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Ronan Kennedy Fucks LJ Richards Raw

Ronan Breaks Through

I love that these guys love being a part of the BSB family. The scene starts and LJ Richards and Ronan Kennedy are obviously happy to be there and ready to make some money. In […]

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Antonio Ferrari Fucks Oliver Saxon Raw

Punishing Oliver

Antonio is up way earlier than he’d like to be and someone is going to pay for it. Oliver is more than willing to let Antonio take it out on his ass; he just has […]

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The Two Kaden's Fuck Raw

Paging Kaden…

You can’t have two guys named “Kaden” walking around without finding out which one reigns supreme; you just can’t. I don’t even know how to tell you about the hotness in this scene without confusing […]

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Ronan Kennedy Fucks Junior Fernandez Raw

Mercy, please!

I love it when guys are so horny they skip the small talk and get right to business. Ronan and Junior dive right, kissing and making out deeply before Junior makes his way down to […]

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Chaz Berling and Zach Covington

Mixing it Up

Chaz Berling and Zach Covington have a chemistry that’s is undeniable. They try to hold a brief conversation before deciding to get at each other’s lips. They trade some deep kisses, making out intensely before Chaz gets […]

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Dakota Ford Fucks Ryan Fields

Turning it Red

Dakota Ford sits down on the bed and begins to kiss Ryan before going right for his cock. He eagerly sucks on it, licking his balls as he teases the tip of Ryan’s hard dick […]

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Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

Ferrari Driving Through Cakes

Antonio Ferrari and Kaden Alexander are back in the studio and they don’t want to waste any time. They get things with a steamy make out session. Kaden holds Antonio close to him as they […]

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Lj Richards And Oliver Saxon

Energy to Spare

So, these two obviously had a good time last night. LJ and Oliver seem like the type of dudes that can party all night and fuck all day. So let’s get to the fucking part! […]

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Kaden Porter And Junior Fernandez

Stone Hard Cocks

Kaden Porter and Junior Fernandez have plans to hike Stone Mountain later today. That will surely be a workout as Junior correctly points out. There’s no better warm-up for a tough hike like that than […]

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Ronan Kennedy And Oliver Saxon

Playing Swords

The boys went fencing last night, which, as you know is a hobby of Oliver’s. Today he’s going to experience a hobby of Ronan’s. I hope Oliver’s sword is up for the challenge! Oliver Saxon […]

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Kaden Alexander And Chaz Berling Flip Fuck Raw

The Early Riser

Kaden can’t understand why Chaz is always up so early in the morning. Chaz blames his early schedule on his ability to stay sleep. While the other boys are busy dreaming of dick and ass, […]

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David Hardy And Junior Fernandez


We’ve got David Hardy and Junior Fernandez on set today. I have no clue what these two are talking about when the scene starts…but who gives a shit! They are two sexy guys laying on […]

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Kaden Porter And Zach Covington

I Taste Good!

Zach tries to talk to Kaden about their plane ride by Kaden’s eyes and mind are fixed on one thing, Zach body. Kaden cuts Porter inquiry short and gets things started by moving in for […]

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Antonio Ferrari And Lj Richards

Breaking Him In

LJ Richards is fresh to BSB but he’s not new to gay porn; he’s be around the block a few times. Today Antonio Ferrari will take him out for a test drive for your viewing […]