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Romeo's Hard Prick In Ryan's Ass

A Dish Served Cold

Romeo James is finally back after a three year break. He won’t say where he’s been, only that he’s been working. What’s clear though is that he still remembers the pounding Ryan gave him years […]

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Dillon Fucks Preston's Little Ass


Dillon Anderson has a very hot body, something that Preston has taken notice of. After Preston teases that he’s going to dominate at laser tag tonight, Dillon’s ears perk up. I’m sure he’s wondering what […]

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Brenden Steel Fucks John Henry Doggy Style

Polishing Steel

Brenden Steel is making his early rounds at BSB and is next stop is with John Henry. John isn’t going to let him off the hook easily today. He wants Brenden to fill him up […]

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Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams

Choke Job

Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams make out as they begin to undress, revealing their hot bodies. Once Rowan unleashes his cock, Cage bends down to suck it, working that dick with his mouth until Rowan is good […]

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Tanner, Chris and Brandon

The Three of Them

Tanner Valentino, Brandon Evans and Chris Taylor are in for some fun today with this threesome scene!  These guys have some fun energy between them and when they get things started, it gets hot real fast!  The […]

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Dillon Anderson Fucks Oliver Saxon

Tag This!

The boys had a great night out playing laser tag but now things are going to get a little more personal between Dillon Anderson and Oliver Saxon. These boys already seem pretty chummy so today’s […]

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Jared Marzdon and Ben Dover

Just Go For It

Some guys like to just go for it. Jared Marzdon and Ben Dover are two such boys so they do just that. They get things started quickly by kissing and feeling each other up. Jared […]

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Vadim Black Fucks Mikah Lake

Vadim Takes a Dip in the Lake

It’s time to watch yet another newcomer experience an onscreen deflowering. Today’s fortunate newbie is Mikah Lake who will be in the very talented hands of Vadim Black. He’s so fucking lucky! Let’s see how […]

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Introducing Sebastian Lee


Sebastian is a looker. He’s got a devilish grin and a hot body and I can’t wait to see what’s underneath those clothes. Thank goodness I don’t have to wait long. He strips his clothes […]

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Tanner fucks Chris Taylor Silly

Chris’ Facial

Tanner Valentino and Chris Taylor don’t have time for pleasantries. We find them already in a hot make out session. Chris slowly makes his way down to Tanner’s cock and fills his mouth with it. It’s a […]

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Brenden Steel fucks Benjamin Dover

Bending Steel

Ben Dover are all over each other from the very beginning. Ben is awestruck by Brenden Steel’s sexy biceps and for the record, so am I. Ben kisses them all over before leading Ben down […]

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Rowan Adams and Brandon Evans Fuck


Two of our hottest models, Rowan Adams and Brandon Evans are finally going to do a scene together. They don’t waste anytime and get things started with a hot make out session. Brandon soon finds […]

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Tanner Valentino Drills Mikah Lake

Best Intentions

Whenever one of our boys says they’ll go easy on a new guy I cringe because I know that they won’t. Either from not from trying or from being too turned on to contain themselves, […]