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Damien Nichols and Kaden Porter

I Know What I Want

No need for much of an introduction, Damien Nichols and Kaden Porter are both vets and want to get down to business now! They don’t spend any time talking, instead they quickly get naked and […]

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Drake Tyler Fucks Kaden Porter

From One Bottom to Another

Drake Tyler and Kaden Porter are pretty much busting out of their jeans when we find them on the bed. As soon as the camera begins rolling, they start making out as Drake feels grabs Kaden’s […]

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Kaden Porter and Jos Alvarez

Missed The D

Kaden Porter has always been one of my favorite BSB bottoms. That ass?! Come on! I’m happy he’s back and eager to give that bussy up once more. He’s with Jos Alvarez today, who’s ready […]

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Jared Marzdon dominates Kaden

Not Ready to Leave

Jared Marzdon and Kaden Porter have some sexy chemistry going on between them. Jared goes in for a kiss and Kaden meets him halfway. The boys kiss like true lovers, embracing for what seems likes […]

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Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews

Worshipping Shawn’s Ass

Kaden Porter has been sleeping all day and it’s a good thing, because he’s going to need it to handle Shawn’s juicy ass. They’re both excited to get going and it shows in the way […]

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Kaden Porter Fucks Issac Lin Raw

All Up in Lin

Kaden Porter and Issac Lin are probably BSB’s quietest models. So, it’s no surprise when they all but skip the small talk and decide to get right to business. The boys starting by kissing and […]

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Rowan Adams Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

Another BSB Bromance

Straight guys bonding…it’s nauseating but necessary in this line of work. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a bromance especially when it leads to some hot fucking. And luckily for you, that’s exactly what Rowan Adams […]

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Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon

Don’t Study Too Hard

Oliver is headed back to school and will have quite the course load. The last thing he wants is to have to worry about money while he could be studying. That’s why he’s in the […]

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Chaz Berling and Kaden Porter

Right Into the Mix

We find Kaden Porter on his knees as soon as the video starts. He is starving for Chaz Berlin’s dick and Chaz is all too willing to feed it to him. Chaz whips out his […]

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The Two Kaden's Fuck Raw

Paging Kaden…

You can’t have two guys named “Kaden” walking around without finding out which one reigns supreme; you just can’t. I don’t even know how to tell you about the hotness in this scene without confusing […]

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Kaden Porter And Junior Fernandez

Stone Hard Cocks

Kaden Porter and Junior Fernandez have plans to hike Stone Mountain later today. That will surely be a workout as Junior correctly points out. There’s no better warm-up for a tough hike like that than […]

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Kaden Porter And Zach Covington

I Taste Good!

Zach tries to talk to Kaden about their plane ride by Kaden’s eyes and mind are fixed on one thing, Zach body. Kaden cuts Porter inquiry short and gets things started by moving in for […]

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Kaden Porter And Ronan Kennedy

The Monster is Back!

It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve had Ronan in the studio. He’s back and looks better than ever with a new haircut. Surely Kaden has heard stories about the monster in Ronan’s pants. If […]

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Devon Felix Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

Just Kiss Me

Sometimes in life, words aren’t necessary. This is apparently one of those times. Kaden and Devon don’t waste anytime talking; we find them swallowing each other tongues while aggressively making out. They quickly make their […]

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Kaden Porter And Brandon Evans Flip

Flipping Out

The sexy new kid on the block, Brandon Evans, is back and is ready to experience some new things. He’s with Kaden Porter, who is also up for tying something new. Let’s see just how […]

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Kaden Porter Fucks Chandler Scott Raw

Chef Chandler with the Cock

Chandler has been doing a little baking in the BSB household. I’ve always wanted to taste his cakes but now he has some baked goods I’d like to get my hands on if the tales […]

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Jesse Avalon Fucks Kaden Porter Bareback

Too Horny To Wait

Kaden is a great top (we all know that) But now we can add impatient bottom to this label. He walks in and finds Jesse on the phone wearing nothing but some boxer briefs and […]

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Kaden Porter Tops David Hardy Raw

Nerves of Wood

Nothing helps someone get over their nerves like blood flowing to their cock. That’s exactly how David plans to help Kaden get over his camera shyness. David gets things started with some deep kissing and […]

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Kaden Porter Tops Tanner Valentino

Young and Horny

Two of our youngest boys, Tanner Valentino and Kaden Porter are all set to unleash on each other. Being that spry and horny is a distant memory for me, but I’m certainly ready to live […]

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Kaden Porter Tops Zander Floyd Raw

Fuck Buddies

BSB is clearly a place to make friends. Kaden Porter and Zander Floyd have been hanging out a lot but now they’ll have an opportunity to hang out under the hot lights of the BSB […]

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Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

Same Model, Different Engine

Vadim has had his way with one twin, now he gets to have the other. Kaden will be a different challenge as he is all top and wants to plow Vadim’s tight little hole. They […]

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Kaden Porter Fucks Gage Owens

Kaden’s First

Kaden is ready to take the next step. He’s jacked his dick for all of us to see and know we’ve got him all set to get down and dirty with Gage Owens. There’s no […]