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Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

He Can Take It

Ben Dover and John Henry aren’t about talking. These two love to fuck so when we find them they’re already kissing and fondling each other. John quickly gets on his knees and fills his mouth […]

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Brandon Evans Fucks Robb Davis

Dreaming of You

It’s no mystery why Brandon Evans is so hot. Apparently he gets plenty of beauty sleep! He’ll need all the rest he can get today, as he’ll be breaking in newbie Robb Davis. These two […]

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Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon

A Different Tongue

Brenden Steel is nervous as most first time boys are. But he has Jared Marzdon in the same scene with him and it appears that they have something in common: they’re learning French. Learning French […]

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Cage Fucks Rowan Adams

Caging Rowan

Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams engage in some hot kissing action awhile before stripping down. But as soon as Rowan’s cock is out Cage immediately goes for it. He get’s Rowan completely erect while going […]

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Rowan Adams and Vadim Black

Veteran Affairs

Rowan and Vadim have been around for quite some time and they both know the drill. They get right to business; making out and feeling each other up. Vadim kisses his body all over before […]