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Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

Taking Down Durham

Rowan Adams is quiet around the house and does a good job of keeping to himself. So, it’s not surprise to me that Jacob Durham hasn’t really gotten to know him. But today they’ll have […]

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Jacob Durham fucks Oliver Saxon

Taking All He Can

Jacob Durham and Oliver Saxon are ready to fuck so they waste no time and get right to business. They exchange a few kisses before Jacob goes for Oliver’s cock. He sucks on it, devouring it’s sweetness. Jacob […]

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Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

Not Too Sore

Jacob may be sore from his workout but that won’t stop Tanner Valentino from having his way with him. After all, he’ll be the first one to break in Jacob’s ass on camera. He’s such […]

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Jacob Durham Fucks Flip

Unending Flip

We all fantasize about working out with a hot jock and then getting to have our way with them. Jacob Durham is about to live that fanstasy with Flip. These boys worked out together and […]

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Jacob Durham Fucks Gage Owens

Jacob Busts Out and IN

Gage Owens has the pleasure of being the first one to be paired with Jacob Durham. Unlike most newbies, Jacob knows what he wants and takes full control. After a single kiss, Jacob forces Gage’s […]