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Dustin Powers and Kayden Winters

That New Boy Smell

It’s not often that we pair two new boys together but I’m never disappointed when we do. I doubt Dustin and Kayden will leave us wanting. These two kinky boys have been pretty damn good […]

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Jaxon Ryder Fucks James Andrews Raw

Broken Heart Equals Broken Ass

Jaxon has been gone for a while and I’m so happy he’s back. Here’s here with a broken heart and broken wallet. We’ll fix that. Today he’ll have the pleasure of playing with James Andrews […]

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David Hardy and Danny Cannon Raw

Cash Rules Everything

Danny hasn’t been with us long and we usually like to take it slow with new boys. But, he needs money for college and moving expenses so he’s agreed to get fucked. The lucky BSB […]

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Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas

Lessons will be Learned

Zeno, always the willing teacher, has been paired up with newcomer Gage Owens. Sidebar: where do these kids come with their onscreen names? Anyway, Gage is going to learn to suck cock in the best […]

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Chandler Scott and Brody Lasko

Conquering Chandler

The time has finally come for Chandler to give up his virgin ass and I can’t think of a better recipient than Brody Lasko. Chandler doesn’t normally seem shy but he’s certainly a bit nervous […]

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Kayden Winters and Justin Riggs

Mouth to Mouth

Kayden Winters can’t get enough oral action. Today he’ll get to show off his skills with another elite oral performer, Justin Riggs. Justin makes his intentions clear, he wants to taste Kayden’s sweet ass. Kayden […]

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Dustin Powers and Chandler Scott

The Shy Guy

Chandler is still a newbie, he even still has that new car smell. He’s paired up today with another newbie, Dustin Powers, who is quite shy. We have some breaking in to do so let’s […]

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Vadim Black Fucks Brady Bennett

The Long Moan Home

Zander is going to once again find himself on the bottom. Something tells me that neither him or Ryan are going to have a problem with him. The boys have been in the cooped up […]

In Gratitude

I love Brady and I’m so happy he’s back and paired with the Russian Assassin himself, Vadim Black. Quick editorial trip down memory lane: do you remember when Vadim as a shy rookie (with less […]