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Jos Alvarez and Jordan Hart

Not only is Jos Alvarez a member favorite, but he’s also usually one of, if not THE-Best liked guy in the house during our Film Weeks.  So naturally, chill demeanor Jordan Hart took a liking […]

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Ari Nucci and Xavier Ryan

If you need your daddy on boy fix, Ari Nucci is already rock hard before the film is rolling.  I’d say he’s a master at commanding his cock, but it’s probably the other way around.  […]

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Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

Opposites Attract

Chaz and Chris, a pair of opposites in almost every way. Chaz is the loud and rambunctious one and Chris is the quiet introvert. But none of that really matters in a bed, does it? […]

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Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

The Disciplinarian

It’s been a long day and Chris Taylor is a little tired. But he better wake up because tonight he’s been paired up with Dakota Ford who is gaining quite the reputation. Since he’s been […]

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Dakota Ford And Oliver Saxon Raw

Climbing the Walls!

Sometimes dick can be so good it will have you climbing the walls. Usually that’s just a figure of speech but in this scene it’s reality. Dakota’s been M.I.A for a bit so he’s still […]

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Tanner Valentino And Zach Covington

Chef Valentino

Rumor has it that Tanner Valentino can cook. He has been whipping a delicious dinner for the guys all day but now its time for him to putting in a different type of work. I […]

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Tanner Valentino Fucks The Very Sexy Danny Cannon

Gage Dicked Down

This is just one of those scenes that will have you instantly turned on. Newbie Draven Caine is back and is ready to stretch himself some more. He just recently watched gay porn for the […]

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Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels

Zeno’s Return

Yes, Zeno is back and he looks a bit different. He’s lost some weight and has grown his hair out a bit. He’s also lost some baggage; his ex-girlfriend. He’ll get to let out some […]