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Justin Fucks Chris Deep and Raw

He’s Not Always on the Bottom

Justin Dean’s ass is finally going to get a break from bottoming. Instead, he is going to show his skills as a top by fucking Chris Taylor today!  After some kissing, the boys undress and […]

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Chris Bends Over and Takes Drake’s Cock

For Ass Lovers

Drake Tyler and Chris Taylor have some steamy chemistry; it only takes one look at how they kiss to see it. And boy do they go at! This is what good foreplay looks like. It only […]

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Damien Nichols and Chris Taylor

Come To Me

Damien Nichols and Chris Taylor start their scene off with some kisses, making out while they take their clothes off. Their hands do a little exploring as well. Chris even sneaks his hand up Damien’s boxers […]

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Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

Bending Chris Over

Benjamin Dover is known for getting right to the business and today is no different. He moves right in for a kiss with his screen partner, Chris Taylor. The make out slowly while discarding their […]

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Brandon’s Big Cock Inside Chris

Back for More!

Brandon Evans and Chris Taylor don’t need to talk. They don’t want to do anything but fuck. So, they get right down to business. They begin to kiss and feel each other up. They kiss […]

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Tanner, Chris and Brandon

The Three of Them

Tanner Valentino, Brandon Evans and Chris Taylor are in for some fun today with this threesome scene!  These guys have some fun energy between them and when they get things started, it gets hot real fast!  The […]

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Tanner fucks Chris Taylor Silly

Chris’ Facial

Tanner Valentino and Chris Taylor don’t have time for pleasantries. We find them already in a hot make out session. Chris slowly makes his way down to Tanner’s cock and fills his mouth with it. It’s a […]

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Cage Pounds Chris Taylor's Ass

Caging Chris

Cage Kafig is back after a short break and I’m ready to fill my eyes with this stud’s hot body and nice hard dick. Chris Taylor will be on the receiving end of Cage’s rock […]

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Vadim Takes Chris’ Bareback Cock

Chris Takes Over

Chris Taylor and Vadim Black have been chillin’ in the house all day due to the rain outside. You know how things can go when you’re stuck in the house with a boy hot enough to […]

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Mikah Fucks Chris

A Boy’s Welcome

I feel like it was just yesterday that Chris Taylor was the new, awkward kid on the block. Now he’s been around for a bit and is ready to take on the role of teacher. […]

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Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

Opposites Attract

Chaz and Chris, a pair of opposites in almost every way. Chaz is the loud and rambunctious one and Chris is the quiet introvert. But none of that really matters in a bed, does it? […]

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Chris Taylor and Ryan Fields Fuck

Up to Speed

Ryan Fields and Chris Taylor have been paired up today and as usual Ryan is ready to get down to business. He wastes no time going in for a kiss, which Chris happily returns. As […]

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Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

The Disciplinarian

It’s been a long day and Chris Taylor is a little tired. But he better wake up because tonight he’s been paired up with Dakota Ford who is gaining quite the reputation. Since he’s been […]

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

The Professional

I’m happy to see Zeno back and prepared to give us exactly what we’ve been missing. Zeno always brings that special air of professionalism to the screen. Zeno gets things started, as usual, by pulling […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

Close Call

There comes a time as a Broke Straight Boy when you have to own your body. It makes everything a bit easier; including bottoming. Levi will have to learn that lesson today as his screen […]

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Tyler Griffin And Chris Taylor Flip

Fuck Like No One is Looking

Chris is back and its time for him to get fucked for the first time. He doesn’t seem as nervous this go round and seems very comfortable with Tyler. Let’s see if his level of […]

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Chris Taylor Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

Butt First

The time has come for Chris Taylor to get his feet wet and his dick deep in some boy pussy for the first time. He’s a little nervous; as usual, but I bet Ryan can […]

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Chris Taylor’s First Oral Scene

Nervous Erect

Chris Taylor is nervous about his first non-solo scene but he needs money and the time has come for him to put up or shut up. The powers that be at BSB want to make […]

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Chris Taylor Jerks Off

“Tall Drink of Water”

Tall, dark, and handsome is usually on the Christmas list for most of us single gents and Chris Taylor certainly answers the bill. He has never done porn before so we’re lucky he chose BSB […]