Believe it or not

Yeah, Drake is the undisputed King of Bottom here at BSB. But today he’s going to get fucked by a guy that’s going to enjoy every bit of the experience, Trevor Laster. Trevor is a […]

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Trevor Laster Fucks Drake Tyler Raw

No, you first!

Brady and Abram, two relatively new guys to BSB, have to decide who’s going to bottom. It doesn’t take long to decide as Brady has chosen to take one for the team (and for his […]

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Ryan Fields Fucks Vadim Black Raw

Veteran’s Delight

Vadim and Ryan have been paired together and for the first time in while, Vadim is going to bottom! He’s planning to take a bit of a mental vacation to help him get through having […]

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Cage Kafig Shows No Mercy On Drake Tyler's Hole

Drake Dominated

Ok, wow. So we’ve got BSB’s best top with one of the best bottoms this site has ever seen?! This is one chemistry set that liable to set your computer on fire. Please note, that […]

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Abram Hoffer Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

Abram Gets Some

Abram is still new and trying to find his way around. Today he’ll have the added challenge of finding his way around the veteran, Ian Dempsey. Abram’s going to get a piece of some of […]

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Brady Bennett And Zander Floyd Suck Fest

Brady’s Oral Exam

The new boy, Brady Bennett is back and ready to suck cock for the first time. He’s nervous, of course, but he’s with Zander Floyd who’s always on chill. Let’s see how the new guy […]

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Vadim Black And Drake Tyler

Let’s Make Sex

Vadim is back and his arms are huge. This kid is stacking on the muscle and it looks great! He starting to look more and more like a dominant top, much to Drake’s (and my) […]

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Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy Bareback

The Spirit of Competition

It’s funny how competition can find it’s way into the BSB club. Tyler and Ronan are undecided as to who has the biggest dick. Ronan is pretty sure that he’s gotten a lock in that […]

Fucking the Dead

Soooo Ryan decided to get a Walking Dead tattoo on his leg. Ok, there’s that. If this were a smart choices show he’d probably get voted off but thank goodness the tat doesn’t really distract […]

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The More You Know

The More You Know

We haven’t seen Abram in a while because he’s been focused on school. I’m happy  he needs some money and has decided to come to BSB to get it. Zander, the new fan favorite, is also […]

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Cage Kafig Fucks John Henry Bareback

John Opened for Business

It’s the moment that all newbies dread; bottoming for the first time. John was going to flip with Cage, but Cage’s ass is in recovery. So it’s all up to John. I hope he’s ready. […]

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Ryan Fields And Drake Tyler

Feeding the Hungry

Drake, Drake, Drake. Who need that this stud likes to get fucked by his girlfriend with a strap on. Luckily for us, today we get to see him with a real dick up his ass. […]

Upside down and sideways

Tyler White is finally back and he’s going to help us break in the new stud, Colt Dixon. Colt, much to Tyler’s delight, pronounces that he is 100% straight. So now that that’s out of […]