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Ryan Fields and Liam Andrews

Ryan Fields Returns

Heeeeeyyyy Ryan! Ryan Fields hasn’t been around for spell but he’s finally back and ready to put in some work. He’ll be working with newbie Liam Andrews who is eager to learn a thing or […]

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Tanner Valentino and Connor Ridge

Churning Connor’s Insides

Tanner Valentino and Connor Ridge have been together in the house for a few days now, but they don’t really know each other. But today they’re going to be paid to know each other biblically. […]

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Jared Marzdon Fucks Zach Covington

Only The Best

Jared Marzdon is back and is ready to get some ass from one of BSB’s best bottoms, Zach Covington. The boys get right to business, kissing hard before the cameras even start rolling. After making […]

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Brad Gemini and Xavier Ryan

Man on Man

Brad Gemini likes to get a little kinky and it doesn’t seem like Xavier Ryan minds it much as Brad licks and kisses Xavier’s feet! Everyone has a thing! They make out before Brad pulls […]

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Damien Nichols and Kaden Porter

I Know What I Want

No need for much of an introduction, Damien Nichols and Kaden Porter are both vets and want to get down to business now! They don’t spend any time talking, instead they quickly get naked and […]

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Zach Covington and Justin Dean

Energized and Ready to Fuck

Zach Covington is almost 21! That means I’ll be able to get him drunk and…never mind. Ummm moving on, Justin Dean and Zach Covington are both vets in the BSB studio and know how to […]

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Tanner Valentino Fucks Rick Hazard

Tanner Gets Hazardous

The ever-popular Tanner Valentino is back and ready to fuck the cutie Rick Hazard. He seems really into Rick and doesn’t hesitate to get things started ready to get things started by making out. As they […]

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Ryan Fields fucks Jordan Hart

Making Friends

Jordan Hart is the new guy in the bunch so he’s still trying to fit in. He hasn’t’ asked for my advice but if he does I’ll tell him that letting guys stick their hard […]

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Jared Marzdon and Miles Taylor

Putting Miles on Jared’s Hole

Jared Marzdon doesn’t need much encouragement to get him started as he leans in to kiss and lick Miles Taylor’s neck, making him horny as they undress and have some fun with each other.  After Miles works […]

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Hunter Lopez Fucks and Sucks Zach

Taking Zach

Hunter Lopez and Zach Covington are obviously hot for each other. These boys don’t want to talk they just want to get right to it. They trade blowjobs and 69, and that’s just for starters! […]

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Drake Tyler Fucks Kaden Porter

From One Bottom to Another

Drake Tyler and Kaden Porter are pretty much busting out of their jeans when we find them on the bed. As soon as the camera begins rolling, they start making out as Drake feels grabs Kaden’s […]

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Justin and Brad Take Turns Fucking

Even Steven!

Justin Dean and Brad Gemini don’t waste time, they lock lips and enjoy a hot makeout session. Ready for some action, they quickly undress and begin 69 so both can get a mouthful of dick. The […]

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Tanner's Infamous Cock Fucks Jared

You Can Take It!

Jared Marzdon has bottomed before; this is true. But that doesn’t mean that he can take big dicks with ease. So it’s to understand why he’s a little apprehensive about being partnered with Tanner Valentino, […]

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Damien Nichols and Jos Alvarez

This is what it Takes

Damien Nichols and Jos Alvarez share their thoughts on what it takes to be a successful and relevant BSB…and then they go one step further and show us!  They kiss passionately while peeling of their […]

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Drake Tyler and Zach Covington

Bottom to Bottom

Drake Tyler and Zach Covington are certified pros, so when they promise that they’re going to deliver an excellent scene; no one should doubt them. They make out while Drake’s hand explores Zach’s body. He […]

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Connor Ridge and Rick Hazard

Give ‘Em Every Inch

Connor Ridge and Rick Hazard are all set for a good fucking so let’s skip the pleasantries and get right to it. The boys quickly strip down and Connor goes for Rick’s sweet prick first. […]

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Romeo James and Landon Wells

Romeo Dines Out on Landon

Romeo James and Landon Wells want to sweat and we all know that there’s no other workout as fun or as satisfying as sex. The boys move in for a kiss and begin to peel […]

All Yours

Tanner Valentino has never been one to beat around the bush. He walks in the bedroom and immediately lies down on top of Justin Dean. Having all that sexiness just lay on top of you […]

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Tanner Valentino and Justin Dean

The Hunter and the Hunted

Damien Nichols is back and is ready to help break in one of our new boys, Hunter Lopez by putting his ass on the line. Hunter lies back on the bed, totally naked and Damien […]

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Ashton Taylor and Connor Ridge

Finding The Way

Having two newbies on set is always exciting to me. I like watching two guys work together to figure things out…especially if they’re naked. Ashton Taylor and Connor Ridge are both outgoing guys, there’s not […]

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Justin Dean and Xavier Ryan Make it Right

The Re-Do

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned and a reset is necessary. Justin Dean and Xavier Ryan start of slow with some lackluster kissing. It’s clear that they’re not quite into yet because it’s their first […]

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Brad Gemini and Zach Covington

Who’s New?

It’s early, but you know how boys are; we can fuck anytime of the day. Zach Covington drew and newbie, Brad Gemini are with us today and they’re ready to put on a show. Although […]

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Kaden Porter and Jos Alvarez

Missed The D

Kaden Porter has always been one of my favorite BSB bottoms. That ass?! Come on! I’m happy he’s back and eager to give that bussy up once more. He’s with Jos Alvarez today, who’s ready […]

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Jared Marzdon and Rick Hazard

A Little Too Good, Huh?

Everyone hates to bottom at first (well, almost everyone). But if you do it enough, you get used to it and really begin to enjoy it. Jared Marzdon is no exception. He’s comfortable get fucked […]

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Ashton Taylor and Romeo James

Gotta Get Some

These two aren’t here for lip service. So, it’s no wonder that they don’t spend too much time making out before Romeo has a mouthful of Ashton’s cock. Our BSB veterans really know how to put on […]

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Justin Fucks Chris Deep and Raw

He’s Not Always on the Bottom

Justin Dean’s ass is finally going to get a break from bottoming. Instead, he is going to show his skills as a top by fucking Chris Taylor today!  After some kissing, the boys undress and […]

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Drake Tyler and Hunter Lopez

The Bottom Guru

Got a newbie? Need to teach him how to bottom? Pair him with Drake Tyler, the best bottom BSB has to offer. Today’s student: Hunter Lopez. Although Hunter is new, he’s not too nervous and […]