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John Henry, Romeo James, and Robb Davis

Threeway Fuck

Robb Davis has never done a threeway before, so we’ve recruited John Henry and Romeo James to pop his threesome cherry, and these guys take charge as soon as we cut them loose!  Robb and John 69 while Romeo […]

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Damien Nichols Pounds Drake Tyler

Always Up for Some Dick

Damien Nichols, like all first timers, is a little nervous to be on set for his first scene with a partner. But at least he gets to fuck a nice ass like Drake’s for his […]

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Justin Dean

Requested, Delivered

As requested by some fans, we’ve got Justin Dean on loan ready to show the BSB community what he can do. He’ll be paired up with one of BSB hottest guys in Benjamin Dover who […]

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Brad Banks Fucks Tanner Valentino

Give It To Him

It’s all quiet on the set save for the lip-smacking going on between Brad Banks and Tanner Valentino. They don’t need to say shit, they know what they’re here for. As they kiss, they’re clothes […]

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Drake Tyler Pounds Benjamin Dover

No Limits? Okay!

You would think that because Drake Tyler hasn’t been while, he’d opt to have an easy day of bottom. But when Benjamin Dover offers to show him mercy, Drake instead asks to be treated “like […]

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Introducing Ashton Taylor

Brand New Toy!

We’ve got a real treat for you. Our brand new model, Ashton Taylor has the makings of a sexy porn star! He got boyish good looks, a hot body, and a great personality. He’s a […]

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Dillon Anderson and John Henry Fuck

69 Times

Dillon Anderson and John Henry seem to be really into each other from the get go! They get right down to business making out and getting rid of their bothersome clothes. John goes quickly goes […]

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Introducing Damien Nichols

Go It Alone

I’ve never really thought about it, but it seems that going solo for your first scene may actually be more nerve wrecking than having someone with more experience with you. It’s no wonder our newest […]

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Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter

“A” Game

Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter is a pairing the fans have been asking for. Well, we like to make dreams come true. It seems like these two have been itching to be paired together as […]

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Tanner Valentino and Sebastian Lee


Damn! The chemistry Tanner Valentino and Sebastian Lee share is what’s require to produce one of the steamiest kisses I’ve seen on this site. I repeat, damn! These boys are so into each other they […]

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Introducing Allen Michaels

So This is Different

Allen Michaels…Allen…Michaels…is a character. He’s got an eating disorder, a tattoo for every year he’s been alive, and a home cooked country accent that’s as charming as the days are long. He didn’t know he’d […]

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Cage Kafig fucks Preston Scott

Caging Preston

Cage Kafig isn’t one for needless conversation; he knows exactly what he’s here for. Preston Scott doesn’t seem too eager for a conversation either as he happily meets Cage halfway for a kiss. The boys make […]

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Brenden Steel and Dillon Anderson

Pre-Workout Routine

I like jacking off before the gym because, you know, reasons. Some trainers say that’s a big no no, but when you need to nut, you need to nut. Brenden Steel and Dillon Anderson seem […]

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Ryan Fields and Robb Davis

Gotta Have It!

These two boys are all over each other as soon as the scene starts. They make out like teenagers as their hands take field trips all over each other bodies. It’s almost as if they’d […]

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Jared Marzdon and John Henry

Kiss it and Make it Better

Jared Marzdon decided to go rollerblading and ending up scraping up his arm. Going on adventures with the proper protection? I too like to live dangerously lol! Jared is a little beat up but thankfully […]

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Brad Banks and Romeo James

All Uphill After the Kiss

You ever had a hookup that was just too eager to get to the goods? That’s Brad Banks and Romeo James to a tee. They barely make out before getting right down to action. Brad […]

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Kyle Porter Fucks Sebastian Lee

Full Circle

Romeo James and John Henry are unmistakably into each other. The way these two kiss gives it all away. They kiss hard yet passionately before Romeo uses those soft lips on another part of John’s […]

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How Much Can You Take?

How Much Can You Take?

Cage Kafig and Benjamin Dover are veterans here at BSB, which means you know you won’t get anything other than a fire scene. Cage gets things started by almost immediately going down on Ben, taking […]