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Vadim Black And Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck Bareback

Who’s Top Dog

Vadim and Tanner are the two highest rated models on BSB. The time has come to see who is the best and we do competitions way better than anything you’ve seen on reality TV. Let’s […]

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Chandler Scott And Austin Andrews Flip Fuck Raw

Going Both Ways

No one can accuse Austin of being shy; and after the way he practically attacks Chandler lips, he won’t either. These two only waste a few seconds talking before they’re tongue deep in each other’s […]

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Zeno Kostas Fucks Kyle Porter Bareback

Hungry Hole

Zeno has been getting the twins confused but today he’ll get to know one inside and out. I have a feeling that Zeno has been looking forward to this because he quickly finds himself on […]

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Kaden Porter Tops Vadim Black Raw

Same Model, Different Engine

Vadim has had his way with one twin, now he gets to have the other. Kaden will be a different challenge as he is all top and wants to plow Vadim’s tight little hole. They […]

Fuck talking, just Fuck

No need to speak. These two are so turned on by each other that the cameraman can’t press play quickly enough, David and Jaxon are already making out and groping each other. David begins kissing […]

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Chandler Scott And Jason Sterling Flip Fuck Raw

What happens in the Barn…

These two waste no time getting at one another. They engage in some lip locking and tongue action before Chandler pulls Jason’s pants and boxers off and begins to blow him. Chandler deep throats with […]

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Brice Jones Fucks Devon Felix Bareback

Everyone Sucks Dick Sometime

Oh yeah! The time has finally come for Brice to experience sucking cock. Devon will be the lucky bloke on the receiving end. That, however, isn’t the only thing this stud will be receiving today. […]

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David Hardy And Jaxon Ryder Flip Fuck Raw

Code Word: Skittles

Austin will be topping today and David has little to no problem relinquishing all control to him. Austin wants to make sure that David will listen to him and follow orders; David agrees but only […]

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Vadim Black Fucks Kyle Porter Bareback

Porter Ravaged

Kyle hasn’t been with us long but the legend of him and his twin has made it around the ranks of BSB. It’s even reached the top of the BSB echelon, finding its way to […]

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Zander Floyd Fucks Tanner Valentino Bareback

Let’s Make a Porno!

These two just want to fuck…that’s all there is to it. Their lips meet as they get things started. As they kiss, Zander’s hand explores the growing bulge in Tanner’s pants. He pulls the cock […]

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Vadim Black And Jaxon Ryder Flip Fuck Raw

Flipping Out

Vadim and Jaxon haven’t seen each other in a while so they’ve got some catching up to do. And no one does “catching up” like the boys here at BSB. Handshakes are replaces with blowjobs […]

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David Hardy And Jason Sterling Raw

We’re Listening

You gotta love how often the boys read your comments on the message boards. These boys are open to all kinds of kinky suggestions, you need only use your imagination, type it up, and press […]