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Drake Tyler Brad Steele

Seasoned veteran Drake Tyler helps to break in quiet newbie Brad Steele in this hot update. Members love Brad toned and tanned bod, and it’s a great contrast to Drake’s toned and buffed bod.  They […]

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Drake Tyler Fucks Kaden Porter

From One Bottom to Another

Drake Tyler and Kaden Porter are pretty much busting out of their jeans when we find them on the bed. As soon as the camera begins rolling, they start making out as Drake feels grabs Kaden’s […]

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Drake Tyler and Zach Covington

Bottom to Bottom

Drake Tyler and Zach Covington are certified pros, so when they promise that they’re going to deliver an excellent scene; no one should doubt them. They make out while Drake’s hand explores Zach’s body. He […]

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Drake Tyler and Hunter Lopez

The Bottom Guru

Got a newbie? Need to teach him how to bottom? Pair him with Drake Tyler, the best bottom BSB has to offer. Today’s student: Hunter Lopez. Although Hunter is new, he’s not too nervous and […]

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Chris Bends Over and Takes Drake’s Cock

For Ass Lovers

Drake Tyler and Chris Taylor have some steamy chemistry; it only takes one look at how they kiss to see it. And boy do they go at! This is what good foreplay looks like. It only […]

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Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck

A True Workout

Before Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino are all set to hit the gym, but as all gym heads know, a quick nut beforehand doesn’t hurt. The boys get things heated up when they begin to […]

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Drake Tyler and Justin Dean

Another Role Reversal

Drake Tyler is one of BSB’s resident bottoms. But it’s time for a change. Today we’ll get to see him but those topping skills to use with Justin Dean. The boys kiss while slowly getting […]

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Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

The Joys of Bottoming

Yes, we know you’re all eager to see Ashton Taylor’s ass get pounded for the first time. Don’t worry; you’ll get that opportunity. He’s not ready to give that ass up quite yet so we’re […]

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Damien Nichols Pounds Drake Tyler

Always Up for Some Dick

Damien Nichols, like all first timers, is a little nervous to be on set for his first scene with a partner. But at least he gets to fuck a nice ass like Drake’s for his […]

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Drake Tyler Pounds Benjamin Dover

No Limits? Okay!

You would think that because Drake Tyler hasn’t been while, he’d opt to have an easy day of bottom. But when Benjamin Dover offers to show him mercy, Drake instead asks to be treated “like […]

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Zander Floyd and Drake Tyler Raw

Drake Gets His

This is why you always have to be careful how hard you fuck the boys at BSB, every once in awhile they may get a chance at revenge. The last time we saw Drake and […]

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Drake Tyler And Gage Owens Raw

Battle of the Bottoms

We’ve got Gage Owens back and to my surprise he’s been paired with Drake Tyler. Now for those of you who aren’t loyal viewers, you may not know that these two are both stellar bottoms.  […]

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Draven Caine Fucks Drake Tyler Bareback

Draven Delivers the D.

Draven Caine may be new but he’s hot as fuck and is thus deserving of having a hot ass to fuck. And what hotter ass is there at BSB than that of Drake Tyler?  Seriously […]

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Drake Tyler and Zander Floyd Raw

No Bullshit

Drake did such an excellent job topping that they’ve brought him back for an encore. He’s going to be running his cock through Zander Floyd’s bowels for all of us to enjoy. Let’s get right […]

Drake in Control

Drake is going to help us break in a newbie. Drake “The Bottomless Wonder” Tyler seems to be very happy to have a new cock to turn into his personal play thing. Drake wants Chandler […]

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Drake Tyler and Brady Bennett Raw

Drake TOPS!

It’s been a long time coming but finally we get to see Drake use his cock. And the lucky recipient will be none other than the newbie Brady Bennett. He seems like he’d be more […]

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Cage Kafig Shows No Mercy On Drake Tyler's Hole

Drake Dominated

Ok, wow. So we’ve got BSB’s best top with one of the best bottoms this site has ever seen?! This is one chemistry set that liable to set your computer on fire. Please note, that […]

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Vadim Black And Drake Tyler

Let’s Make Sex

Vadim is back and his arms are huge. This kid is stacking on the muscle and it looks great! He starting to look more and more like a dominant top, much to Drake’s (and my) […]

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Ryan Fields And Drake Tyler

Feeding the Hungry

Drake, Drake, Drake. Who need that this stud likes to get fucked by his girlfriend with a strap on. Luckily for us, today we get to see him with a real dick up his ass. […]

Dick Therapy

Hell yeah! My new favorite bottom, Drake Tyler is back and is sore; but ready to take some more cock. Ian is more than happy to give him all take he can take. But because […]

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Brice Jones And Drake Tyler

Breaking Barriers

  Drake Tyler has been with dudes before, so he’s a little more experienced than his partner Brice Jones, who has barely done an oral scene…but as they say, practice makes perfect!  Brice won’t take […]