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John Henry And Dakota Ford Raw

Back to Dakota We Go!

He’s been gone for a minute now he’s back! Dakota Ford is back after a two year absence. Because he’s been gone so long, Dakota’s ass might as well be a virgin’s, which mean John […]

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Brandon Evans And Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck

Together Alone

It may be Sunday, but Brandon Evans and Tanner Valentino plan on getting dirty. That’s what everyone needs before a Monday. So let’s not wait, let’s see what these two have planned for us. They […]

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Antonio Ferrari Junior Fernandez

First Taste

Junior isn’t the baby of the family anymore. In this scene he’ll be working with our newbie Antonio Ferrari. These boys have a lot in common. They both have tats, sext smiles, and they’re smoking […]

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Benjamin Dover And Levi Jackson

Country Lovin’

I’m perfectly fine with two country boys getting together and mixing it up. Benjamin Dover and Levi Jackson are not only both from the country, they have a lot in common. They both love being […]

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Jason Sterling And Ryan Fields

Back and Forth

Jason Sterling and Ryan Fields are two BSB vets and they know why they’re here. They don’t need an introduction or any instructions so get right to it! They lie back and make out while […]

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Introducing Oliver Saxon

For Your Viewing Pleasure

We’re already starting off on the right foot with this one, he named himself after a character on Dexter (one of my favorite shows) and he’s a cutie. He seems a little nervous, but he […]

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Antonio Ferrari And Tyler Griffin

Taste Test

Finally we get to see Antonio play with one of our favorite BSB boys, Tyler Griffin. After some small talk, Tyler suggests that Antonio take his pants off. Tyler has his mouth around Antonio’s cock […]

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Gage Tanner And Brandon Fuck Raw

Who Is The Hottest?

A competition! Really? Who gives a fuck! Gage, Tanner and Brandon are way too sexy to need a competition. The only race I won’t to see these three engage is a race to get their […]

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Benjamin Dover And Junior Fernandez

Dessert is Always Last

Junior has had his ass pummeled all week and is ready for a break. But first, he needs his dessert, Benjamin Dover. Let’s see how sweet Ben’s dick can be to Junior’s ready and willing […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington

Speechless and Breathless

No words are necessary between. Zach Covington and Ryan Fields; they get right down to business by tasting on each other’s lips and pulling on each other’s clothes. They slowly lose their shirts and pants, […]

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Tim Hanes Fucks Junior Fernandez

Just Another Day

Tim Hanes still isn’t used to being with guys but with another scene today hopefully we can get him one step closer to being comfortable. It’s a good thing that Junior Fernandez is his scene […]

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Tanner Valentino And Benjamin Dover

These Boots Were Made for…

Shorts and cowboy boots…that’s what Benjamin enters the studio wearing. But who cares unless he’s fucking with them on? Wait, is he? Let’s see! The boys start out by damn near attacking each as other […]

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Brandon Evans Fucks Zach Covington

Dick at Dawn

The boys are up early and ready to get their scene over and done with. Zach tells us that he’s usually up at 4am and wouldn’t mind starting even earlier. I’m all down for some […]

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Tim Hanes Fucks Benjamin Dover

Down to Business

Benjamin Dover is either very comfortable or just ready to get some dick today because he decided to waltz in the studio with no pants on! It works for me. If I had my way […]

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Gage Owens Fucks Junior Fernandez

A Willing Bottom

Junior Fernandez is a serious hottie and much to my delight, and Gage Owens’, he likes to bottom. I love guys that prefer to get fucked and actually enjoy it. Gage must feels relieved that […]

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Tanner Valentino And Zach Covington

Chef Valentino

Rumor has it that Tanner Valentino can cook. He has been whipping a delicious dinner for the guys all day but now its time for him to putting in a different type of work. I […]

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Brandon Evans Fucks Benjamin Dover

Benjamin Dover Bends Over

I knew Ben Dover’s nickname would get him in trouble eventually. The time has come for to take some cock and who better to deliver it than Brandon Evans. I’ve missed Brandon and I can’t […]

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Gage Owens And Zach Covington Flip

The Hunger

I think there are two things that men need in this world: food and fucking. This morning the boys need and want food but they’ll have to wait until the fucking is done. I’m sure […]

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Tanner Valentino Junior Fernandez

Newbie’s Delight

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve had Tanner Valentino around and I’m happy to see him. Junior Fernandez is going to learn some things for this pro. New Yorkers not only have their […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Gage Owens Raw

Can’t Hold Back

The smash up we’ve been waiting for is here. Newbie Ben Dover is ready to see what it’s like to have some of the hottest ass BSB has to offer, Gage Owen’s. I’m happy they […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Tyler Griffin

Late Nights and Early Risers

Our straight boys Levi and Tyler had their first experience at a gay bar and witnessed their first drag show. Broke straight boys grow up so fast, don’t they? They enjoyed themselves (maybe a little […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks Mikey Raw

Running from Dick, Taking Ass

Mikey’s reputation proceeds him. To be more accurate, the reputation about his cock proceeds it. So it’s no wonder why Ryan want to avoid it at all costs and would much rather top. Maybe one […]

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Tim Hanes Fucks Gage Owens

Opened Minds, Opened Holes

Tim Hanes is still a bit new but has a lot of potential. Today, he’ll be paired with Gage Owens who will hopefully help to get him comfortable with trying new things. Tim seems a […]

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Zach Covington Fucks Junior Fernandez Bareback

Mixing and Pounding

Zach Covington, fresh off of being apart of one of the hottest scenes in BSB history,  and Junior Fernandez are back in the studio. Junior is one of the cutest guys on the site and […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Zeno Kostas Raw

Fat Ass for the Taking

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you; but when I’m walking down the street and I get a glimpse of a dick print in some gym shorts I just want to get on […]

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Brandon Evans And Junior Fernandez

Teaching Junior

Let’s face it, Brandon Evans is a stud and we could watch him fuck all day. Too bad we can’t afford to pay him to fuck all day (sorry bout it). But no matter, most […]

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Tyler Griffin And Ryan Fields Flip

Flipping Out

Tyler Griffin and Ryan Fields  are back and are just too eager to play! They waste no time and get right to it! They pull each other’s pants off and 69, each getting a mouthful […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Zach Covington

Newbies? Ummm…

Two newbies are set to collide in this one. Both Zach Covington and Ben Dover are fresh faces here at BSB and they are ready to fuck for the first time on camera. They may […]