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Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels

Zeno’s Return

Yes, Zeno is back and he looks a bit different. He’s lost some weight and has grown his hair out a bit. He’s also lost some baggage; his ex-girlfriend. He’ll get to let out some […]

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Drake Tyler and Zander Floyd Raw

No Bullshit

Drake did such an excellent job topping that they’ve brought him back for an encore. He’s going to be running his cock through Zander Floyd’s bowels for all of us to enjoy. Let’s get right […]

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Chandler Scott and Justin Riggs (ft. James Andrews)

The Exhibition Match

Usually, I hate exhibition matches. I like it when there’s something on the line, something to be won or lost. But all that shit goes out the window when it comes to sex. Today the […]

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Trevor Laster and Brady Bennett Raw

Gotta Get Paid

Both Brady and Trevor are back and they both have needs. Brady wants to buy himself a car and Trevor needs a new iPhone. These needs are not necessarily of a carnal nature but who cares? […]

Drake in Control

Drake is going to help us break in a newbie. Drake “The Bottomless Wonder” Tyler seems to be very happy to have a new cock to turn into his personal play thing. Drake wants Chandler […]

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Abram Hoffer and Ryan Fields

Straight out of the zoo

The cameraman gives Abram and Ryan a simple challenge, and that’s to fuck like sex crazed animals. He obviously hasn’t been paying attention, that’s what these two do best. No time is wasted here. These […]

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Drake Tyler and Brady Bennett Raw

Drake TOPS!

It’s been a long time coming but finally we get to see Drake use his cock. And the lucky recipient will be none other than the newbie Brady Bennett. He seems like he’d be more […]

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Vadim Black and Trevor Laster

Fetish R’ Us

So, the fans want to see more! And I’m completely on board with what they have in mind. While the camera man comes up with ideas for them, Vadim is a little hesitant but is […]

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James Andrews Fucks Brody Lasko Bareback

Frat Boys

We’ve got James Andrews and Brody Lasko back and it’s been a little while since we’ve seen either of them. Sha asks James about why he chokes when sucking dick. This answer is obvious to […]

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Zander Floyd And Vadim Black Fuck Raw

Bulking Season

Ok, seriously…what is Vadim doing in the gym (or bedroom) that’s helping him bulk up. It’s bulking season and I’m willing to try the program he’s on, unless it has anything to do with exercise […]