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Tanner Valentino Fucks Rick Hazard

Tanner Gets Hazardous

The ever-popular Tanner Valentino is back and ready to fuck the cutie Rick Hazard. He seems really into Rick and doesn’t hesitate to get things started ready to get things started by making out. As they […]

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Connor Ridge and Rick Hazard

Give ‘Em Every Inch

Connor Ridge and Rick Hazard are all set for a good fucking so let’s skip the pleasantries and get right to it. The boys quickly strip down and Connor goes for Rick’s sweet prick first. […]

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Jared Marzdon and Rick Hazard

A Little Too Good, Huh?

Everyone hates to bottom at first (well, almost everyone). But if you do it enough, you get used to it and really begin to enjoy it. Jared Marzdon is no exception. He’s comfortable get fucked […]

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Rick Hazard Dominated Romeo James’ Ass

Romeo Gets Taken Down

Romeo James back and to give him a nice warm welcome is none other than one of our sexiest newbies, Rick Hazard. These boys practically attack each others’ faces when they begin to make out. […]

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Introducing Rick Hazard

Just Chillin’

Do you like your boys dark and handsome? You like your boys confident but humble (and maybe even a little shy)? Do you like your boys to have bodies worth drooling over? Well we’ve all […]