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Brice Jones And Austin Andrews Raw

Austin Drilled

Austin may be in for a treat or for some pain depending on how easily his hole can stretch. Brice has been wrecking tight asses left and right. Let’s see how Austin’s holds up. The […]

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Zander Floyd Fucks Kyle Porter Raw

Kyle’s Turn

Like his brother, Kyle is back to experience some man on man action for the first time. But unlike his bro, Kyle won’t be on the top bunk…he’ll be on the bottom. He’s in good […]

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Kaden Porter Fucks Gage Owens

Kaden’s First

Kaden is ready to take the next step. He’s jacked his dick for all of us to see and know we’ve got him all set to get down and dirty with Gage Owens. There’s no […]

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Devon Felix Fucks Jaxon Ryder Bareback

Tied and Lubed Up

These two are secretly freaks and today we’ll have the pleasure of getting to see them in action. They waste no time. They quickly strip and Jaxon forces his cock into Devon’s mouth. Jaxon face […]

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Brice Jones Fucks Chandler Scott Bareback

You’ve Been Warned

Brice is a good top. He’s the kind of guy that will warn you about the weapon of mass destruction hiding in his pants before whipping it out and shoving it in your ass. Chandler […]

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Tanner Valentino And Gage Owens Flip Fuck

Shy Guys?

We’ve got two of the hottest guys in the BSB crew and they’re finally going to hook up. I”m shocked to discover that off camera Gage is far less “reserved”. Now I’ve never though of […]

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Vadim Black Fucks Jason Sterling Bareback

Handshake and then a Cumshake

There’s no such thing as a stranger at BSB. One minute you could be shaking someone’s hand for the first time and then sucking their dick the next. This is a phenomenon that I’m sure […]

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John Henry Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

A Little Country and a Big Cock

John has an affinity for country music, something his he shares with the cameraman. Danny doesn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm for country music, but he apparently has had a desire to get in […]

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Devon Felix And David Hardy Raw

Breaking in Devon

Alright, alright, calm down you thirsty queens! The day has finally come for Devon to get his cherry popped and I know we’ve all been waiting for quite some time. What has me even more […]

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Jaxon Ryder Fucks Austin Andrews Bareback

Final Dues

Austin is still pretty new around here so Jaxon has volunteered to help with his initiation process. Who wouldn’t want to help Austin out if it meant sticking some cock in his warm hole? Jaxon […]

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Gage Owens Fucks Danny Cannon Raw

Sexual Healing

Gage is still recovering from some vicious bug bites he sustained during his photo shoot. Gage, I’m sure, feels for Danny but probably won’t be taking it easy on him. After all, Danny is a […]

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Tanner Valentino Fucks And Dominates John Henry Bareback

Welcome Meat

Tanner is still new and is still making his rounds as a newbie at BSB. John Henry is back and is more than happy to lend a helping hand (and some other body parts) to […]

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Devon Felix Fucks Chandler Scott Bareback

No More Waiting

Devon and Chandler are hot. Fact. Devon and Chandler are finally going to fuck for our pleasure. Fact. This pairing has been on my personal wish list for quite some time. Fact. I’m sure I’m […]

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Jason Sterling And Danny Cannon

Occupational Hazards

Danny has been working hard and its come at a cost. The poor guy did a BSB photo around some trees and was all but eaten alive by some bugs. He’s not a whiner though. […]

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Vadim Black And Austin Andrews Raw

Learning You

There’s more than one way to get information. You can put on a smile and ask questions, plying the answers you seek by the age old Socratic method. Or you can take a more hands […]

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Tanner Valentino And Jason Sterling

“Go Slow”

We’ve got two of our newer boys back with us today. Jason is going to give that ass up and bottom for Tanner. Now that Jason has bottomed once, it should be much easier this […]

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Zeno Kostas and Danny Cannon Raw

New Attitude

Zeno and Danny are back to play for us. Zeno is still letting that hair of his grow out but that’s not the only change he’s made. He’s quit smoking and has been hitting the […]

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Brice Jones Fucks Jaxon Ryder Bareback


It’s been awhile since we’ve had two legit straight guys on set together and I’m excited. Not that we don’t love our less than straight guys, but a little variety now and then doesn’t hurt. […]

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Chandler Scott And Gage Owens Raw

Face Painting

We find Chandler and Gage on the bed, already making out. These two didn’t want to wait for any obligatory interviews, they are hot for each other and want to get things started! They slowly […]