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Benjamin Jos and Ari

Benjamin Dover, Jos Alvarez, and Ari Nucci!  The three solo are three of your All Time favorites at BrokeStraightBoys.  And we put ALL THREE together in one of the most anticipated threesomes we’ve filmed yet!  […]

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Aron Fills Ben Dover’s Ass

Another Daddy Collision in this update for you.  Two of the most masculine guys in the house.  One very macho-dom type in Aron Kronos, and the other, big, loveable, teddy bear, veteran favorite, Benjamin Dover! […]

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Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

Bending Chris Over

Benjamin Dover is known for getting right to the business and today is no different. He moves right in for a kiss with his screen partner, Chris Taylor. The make out slowly while discarding their […]

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Ashton Taylor Fucks Benjamin Dover

Give It All Up!

Ashton Taylor is brand new but has already put himself in a position to film with one of our hottest models, Benjamin Dover. Ben has been allowing the new guys to fuck him and that […]

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Benjamin Birthday Fuck From Damien

Birthday Surprise!

Benjamin Dover is one of our hardest working models at BSB and it’s his birthday, so we owe him…big time. As a gift, we’re going to let him break in one or our hottest newbies, […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Justin Dean

Requested, Delivered

As requested by some fans, we’ve got Justin Dean on loan ready to show the BSB community what he can do. He’ll be paired up with one of BSB hottest guys in Benjamin Dover who […]

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Drake Tyler Pounds Benjamin Dover

No Limits? Okay!

You would think that because Drake Tyler hasn’t been while, he’d opt to have an easy day of bottom. But when Benjamin Dover offers to show him mercy, Drake instead asks to be treated “like […]

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How Much Can You Take?

How Much Can You Take?

Cage Kafig and Benjamin Dover are veterans here at BSB, which means you know you won’t get anything other than a fire scene. Cage gets things started by almost immediately going down on Ben, taking […]

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Benjamin Dominates Dillon’s Asshole


Benjamin Dover and Dillon Anderson don’t wait. When we find them, they’re already going at it. Ben works Dillon’s neck, kissing and licking it while Dillon undresses. Once Dillon’s clothes are off, Ben immediately goes down on […]

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Benjamin's Fat Cock Inside Preston

Greedy Little Boys

What happened to boys getting to know one another before getting down and dirty? Money and hormones! Slaves to both, we find Benjamin Dover and Preston Scott already kissing and fondling one another. Preston releases […]

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Jared Marzdon and Ben Dover

Just Go For It

Some guys like to just go for it. Jared Marzdon and Ben Dover are two such boys so they do just that. They get things started quickly by kissing and feeling each other up. Jared […]

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Brenden Steel fucks Benjamin Dover

Bending Steel

Ben Dover are all over each other from the very beginning. Ben is awestruck by Brenden Steel’s sexy biceps and for the record, so am I. Ben kisses them all over before leading Ben down […]

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Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

He Can Take It

Ben Dover and John Henry aren’t about talking. These two love to fuck so when we find them they’re already kissing and fondling each other. John quickly gets on his knees and fills his mouth […]

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Antonio Ferrari And Benjamin Dover

Fuck Buddies

Antonio Ferrari and Benjamin Dover are already cuddle buddies after having to share a bed at the BSB house. Today their status will be elevated to fuck buddies after Antonio gets a chance to make […]

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Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

Speaking of Chicken

After a short but spirited conversation about chicken, Benjamin Dover gets today’s scene started by standing up, putting his crotch in Jason Sterling’s face and saying “you ready to get some?” Um, yeah! Jason doesn’t […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Tyler Griffin

Gotta Love that Bounce

When you’ve got two guys as hot as Tyler Griffin and Benjamin Dover, you’re not going to have a prolonged conversation. Hormones will kick in, dicks will get hard, and holes will get penetrated. So […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Ryan Fields

Inked Up, Fucked Down

Boys love to find things that have in common with other guys and nothing say common ground like tattoos. Benjamin Dover asks Ryan about his tats and Ryan responds by undressing and playing a brief […]

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Benjamin Dover And Levi Jackson

Country Lovin’

I’m perfectly fine with two country boys getting together and mixing it up. Benjamin Dover and Levi Jackson are not only both from the country, they have a lot in common. They both love being […]

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Benjamin Dover And Junior Fernandez

Dessert is Always Last

Junior has had his ass pummeled all week and is ready for a break. But first, he needs his dessert, Benjamin Dover. Let’s see how sweet Ben’s dick can be to Junior’s ready and willing […]

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Tanner Valentino And Benjamin Dover

These Boots Were Made for…

Shorts and cowboy boots…that’s what Benjamin enters the studio wearing. But who cares unless he’s fucking with them on? Wait, is he? Let’s see! The boys start out by damn near attacking each as other […]

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Tim Hanes Fucks Benjamin Dover

Down to Business

Benjamin Dover is either very comfortable or just ready to get some dick today because he decided to waltz in the studio with no pants on! It works for me. If I had my way […]

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Brandon Evans Fucks Benjamin Dover

Benjamin Dover Bends Over

I knew Ben Dover’s nickname would get him in trouble eventually. The time has come for to take some cock and who better to deliver it than Brandon Evans. I’ve missed Brandon and I can’t […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Gage Owens Raw

Can’t Hold Back

The smash up we’ve been waiting for is here. Newbie Ben Dover is ready to see what it’s like to have some of the hottest ass BSB has to offer, Gage Owen’s. I’m happy they […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Zach Covington

Newbies? Ummm…

Two newbies are set to collide in this one. Both Zach Covington and Ben Dover are fresh faces here at BSB and they are ready to fuck for the first time on camera. They may […]

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Benjamin Dover Jerks Off

Another Red Head?!

So, where are we finding all these beautiful red heads? I can’t believe that we’ve got yet another in our club. Benjamin Dover (one of the better fake names around btw) is a bit nervous […]