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Levi Jackson Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

Look Who’s Back!

Ryan Fields is finally back in front of the camera and he’s been paired up with a new fan fave, Levi Jackson. These guys are ready to fuck and they don’t waste much time getting […]

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

The Professional

I’m happy to see Zeno back and prepared to give us exactly what we’ve been missing. Zeno always brings that special air of professionalism to the screen. Zeno gets things started, as usual, by pulling […]

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Introducing Tim Hanes

With Urgency

Tim Hanes is our newest BSB model, and like all of the boys that come to us he is in need of some cash.  He’s a man of few words but he’s not here to […]

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Mikey Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw

“You Guys Lied!”

Tyler’s had a rough week and was looking forward to a smooth day at the office. He’s promised that Mikey isn’t that big and thus his ass should be just fine. Now, those of us […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

Close Call

There comes a time as a Broke Straight Boy when you have to own your body. It makes everything a bit easier; including bottoming. Levi will have to learn that lesson today as his screen […]

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Zach Covington Jerks Off

Red Alert

I can’t believe BSB has yet another sexy red head in the mix, and he’s ADORABLE. That’s probably not the best descriptor for an upcoming porn star but it fits! He’s in the military and […]

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Brandon Evans Fucks Danny Cannon

Facial Cream

No need for set up here. These boys can barely sit still through the interview, Brandon Evans and Danny Cannon are a sexy, horny pair and they’re ready to get down to business. They begin […]

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Tyler Griffin And Chris Taylor Flip

Fuck Like No One is Looking

Chris is back and its time for him to get fucked for the first time. He doesn’t seem as nervous this go round and seems very comfortable with Tyler. Let’s see if his level of […]

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Mikey And Zeno Flip Raw

He’s Gay? No Way!

I’m just as shocked as you fans are to learn that Mikey is actually gay. Really, who knew?…Anyway, today he’s been paid with the handsome Zeno Kostas is paired. They’ve got great chemistry and I’m […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Brandon Evans


Brandon and Levi have been paired up and I couldn’t be more excited. This scene is going to be fire, so I’m not going to waste time talking and I’m glad the boys have the […]

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Chris Taylor Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

Butt First

The time has come for Chris Taylor to get his feet wet and his dick deep in some boy pussy for the first time. He’s a little nervous; as usual, but I bet Ryan can […]

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Jesse Avalon Fucks Tanner Valentino Raw

The Cool Kids

These two remind me of the cool kids in high school that were incredibly hot and love to get detention. Jesse and Tanner are great performers and don’t mind getting in a little trouble for […]

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Jason Sterling Fucks Brandon Evans


Two boys come to the studio and one of them is half dressed. There’s no mystery as to where this is going. Jason is ready to fuck (as always) and there’s no doubt that Brandon […]

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Gabriel Breeze Jerks Off

Easy Breezy

Though he’s admittedly a little nervous, he seems very confident and ready to get down to business. Of course I’m not surprised; being a fellow ATLien, I know these southern boys can be quite cocky […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Tanner Valentino

Still Red Hot

I can’t lie; I’m a little disappointed that Levi shaved his facial hair. I say the more red hair the better. But that’s just me. Either way, he’s still dovishly handsome and I’m eager to […]

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Brandon Evans Fucks Tyler Griffin

Boyfriends Maybe?

Now y’all know I’m not one to gossip (shut up) but I seriously think that Brandon Evans and Tyler Griffin would make a great couple. Anyone that doesn’t believe me need only watch this scene. […]

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Chris Taylor’s First Oral Scene

Nervous Erect

Chris Taylor is nervous about his first non-solo scene but he needs money and the time has come for him to put up or shut up. The powers that be at BSB want to make […]

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Devon Felix Fucks Kaden Porter Raw

Just Kiss Me

Sometimes in life, words aren’t necessary. This is apparently one of those times. Kaden and Devon don’t waste anytime talking; we find them swallowing each other tongues while aggressively making out. They quickly make their […]

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Jeremy Hunt Jerks Off

Runner’s High

Our newest boy comes to us from Austin, Texas and he definitely looks the part. He’s got a devilishly handsome smile, and great body, and a sweet cock hanging between his legs, but we’ll get […]

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Tanner Valentino, Brandon Evans, and Tyler Griffin

Too Hot for 2!

Want a combustible grouping? Add Tanner Valentino, Brandon Evans, Tyler Griffin and stir! This is a hot group and these guys can’t wait to get at each other so let’s get down to business. They […]

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Zeno Kostas and Ryan Fields

Locks of Love

Zeno Kostas is back and may I say he is sexier than ever. He’s gotten a haircut and has decided to put that face on full display. He’s in the studio along with Ryan Fields, […]

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Chris Taylor Jerks Off

“Tall Drink of Water”

Tall, dark, and handsome is usually on the Christmas list for most of us single gents and Chris Taylor certainly answers the bill. He has never done porn before so we’re lucky he chose BSB […]

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Tyler Griffin Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

Warm Me Up

The boys have come to the BSB house to escape some crazy ass, cold weather. These two could definitely use some warmth and they’ve got something in store for us today. Tyler is eager to […]

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Tyler Griffin Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

Dude, it’s Cold in Here

Jason is warm and Jesse is cold…perfect mix, right? Jason, being the good friend he is is more than willing to warm Jesse up; especially his cock using his mouth and ass. So let’s let […]

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Kaden Porter And Brandon Evans Flip

Flipping Out

The sexy new kid on the block, Brandon Evans, is back and is ready to experience some new things. He’s with Kaden Porter, who is also up for tying something new. Let’s see just how […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Jason Sterling

Opening Up

Jason is getting used to bottoming though it still hurts from time to time. He’s in luck, as he’s been paired with newbie Levi Jackson who he is building a friendship with. Hopefully, Levi will […]

The Moment Of Truth (Episode 3)

In Episode 3 of BSB TV Kaden wishes he could have a steady girlfriend. Denver Grand talks why guys should not do porn as a “career choice” and leaves the BSB house–possibly for good shortly […]