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Cage Kafig Is Back To Flip Fuck Vadim Black Raw

Top Ten

BSB has obviously been in the process of hunting down some of our fan favorites; guys we haven’t seen in a while. Cage Kafig has returned with a beefier body, longer hair, and some brand […]

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Paul Canon, Denver Grand Flip Fuck

Denver’s Return

Oh my, Denver Grand has returned. Time to take my pants off and celebrate properly. I’ve missed this guy, seriously. He’s certainly my type and I can’t wait to see him in action once again. […]

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David Hardy And Paul Canon Flip Fuck Raw

Stroke for Stroke

David has been a little apprehensive about today’s scene. He’s been paired up with Paul canon who has in his opinion, a big penis. He should rest a bit easier knowing that this is going […]

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David Hardy and Justin Riggs

Cum Flavored Kisses

One of my personal favorite BSB boys, David Hardy is back and is ready to have his turn with the newbie Justin Riggs. They’re determined to really give the fans what they’ve been asking for […]

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Introducing Brice Jones

Bigger in Texas

Yep, they say everything is bigger in Texas and judging from Brice, it’s true. This dude has a big smile, big arms, and a big dick (we’ll discuss that later). Brice comes to us from […]

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Antonio Drake and Kaden Alexander

Just What We Wanted

Oh hell yeah! I asked nicely and now I’m getting exactly what I want: Kaden Alexander and Antonio Drake! These boys both have great bodies, great dicks, and great asses. Fuck an intro, let’s get […]

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Antonio Drake tops Paul Canon

By George, I Think He’s Got It!

Antonio is back! Antonio is back! Sorry for bleeding excitement, but Antonio is back! Today he’s going to have his first experience fucking a guy. Paul Cannon is going to take one for the team […]

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Justin Riggs Fucks Damien Kyle Bareback

Passing the Torch?

Damien is back and is ready to teach Justin a thing or two. Damien can play any position but we all know that he’s best when he’s on the bottom. Justin will have the pleasure […]

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Kaden Alexander Fucks David Hardy Bareback

Darting in that Ass

It’s all fun and games until someone has a dick in the ass; then it’s just fun. We find Kaden and David playing what appears to be an innocent game of darts. That is until […]

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Antonio Drake And Justin Riggs

Newbie Delight

Oh the magic that can happen when two newbies are paired together. Today, we Justin Riggs and Antonio Drake, both of whom are brand new additions to the BSB family, are going to explore their […]

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Ian Dempsey and Tyler White Raw

Sutra, The BSB Way

Boys will always be boys and BSB boys will definitely be BSB boys. That’s why it should be no surprise that Ian and Tyler will find themselves looking up gay sex positions and porn on […]

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Zander Floyd and Justin Riggs Oral

“You Mind if I Suck it?”

Justin is back already and is ready to put his curiosity at ease by final experimenting with a boy. He’s been paired up Zander Floyd whose been MIA for a while but has finally made […]

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Introducing Justin Riggs

Fresh from L.A.

Hollywood never ceases to deliver! Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Justin form LA and he’s definitely a looker. Apparently he found his way to BSB because he wanted to compare the size of […]

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Brody Lasko and Vadim Black

Passion X2

Damn I love these two! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Brody and Vadim could be lovers (BTW knowing them personally can be a really fantasy killer). When the scene starts we find […]

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Introducing Antonio Drake

Bumps and Bruises

Yum! That’s all I can say, yum! The moment Antonio appears on the screen I’m in love. Antonio is cute, bodied, and most importantly, broke. He likes to spend money which means that he’ll definitely […]

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David Hardy Fucks Damien Kyle Bareback

Breed On!

Money may be the root of all evil but its the reason David Hardy is back, and for that,I’m thankful. The fans have been begging to see Damien and David together, and must admit so […]

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Dakota Ford Fucks Jaycee Barker

Busting Jaycee’s Walls

Dakota, our favorite resident bottom, will be teaching the newbie Jaycee Barker a thing or tow about taking dick He wants to pass along almost everything he knows about the art of bottoming. Let the […]