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John Henry and Justin Dean

Two regular-guy next door names, but they are both anything But regular. These two were already getting along and hanging out in the house during film week.  And they both aim to please their fans […]

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Buddy Wild Richie West

The new ebony adonis, and the new redhead boy toy!  Opposites have been attracting at BSB lately! “Buddy rims Richie’s hole and sticks a finger up his ass, sucking Richie’s cock while he fingers that tight ring of muscle…Richie […]

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Brandon Evans and Jos Alvarez

Brandon Evans gets his hole drilled by Jos Alvarez raw! After foreplay that leaves Jos’ cock throbbing, Brandon mounts his dick like the pro he is and the two put on a show for you!  […]

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Jared Marzdon Fucks Zach Covington

Only The Best

Jared Marzdon is back and is ready to get some ass from one of BSB’s best bottoms, Zach Covington. The boys get right to business, kissing hard before the cameras even start rolling. After making […]

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Ryan Fields fucks Jordan Hart

Making Friends

Jordan Hart is the new guy in the bunch so he’s still trying to fit in. He hasn’t’ asked for my advice but if he does I’ll tell him that letting guys stick their hard […]

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Damien Nichols and Jos Alvarez

This is what it Takes

Damien Nichols and Jos Alvarez share their thoughts on what it takes to be a successful and relevant BSB…and then they go one step further and show us!  They kiss passionately while peeling of their […]

All Yours

Tanner Valentino has never been one to beat around the bush. He walks in the bedroom and immediately lies down on top of Justin Dean. Having all that sexiness just lay on top of you […]

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Ashton Taylor and Connor Ridge

Finding The Way

Having two newbies on set is always exciting to me. I like watching two guys work together to figure things out…especially if they’re naked. Ashton Taylor and Connor Ridge are both outgoing guys, there’s not […]

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Kaden Porter and Jos Alvarez

Missed The D

Kaden Porter has always been one of my favorite BSB bottoms. That ass?! Come on! I’m happy he’s back and eager to give that bussy up once more. He’s with Jos Alvarez today, who’s ready […]

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Justin Fucks Chris Deep and Raw

He’s Not Always on the Bottom

Justin Dean’s ass is finally going to get a break from bottoming. Instead, he is going to show his skills as a top by fucking Chris Taylor today!  After some kissing, the boys undress and […]

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Damien Fucks Tanner Bareback


Damien Nichols is still pretty do and he’s still trying to stretch his boundaries and explore his limits. He’s not ready to bottom but he’s definitely up for taking some ass and Tanner Valentino is […]

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Brenden Steel fucks Cage Kafig

Cage gets some Steel

Brenden Steel is back in the studio and is ready to up his resume. To help him out, Cage Kafig is present and is ready and willing to bottom. This is something we don’t see […]

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Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

Oral Mastery

Ryan and Sebastian came in the studio horned up and ready to go so we won’t hold them back. They kiss like they’ve been doing so for years. They savor the taste of each other’s […]

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John Henry, Romeo James, and Robb Davis

Threeway Fuck

Robb Davis has never done a threeway before, so we’ve recruited John Henry and Romeo James to pop his threesome cherry, and these guys take charge as soon as we cut them loose!  Robb and John 69 while Romeo […]

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Dillon Anderson and John Henry Fuck

69 Times

Dillon Anderson and John Henry seem to be really into each other from the get go! They get right down to business making out and getting rid of their bothersome clothes. John goes quickly goes […]

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Ryan Fields and Robb Davis

Gotta Have It!

These two boys are all over each other as soon as the scene starts. They make out like teenagers as their hands take field trips all over each other bodies. It’s almost as if they’d […]

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Romeo James Breaks In Sebastian Lee

Just a Tip or Two

Today one of our vets will be showing a newbie the ropes. Romeo James may have been out of the game for a little while but he knows exactly what to do for the camera […]

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John Pounding Kyle Porter

Bull Riding 101

John Henry and Kyle Porter waste no time. We find them kissing and necking as soon as the camera begins to roll. John kisses Kyle all over as he works his way down to Kyle’s […]

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Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

He Can Take It

Ben Dover and John Henry aren’t about talking. These two love to fuck so when we find them they’re already kissing and fondling each other. John quickly gets on his knees and fills his mouth […]

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Cage Fucks Tanner’s Ass Deep and Raw

Battle for Supremacy

Tanner Valentino isn’t here to play games. He wants Cage Kafig and he wants him almost soon as the cameras start rolling. He damn near attacks him, forcing his lips onto his, beginning a steamy […]

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Vadim Black and Brandon Evans

Vadim’s Return

It’s been over a year since we’ve had Vadim in the studio. Him and Brandon have both made their rounds in the porn industry and but now they’re together on the BSB set. Let’s see […]

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Rowan Adams Fucks Tanner Valentino


Everyone knows that Tanner is the house cook. But I doubt anyone realizes how much work it can be to cook for a house full of horny boys. Tanner’s is ready to relax and Rowan […]

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Jared Marzdon dominates Kaden

Not Ready to Leave

Jared Marzdon and Kaden Porter have some sexy chemistry going on between them. Jared goes in for a kiss and Kaden meets him halfway. The boys kiss like true lovers, embracing for what seems likes […]

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Issac Lin and Ronan Kennedy

All Over Each Other

Issac Lin and Ronan have yet to have the pleasure of each other’s company but that’s all going to change today. Issac Lin can’t wait to get at Ronan and his big ass dick. He […]

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Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

Not Too Sore

Jacob may be sore from his workout but that won’t stop Tanner Valentino from having his way with him. After all, he’ll be the first one to break in Jacob’s ass on camera. He’s such […]

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Rowan Adams and Jared Marzdon Fuck


Damn, Jared Marzdon and Rowan Adams are so into each other that we catch them in the process of making out and embracing before the scene is set to start. Oh well! Boys will be […]