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Tyler White Barebacks Ryan Fields

Busted nuts and assholes

As soon as the scene starts I can tell that Ryan is very nervous. It’s going to be his first time bottoming, so that’s understandable. He is going to be with Tyler, who has been […]

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Kaden Alexander Fucks Anthony Hunt

The welcome back fuck down

Well, well, well. Look who we have here! It’s Anthony Hunt! This kid has been gone for a couple of years but now he is back because he’s broke. He’s been working and in school […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

It’s a beautiful day in BSB house because we’ve got Ryan and Romeo here for some hot action. Ryan has never fucked anyone in the ass, not even a girl. He’s very nervous but I know for a […]

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Kaden Alexander Fucks Skylar Daniels Raw

Just like the good ole’ days

Kaden and Skyler have been paired up and here’s a fun little fact, Skyler was the first person to geive Kaden a blow job. Kaden is back because he wrecked his truck and needs some […]

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Skyler Daniels Fucks Tate Thompson

Out of the woods

Skyler and Tate are back and they’re in our favorite state: broke and horny. Tate has been out in the woods roughing it for a while; becoming one with nature. Today he’ll become on with […]

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Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

Too tight for comfort

Today, the newbies Ronan and Jake have been paired up. Jake is going to have his hot ass breached by Ronan who I’m sure just can’t wait. Let’s get right to it. The boys start […]

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The Dawn of Team Alpha

Kaden and his new buddy Tyler have joined forces and have dubbed themselves “Team Alpha”. They’ve been away for a little while but I’m glad they’re back in the saddle. Kaden has a new girl […]

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Tyler White Fucks Romeo James

The everlasting hard on

Tyler and Romeo…together?! This should be hot. Although I’m not sure about this new hairdo of Tyler’s He says he’s going for a skater look…hopefully it’ll be just as hot as he is. It’s been […]

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Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip


The day has finally arrived. Finally! Sergio is going to have his hole opened up by newcomer Jake Tipton. Oh and that’s not all. Jake is going to have his hole penetrated as well. I’ve […]

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Adam Stripz Tops Damien Kyle

The Stripper and the Veteran

This is going to be Adam’s first time with a guy. He says that he has thought about it before but hasn’t gone through with it. Well he’s going to get more than a handful […]

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BSB Sandwich!

Some of my favorite boys have been put together for an awesome threesome. Finally, Ayden Troy is back and he’s with Dakota and Damien. Ayden has never done a threesome so let’s get stated and […]

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Jake Tipton And Paul Canon

It Tastes Like Fruit?

The veteran Paul Canon and my favorite newcomer Jake Tipton are together. Today will be Jake’s first time topping and I simply cannot wait to check out this studs stroke game. The boys undress, unveiling […]

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Ayden Troy Fucks Tyler White

Attack of the hot blondes

I’m sure the guys on the forums are going to be very pleased to see Ayden Troy back. And to make matters even better, he is being paired up with Tyler White. Ayden is planning […]

Leaked BSB TV Trailer on YouTube

  Prepare yourself for one of the most unique series ever made for television. Its polarizing content and its visceral effect on viewers is undeniable. Without apology, this series provides an uncensored look into the […]

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Jaden Bentley Fucks Ian Dempsey

Everything’s a pussy

This is going to be an awesome scene. Ian and new comer Jaden have been paired up and apparently they’ve been talking for quite some time. Ian has never done anal before…with anyone, let alone […]

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Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

It’s fun, sex is sex.

Ronan is already back and he’s going up against the one and only Damien Kyle. This will be his first time fucking a guy and he’s got the bottom master for an instructor. I sincerely […]

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Dakota Ford Fucks Kaden Alexander Raw

Fucking Like Gay Boys

Dakota is back and is ready for revenge. As you may remember, Kaden is the one that deflowered Dakota’s hole. Since he’s been gone, Kaden has started dating a new girl that has no clue […]

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Paul Canon Bottoms For Dimintri

Dimitri on top

Dimitri is back and today he’s fucking a dude for the first time. BSB veteran and fan favorite Paul Canon will be taking if for the team. Dimitri is horny and so am I so […]

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Jake Tipton And Ian Dempsey

The Oral Exam

Ian is back and he’s got some training to do. He’s been paired up with newcomer Jake Tipton who will be giving head for the first time. He’s a little worried because he’s afraid that […]

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Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

From Dimitri, with love

Newcomer Dimitri has been paired up with Damien Kyle. Dimitri has never been with a guy before and he’ll be sucking dick for the first time today. But first he’ll get to experience what it’s […]

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Damien Kyle Raw

Each one teach one

Zeno is back and is ready for some more experimentation with boys. The last time he was with us he bottomed for the first time and it was “intense”. Today we’ve got him paired with […]

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Shane Ridge Fucks Tristan Stiles

Mission accomplished…

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Tristan or Shane. Welcome back boys! We won’t have Shane for long because he’s going to get deployed to Kuwait. Hopefully, Tristan will give him a proper send […]

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Dakota Ford and Jaden Bentley Flip

Just 3 inches, huh?

Our favorite newbie Jaden is back and it’s time to pop that little cherry of his. Preforming the honor is BSB’s resident jokester, Dakota Ford. The director promises that Dakota only has a three inch […]