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Abram Hoffer Fucks Chandler Scott

Viewer’s Choice

Today Abram Hoffer is going to have his way with Chandler Scott. But before they start, the boys give their viewing audience an interesting request. They want to know what YOU want them to do. […]

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Levi Jackson Fucks Danny Cannon

Danny’s Return

My newest crush, Levi is back and is on hand to help welcome Danny Cannon back to BSB. This will be Levi’s first time fucking a guy so he’s understandably nervous. Danny is a veteran […]

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Jesse Avalon Fucks Kaden Porter Bareback

Too Horny To Wait

Kaden is a great top (we all know that) But now we can add impatient bottom to this label. He walks in and finds Jesse on the phone wearing nothing but some boxer briefs and […]

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Tanner Valentino And Tyler Griffin

To Fill a Wallet

BSB wouldn’t exist if straight boys knew how to save money. Thank God for the frivolous spending habits of guys like Tanner Valentino and Tyler Griffin who are both back here because they need the […]

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Nothing Like New Dick

Nothing Like New Dick

Our newest resident bottom Kyle Porter is in the studio today and is ready to help welcome Brandon Evans into the fold. They have gotten the chance to meet briefly outside the studio but now […]

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Introducing Levi Jackson

Ginger Alert!!!!

True story: while driving through the streets of Atlanta one night, I got in an accident because I wasn’t paying attention the road. Where was my focus? It was on a cute red head driving […]

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Abram Hoffer Fucks Devon Felix Raw

Man Up! Take the D!

What is it about straight guys getting so worked up over talking about exercise? Abram Hoffer and Devon Felix start off talking about their work out routines and before you know it they’re all over […]

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Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David

[(9 x 6)/2-19]-4 = Hell Yeah!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had an orgy scene but when BSB makes you wait they certainly have a way of making it up to us. Today they’ve put Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David together […]

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David Hardy Fucks Chandler Scott

How to Make Steam

Talk about a fantasy pairing. My two favorite versatile models have finally been put in a scene together. They won’t be flipping today but that’s fine by me. Just the fact that these two will […]

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Abram Hoffer Fucks Gage Owens Raw

Good Moaning

Sex in the morning is magical! It loosens you up and puts you on the right course for a great day. I’m pretty sure that’s just the feeling Abram Hoffer and Gage Owens have as […]

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Jesse Avalon Fucks Kyle Porter Raw

Anally Speaking

There is one act in the bedroom that seems mortifying until you try it…ok there are several but today I’m just talking about one; eating ass. Jesse Avalon is new on the block and hasn’t […]

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Kaden Porter Tops David Hardy Raw

Nerves of Wood

Nothing helps someone get over their nerves like blood flowing to their cock. That’s exactly how David plans to help Kaden get over his camera shyness. David gets things started with some deep kissing and […]

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Vadim Black And Chandler Scott Raw

All Star Fucking

It’s time for two of my all time favorite models to meet under the sheets, Vadim Black and Chandler Scott. It’s like my own personal All Star match up. These two must have been looking […]