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Ashton Taylor and Jared Marzdon

Do Me Deep

Ashton Taylor and Jared Marzdon make out and get naked before Ashton’s kisses his way down to Jared’s cock. He shows it some TLC, licking and sucking that sweet meat and then letting Jared taste him next.  […]

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Ashton Taylor and Connor Ridge

Finding The Way

Having two newbies on set is always exciting to me. I like watching two guys work together to figure things out…especially if they’re naked. Ashton Taylor and Connor Ridge are both outgoing guys, there’s not […]

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Ashton Taylor and Romeo James

Gotta Get Some

These two aren’t here for lip service. So, it’s no wonder that they don’t spend too much time making out before Romeo has a mouthful of Ashton’s cock. Our BSB veterans really know how to put on […]

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Ashton Taylor and Robb Davis

Into It!

Ashton Taylor and Robb Davis are so into each other that these guys don’t waste a second, locking lips as the camera starts rolling. These boys are kissing and rubbing their hot bodies against each […]

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Cage Kafig Fucked by Ashton Taylor

Oh He Bottoms Too?

Soooo…it’s not often that we get to see Cage bottom. For that reason, let’s skip all the pleasantries and get down to it! These boys get warmed up with some kissing while groping each others’ […]

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Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Down To It

Boys that know how to get right to business will always have my utmost respect. Ashton Taylor and Justin Dean are ready to make that list. They jump right in and get things popping, kissing […]

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Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

The Joys of Bottoming

Yes, we know you’re all eager to see Ashton Taylor’s ass get pounded for the first time. Don’t worry; you’ll get that opportunity. He’s not ready to give that ass up quite yet so we’re […]

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Ashton Taylor Fucks Benjamin Dover

Give It All Up!

Ashton Taylor is brand new but has already put himself in a position to film with one of our hottest models, Benjamin Dover. Ben has been allowing the new guys to fuck him and that […]

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Ashton Taylor and Tanner Valentino

Did He Just…Already?

Ashton Taylor is a legit straight boy and has never done anything with a guy. Today he’ll have the opportunity to get his feet wet with one of our veterans, Tanner Valentino. Tanner is willing […]

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Introducing Ashton Taylor

Brand New Toy!

We’ve got a real treat for you. Our brand new model, Ashton Taylor has the makings of a sexy porn star! He got boyish good looks, a hot body, and a great personality. He’s a […]