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Cage Pounds Chris Taylor's Ass

Caging Chris

Cage Kafig is back after a short break and I’m ready to fill my eyes with this stud’s hot body and nice hard dick. Chris Taylor will be on the receiving end of Cage’s rock […]

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Introducing Preston Scott

Just a Taste

Preston Scott is your typical broke straight boy in need of cash. Well, “need” is a strong word in this case. Preston wants money to spend on the simpler things in life: toys and trips! […]

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Tanner Kissing Then Fucking Robb

That Kiss Tho!

The boys begin with a kiss so passionate that I’m forced to begin jacking before I write. Talk about a distraction! Tanner Valentino and Robb Davis are so into each other and they way they […]

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Introducing Brenden Steel

Steeling the Show

Brenden Steel likes to get off right after he finishes his 2 hour gym routine. We have so much in common! This stud is a little soft spoken but he’s ready to jerk for our […]

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Ronan Spanks & Fucks Flip Bareback

The Beast vs. The Beef Cake

Ronan Kennedy has been sleeping all day, which may spell doom for Flip’s ass since Ronan is rested and ready to go. Flip is a big boy though and has enough muscle to handle the […]

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Cage Fucks Tanner’s Ass Deep and Raw

Battle for Supremacy

Tanner Valentino isn’t here to play games. He wants Cage Kafig and he wants him almost soon as the cameras start rolling. He damn near attacks him, forcing his lips onto his, beginning a steamy […]

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Rowan Fucks Gage’s Tight Ass Raw

Be My Wife Tonight

I sometimes forget that Gage is married. Apparently she does have a problem with his chosen side hustle as he brings home plenty of money. While talking, Gage realizes that his scene partner, Rowan Adams […]

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Brandon Evans Pounds Mikah Lake

Brandon Dips Into the Lake

Brandon Evans and Mikah Lake are such a hot pairing that skipping the pre game analysis is in order. These two feel the same way as they kick things off with a deep kiss before […]

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Vadim Takes Chris’ Bareback Cock

Chris Takes Over

Chris Taylor and Vadim Black have been chillin’ in the house all day due to the rain outside. You know how things can go when you’re stuck in the house with a boy hot enough to […]

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Cage Kafig and Robb Davis

Cage is Back!

There’s nothing like welcoming back one of BSB hottest models. Cage Kafig is back and is ready to play. We’ve paired him with Robb Davis, who is lucky to have Cage for his first scene. […]

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Flip Gives Oliver Saxon a Creampie

Spilling Inside

The boys get started by talking about their day jobs. Oliver Saxon is a full time student and Flip is a personal trainer, a job of interest and benefit to Oliver who is dealing with […]