Taste Test

Damien Nichols still has some milestones to hit and getting rimmed is one of them. It can hard for a newbie to yield his ass for oral pleasure. It’s tough because…wait fuck that, he’s about […]

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Justin Riggs Fucks Damien Kyle Bareback

Passing the Torch?

Damien is back and is ready to teach Justin a thing or two. Damien can play any position but we all know that he’s best when he’s on the bottom. Justin will have the pleasure […]

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David Hardy Fucks Damien Kyle Bareback

Breed On!

Money may be the root of all evil but its the reason David Hardy is back, and for that,I’m thankful. The fans have been begging to see Damien and David together, and must admit so […]

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Adam Stripz Tops Damien Kyle

The Stripper and the Veteran

This is going to be Adam’s first time with a guy. He says that he has thought about it before but hasn’t gone through with it. Well he’s going to get more than a handful […]

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BSB Sandwich!

Some of my favorite boys have been put together for an awesome threesome. Finally, Ayden Troy is back and he’s with Dakota and Damien. Ayden has never done a threesome so let’s get stated and […]

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Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

It’s fun, sex is sex.

Ronan is already back and he’s going up against the one and only Damien Kyle. This will be his first time fucking a guy and he’s got the bottom master for an instructor. I sincerely […]

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Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

From Dimitri, with love

Newcomer Dimitri has been paired up with Damien Kyle. Dimitri has never been with a guy before and he’ll be sucking dick for the first time today. But first he’ll get to experience what it’s […]

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Damien Kyle Raw

Each one teach one

Zeno is back and is ready for some more experimentation with boys. The last time he was with us he bottomed for the first time and it was “intense”. Today we’ve got him paired with […]

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Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

It’s the 1000th episode and Broke Straight Boys is celebrating by putting not two, not three, not four, but five hot broke boys into action. The lineup includes Damien Kyle, Dakota Ford, Paul Cannon, Kayden […]

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Damien Kyle Fucks Tristan Stiles

Wobble Baby Wobble

Damien and Tristan are back and as Tristan puts it, “they’ve got bills”. This episode starts off a bit strangely as Tristan is pressured into displaying his dancing abilities by doing “The Wobble”. Not bad […]

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Damien Kyle Sucks Jaxon Ryder

Is this his first time?

We’ve got the edgy newcomer Jaxon Ryder sitting next to Damien Kyle. Jaxon Ryder is fresh off of his first solo scene and has quickly returned to explore some man on man lovin’. He admits […]

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Damien Kyle Fucks Romeo James

Boy booty beat down!

Romeo is back with a new hair cut to show off and he doesn’t want it messed with. I don’t know why these boys get all styled up before getting fucked. Oh well, he’ll learn. […]

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Johnny, Cage And Damien

Our little whore for the day

Damien Kyle stands between Johnny and Cage. “You’re going to get fucked!” Johnny tells him. And just like that, we’re off. They don’t waste any time, and who can blame them with so much hotness […]

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Damien and Dakota in Oral Action

Males know what males want!

Enter Dakota and Damien. Having shown off his body and thick cock in his solo performance, Dakota is back but this time he has a playmate, Damien. This won’t be the first blowjob that Dakota […]

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Brandon Beal Fucks Damien Kyle

Brandon and Damien waste no time with introductory talk in this most recent update. If either hottie were in your bedroom, how much time would you spend with conversating? LOL! The pair are kissing, sharing […]

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Spencer, Sonny, Damien

Has anyone noticed how Damien has transformed into BSB’s pass around bottom? While he might not like the job, or title, the cute stud is at his best when his tight hole gets constantly used. […]

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Cage Kafig Fucks Damien Kyle

Last time Cage and Damien did a scene together Paul was with them. Now it’s just a duo and Damien is ready for it to be over.  “I’m ready to get this done. Shit,” Damien […]

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Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage

At the start of today’s video there seems to be a little confusion of where people should sit. Damien Kyle takes the middle. That is an appropriate spot for the cute model because he’s getting […]

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Ian Dempsey Fucks Damien Kyle

OMG! Look who’s back! Damien Kyle. He’s been away from BSB way too long. Well, he’s on our bed kissing it up with Ian Dempsey. He grabs Ian by the neck as he plants  kisses […]

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Blake Bennett Fucks Damien Kyle

When this update begins, there are only stares and stroking. Blake Bennet and Damien Kyle are kneading their own tools, and looking to see what the other is carrying. The glances are furtive, like the […]

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Romeo James Fucks Damien Kyle

“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.” In this latest BSB update we’ve got Romeo James and Damien Kyle, in what can only be described as an epic […]

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Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge

It’s Damien Kyle! Whew! Damien is here to bring out sexy newbie, the delicious Shane Ridge, up to speed to the fine art of sucking cock. Shane is completely new to dicks and or sucking […]

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Damien Kyle and Mick Torrence

In this BSB Update Mick Torrence introduces the scene and his co-star, Damien Kyle. In a nutshell these sexy bros are going to flip fuck “the shit out of each other” as Mick so eloquently […]

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Jason Matthews & Damien Kyle

Jason is back! Jason is back! Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaason is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! Excuse the excitement, but the world is always a bit more wonderful when Jason Matthews is in the BSB studio. 🙂 Next to him is Damien […]

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Paul Canon Fucks Damien Kyle Raw

Lovers of green t-shirts and feet will cream over the start of this recent update. Paul Canon and Damien Kyle are sitting on the bed, both wearing green tops and their little piggies facing the […]