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Rick Hazard Dominated Romeo James’ Ass

Romeo Gets Taken Down

Romeo James back and to give him a nice warm welcome is none other than one of our sexiest newbies, Rick Hazard. These boys practically attack each others’ faces when they begin to make out. […]

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Damien Nichols and Chris Taylor

Come To Me

Damien Nichols and Chris Taylor start their scene off with some kisses, making out while they take their clothes off. Their hands do a little exploring as well. Chris even sneaks his hand up Damien’s boxers […]

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Landon Wells and Connor Ridge

Leave it to the Novices

Landon Wells and Connor Ridge are both new but they’ve impressed us so much that we’re sure they can handle their first duo scene together. Spoiler alert: we were spot-on!They kiss while peeling off their […]

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Introducing Hunter Lopez

Even the Nice Boys

Hunter Lopez seems like a sweet guy. And even better, he doesn’t seem nervous at all. As he strips down, you get a great view of his uncut cock and his juicy ass!  He get […]

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Romeo James and Robb Davis

Yes Gawd!

Sometimes you just know a pairing will work and today’s pairing falls under that category. Romeo James and Robb Davis already got to play with each other in a threesome but we want to see […]

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Drake Tyler and Justin Dean

Another Role Reversal

Drake Tyler is one of BSB’s resident bottoms. But it’s time for a change. Today we’ll get to see him but those topping skills to use with Justin Dean. The boys kiss while slowly getting […]

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Introducing Connor Ridge

Ready For Whatever

Connor Ridge is young, blonde, charismatic, and broke! A true BSB prototype! He’s new to porn but definitely not shy. When he’s asked to take he’s clothes off, they come right off and he puts […]

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Cage Kafig Fucked by Ashton Taylor

Oh He Bottoms Too?

Soooo…it’s not often that we get to see Cage bottom. For that reason, let’s skip all the pleasantries and get down to it! These boys get warmed up with some kissing while groping each others’ […]

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Romeo James and Kyle Porter

Fold Him Like a Chair

Romeo James and Kyle Porter get right to business. Romeo moves in and the two of them begin a steamy make out session. He relieves Kyle of his shirt and pushes him back onto the […]

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Damien Fucks Tanner Bareback


Damien Nichols is still pretty do and he’s still trying to stretch his boundaries and explore his limits. He’s not ready to bottom but he’s definitely up for taking some ass and Tanner Valentino is […]

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John Henry and Ryan Fields

He Wants What He Wants

John Henry and Ryan Fields begin by making out and feeling each other up. The pull off and toss their clothes, exposing their hot bodies to each other. John goes down on Ryan and swallows […]

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Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Down To It

Boys that know how to get right to business will always have my utmost respect. Ashton Taylor and Justin Dean are ready to make that list. They jump right in and get things popping, kissing […]

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Introducing Jos Alvarez


Jos Alvarez is cute as fuck! Big brown eyes and kissable lips are a weakness for me and Jos has them in spades. He doesn’t seem very nervous when the cameras begin rolling, in fact […]

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Dark and Handsome X2

It’s Sebastian Lee is still in his first week with BSB but this hottie is still ready for anything. He’s been paired with one of our hottest pros, Brad Banks who is eager to use […]

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Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

Bending Chris Over

Benjamin Dover is known for getting right to the business and today is no different. He moves right in for a kiss with his screen partner, Chris Taylor. The make out slowly while discarding their […]

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Introducing Rick Hazard

Just Chillin’

Do you like your boys dark and handsome? You like your boys confident but humble (and maybe even a little shy)? Do you like your boys to have bodies worth drooling over? Well we’ve all […]

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Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

The Joys of Bottoming

Yes, we know you’re all eager to see Ashton Taylor’s ass get pounded for the first time. Don’t worry; you’ll get that opportunity. He’s not ready to give that ass up quite yet so we’re […]

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Justin Dean Takes On Damien Nichols

Quick and Thorough

Wanna see what happens when we let two newbies have at each other? Well this is the video for you. After some small talk, Justin helps Damien out of his jeans as the two begin […]

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Tanner Valentino Fucks Romeo James

Take Him!

Tanner Valentino sits his sexy ass right beside Romeo James and they get right to kissing. The make out passionately before Romeo travels down to Tanner’s crotch and takes his fat dick into his mouth. […]

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Ashton Taylor Fucks Benjamin Dover

Give It All Up!

Ashton Taylor is brand new but has already put himself in a position to film with one of our hottest models, Benjamin Dover. Ben has been allowing the new guys to fuck him and that […]

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Cage Fucks Oliver’s Tight Ass Raw

Used and Abused

What happens when you pair BSB’s most aggressive top with BSB’s most aggressive bottom? You get an aggressive fucking scene, that’s what. Today Cage Kafig and Oliver Saxon have been paired together and I’m expecting […]

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Introducing Landon Wells

What’s Not to Love?

We’ve got a new blonde hottie for you! Landon Wells is our newest BSB model and he’s everything you could want: humble, sweet, and a body that’s covered in lean muscle and tats. He’s a […]

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Benjamin Birthday Fuck From Damien

Birthday Surprise!

Benjamin Dover is one of our hardest working models at BSB and it’s his birthday, so we owe him…big time. As a gift, we’re going to let him break in one or our hottest newbies, […]

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Brenden Steel fucks Cage Kafig

Cage gets some Steel

Brenden Steel is back in the studio and is ready to up his resume. To help him out, Cage Kafig is present and is ready and willing to bottom. This is something we don’t see […]

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Ashton Taylor and Tanner Valentino

Did He Just…Already?

Ashton Taylor is a legit straight boy and has never done anything with a guy. Today he’ll have the opportunity to get his feet wet with one of our veterans, Tanner Valentino. Tanner is willing […]

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Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

Oral Mastery

Ryan and Sebastian came in the studio horned up and ready to go so we won’t hold them back. They kiss like they’ve been doing so for years. They savor the taste of each other’s […]

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John Henry, Romeo James, and Robb Davis

Threeway Fuck

Robb Davis has never done a threeway before, so we’ve recruited John Henry and Romeo James to pop his threesome cherry, and these guys take charge as soon as we cut them loose!  Robb and John 69 while Romeo […]

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Damien Nichols Pounds Drake Tyler

Always Up for Some Dick

Damien Nichols, like all first timers, is a little nervous to be on set for his first scene with a partner. But at least he gets to fuck a nice ass like Drake’s for his […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Justin Dean

Requested, Delivered

As requested by some fans, we’ve got Justin Dean on loan ready to show the BSB community what he can do. He’ll be paired up with one of BSB hottest guys in Benjamin Dover who […]