newbie Liam Andrews who is eager to learn a thing or […]

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Ryan Fields fucks Jordan Hart

Making Friends

Jordan Hart is the new guy in the bunch so he’s still trying to fit in. He hasn’t’ asked for my advice but if he does I’ll tell him that letting guys stick their hard […]

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John Henry and Ryan Fields

He Wants What He Wants

John Henry and Ryan Fields begin by making out and feeling each other up. The pull off and toss their clothes, exposing their hot bodies to each other. John goes down on Ryan and swallows […]

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Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

Oral Mastery

Ryan and Sebastian came in the studio horned up and ready to go so we won’t hold them back. They kiss like they’ve been doing so for years. They savor the taste of each other’s […]

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Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter

“A” Game

Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter is a pairing the fans have been asking for. Well, we like to make dreams come true. It seems like these two have been itching to be paired together as […]

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Ryan Fields and Robb Davis

Gotta Have It!

These two boys are all over each other as soon as the scene starts. They make out like teenagers as their hands take field trips all over each other bodies. It’s almost as if they’d […]

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Romeo's Hard Prick In Ryan's Ass

A Dish Served Cold

Romeo James is finally back after a three year break. He won’t say where he’s been, only that he’s been working. What’s clear though is that he still remembers the pounding Ryan gave him years […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks LJ Richards

True to This, Not New to This

Today we have two boys that have been in the game for a while and are ready to show off their skills. Ryan Fields and LJ Richards get things started by kissing each other softly […]

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Chris Taylor and Ryan Fields Fuck

Up to Speed

Ryan Fields and Chris Taylor have been paired up today and as usual Ryan is ready to get down to business. He wastes no time going in for a kiss, which Chris happily returns. As […]

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Chaz Berling and Ryan Fields

Milky Way

Chaz Berling seems a little nervous to be with veteran, Ryan Fields. But once Ryan asks him to show him what he has he can help but to move in for a kiss. The boys make […]

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Dakota Ford Fucks Ryan Fields

Turning it Red

Dakota Ford sits down on the bed and begins to kiss Ryan before going right for his cock. He eagerly sucks on it, licking his balls as he teases the tip of Ryan’s hard dick […]

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Tyler, Levi And Ryan Fuck Raw

The Get Down

It’s time for another threesome and today we have Tyler, Levi and Ryan on hand to fulfill our fantasies. They get things started with a hot make out session with fondling for good measure. Soon […]

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Antonio Ferrari Fucks Ryan Fields

Too Slick

Ryan may think he’s slick, but I can see right through him. He gets Antonio to take his shirt off so that he can get a better look at his tats. As even the most […]

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Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

Talking is overrated…apparently. Ryan Fields and Junior Fernandez don’t say anything to each other; they’re ready to work and put on a show. The begin by tasting each others lips before Junior’s leave Ryan’s mouth […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Ryan Fields

Inked Up, Fucked Down

Boys love to find things that have in common with other guys and nothing say common ground like tattoos. Benjamin Dover asks Ryan about his tats and Ryan responds by undressing and playing a brief […]

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Jason Sterling And Ryan Fields

Back and Forth

Jason Sterling and Ryan Fields are two BSB vets and they know why they’re here. They don’t need an introduction or any instructions so get right to it! They lie back and make out while […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington

Speechless and Breathless

No words are necessary between. Zach Covington and Ryan Fields; they get right down to business by tasting on each other’s lips and pulling on each other’s clothes. They slowly lose their shirts and pants, […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks Mikey Raw

Running from Dick, Taking Ass

Mikey’s reputation proceeds him. To be more accurate, the reputation about his cock proceeds it. So it’s no wonder why Ryan want to avoid it at all costs and would much rather top. Maybe one […]

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Tyler Griffin And Ryan Fields Flip

Flipping Out

Tyler Griffin and Ryan Fields  are back and are just too eager to play! They waste no time and get right to it! They pull each other’s pants off and 69, each getting a mouthful […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

Look Who’s Back!

Ryan Fields is finally back in front of the camera and he’s been paired up with a new fan fave, Levi Jackson. These guys are ready to fuck and they don’t waste much time getting […]

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Chris Taylor Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

Butt First

The time has come for Chris Taylor to get his feet wet and his dick deep in some boy pussy for the first time. He’s a little nervous; as usual, but I bet Ryan can […]

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Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields

Locks of Love

Zeno Kostas is back and may I say he is sexier than ever. He’s gotten a haircut and has decided to put that face on full display. He’s in the studio along with Ryan Fields, […]

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Vadim Black Fucks Brady Bennett

The Long Moan Home

Zander is going to once again find himself on the bottom. Something tells me that neither him or Ryan are going to have a problem with him. The boys have been in the cooped up […]

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Abram Hoffer and Ryan Fields

Straight out of the zoo

The cameraman gives Abram and Ryan a simple challenge, and that’s to fuck like sex crazed animals. He obviously hasn’t been paying attention, that’s what these two do best. No time is wasted here. These […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks Vadim Black Raw

Veteran’s Delight

Vadim and Ryan have been paired together and for the first time in while, Vadim is going to bottom! He’s planning to take a bit of a mental vacation to help him get through having […]

Fucking the Dead

Soooo Ryan decided to get a Walking Dead tattoo on his leg. Ok, there’s that. If this were a smart choices show he’d probably get voted off but thank goodness the tat doesn’t really distract […]