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Ryan Fields Fucks Xavier Ryan

Here’s another big dick daddy dicking down his boy twink update!   Xavier and Ryan both share more in common than just a name.  They both have a Big fan base that supports them and follows […]

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Bobby Owens Fucking John Henry

Many of you are so glad Bobby Owens has made his return to us, and so are we!  As a genuine straight boy, he’s also a genuine sweetheart.  During filming he’s all about that money, […]

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Ryan Fields Grey Donovan

Both of these hunks are tall.  Grey may be new, but he’s definitely not shy.  The result of his profession as a male model, no doubt.  In this video we push Grey’s experience and boundaries […]

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John Henry and Justin Dean

Two regular-guy next door names, but they are both anything But regular. These two were already getting along and hanging out in the house during film week.  And they both aim to please their fans […]

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Benjamin Jos and Ari

Benjamin Dover, Jos Alvarez, and Ari Nucci!  The three solo are three of your All Time favorites at BrokeStraightBoys.  And we put ALL THREE together in one of the most anticipated threesomes we’ve filmed yet!  […]

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Ari Nucci and Richie West

Richie and Ari just may be the most polar opposite personalities in the house.  Richie is still new to doing porn and not quite as confident as you’d think.  And Ari, well,.. Nucci loves to […]

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Aron Fills Ben Dover’s Ass

Another Daddy Collision in this update for you.  Two of the most masculine guys in the house.  One very macho-dom type in Aron Kronos, and the other, big, loveable, teddy bear, veteran favorite, Benjamin Dover! […]

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Buddy Wild Bobby Owens

We’re pleased that the members are glad to see Bobby Owens back in the studio, because this straight boy works Hard for his money!  Buddy, as always, is soaking up the experience with each BSB […]

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Drake Tyler Brad Steele

Seasoned veteran Drake Tyler helps to break in quiet newbie Brad Steele in this hot update. Members love Brad toned and tanned bod, and it’s a great contrast to Drake’s toned and buffed bod.  They […]

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Buddy Wild Rides Landon Wells

Inked up, toned-bod Landon got some great shoots in during this partifular film week.  In this scene he gets to be more the aggressor for a change. You’ll have to let us know if you […]

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Brad Steele Debuts

Brad Steele, and yes he has the abs to match! Brad Steele pops his solo cherry in his debut video for you.  We can tell this guy is going to be popular.  He has all […]

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Axel Kane and Landon Wells

Axel Kane is still new but textbook gay for pay, like a Pro!  His off camera personality is just as appealing as his on camera performance.  So he and Landon Wells had some time to […]

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Ari Nucci and Buddy Wild

Limits sexplored, and cherry popped! Ari Nucci is eager to get his dick into Buddy Wild, so he skips making out and shoves Buddy’s head down on his already and always erect daddy dick.   […]

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Ari Nucci Jordan Hart

In case you haven’t noticed, Ari really, truly, and thoroughly, LOVES to have sex!  And he loves to, specifically, Show YOU that in each and every scene. Not only that, but it’s hard to pair […]

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Jos Alvarez and Jordan Hart

Not only is Jos Alvarez a member favorite, but he’s also usually one of, if not THE-Best liked guy in the house during our Film Weeks.  So naturally, chill demeanor Jordan Hart took a liking […]

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Ari Nucci and Xavier Ryan

If you need your daddy on boy fix, Ari Nucci is already rock hard before the film is rolling.  I’d say he’s a master at commanding his cock, but it’s probably the other way around.  […]

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Cage Fucks Oliver’s Tight Ass Raw

Used and Abused

What happens when you pair BSB’s most aggressive top with BSB’s most aggressive bottom? You get an aggressive fucking scene, that’s what. Today Cage Kafig and Oliver Saxon have been paired together and I’m expecting […]

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Introducing Dorian Kross


Gotta love a humble country boy. That’s exactly what we have in Dorian Kross. He’s as green as they come but just as cute! Let’s see what this boy has to offer. He begins by […]

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Cage Gives Brandon One Great Fuck

6 Ways From Sunday

Every once and in a while, there’s pairing so hot that you have to read the title a couple of times just to make sure you’re not imagining things. Well, it’s happening, Brandon Evans and […]

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Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams

Choke Job

Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams make out as they begin to undress, revealing their hot bodies. Once Rowan unleashes his cock, Cage bends down to suck it, working that dick with his mouth until Rowan is good […]

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Cage Pounds Chris Taylor's Ass

Caging Chris

Cage Kafig is back after a short break and I’m ready to fill my eyes with this stud’s hot body and nice hard dick. Chris Taylor will be on the receiving end of Cage’s rock […]

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Cage Kafig and Robb Davis

Cage is Back!

There’s nothing like welcoming back one of BSB hottest models. Cage Kafig is back and is ready to play. We’ve paired him with Robb Davis, who is lucky to have Cage for his first scene. […]

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Chris Taylor and Ryan Fields Fuck

Up to Speed

Ryan Fields and Chris Taylor have been paired up today and as usual Ryan is ready to get down to business. He wastes no time going in for a kiss, which Chris happily returns. As […]

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Dakota Ford Fucks LJ Richards

Go Ahead and Get into It

These boys waste no time. LJ goes right for Dakota’s cock and begins to suck on it while Dakota removes the rest of his clothes. He then stands up and plays with LJ’s ass as […]