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Vadim Black And Ricky Evans

Highlight Reel

Ricky hasn’t had a chance to work out today, but that’s ok because Vadim is going to give him more than he can handle. I hope he’s ready to break a sweat. This is a […]

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James Andrews and Justin Riggs

Penetrating Nerves

James Andrews (and that beautiful head of curly hair) is back and is going to fuck a guy for the first time. He stutters a bit while answering questions and his knee bounces constantly, the […]

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David Hardy And Trevor Laster

You Give, You Get

We’ve got David and Trevor in the bedroom for this shoot and there’s been a bit of a mix up of today’s plans. David originally thought he was just going to be able to top […]

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Cage Kafig Fucks Justin Riggs

The Power Couple

This should be helluh fun! We’ve got Cage and Justin paired up and I can’t wait to see what this power top/power bottom combo will produce. This should be fucking phenomenal. Let’s get right to […]

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James Andrews And Cage Kafig

The Money Shot

I hope James Andrews is ready to start getting his stripes as a BSB model. He didn’t get much sleep last night due to some jitters. He’s set to top for the first time so […]

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David Hardy And Ricky Evans

Raunch is what Raunch Does

Let me be clear, anytime I see David Hardy on the screen I instantly get wood. But seeing Ricky Evans sitting beside him and knowing what’s about to go down makes it that much more […]

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Trevor Laster Blows James Andrews

The Couch Quickie

James Andrews (my favorite newbie) is back and is going to have to come out of his comfort zone a bit by receiving his first blow job from a dude. He’s in very experienced hands […]