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Tj Dewalt Audition, With Intense Cum Explosion

Introducing TJ Dewatt

Tj comes off as a traditional man’s man. He likes to party and he loves sports. He is single, cute, and is in school so of course he could definitely uses some cash. And that’s […]

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Zak Parker And Jaycee Barker Suckfest

Oral Exam 2

Jaycee and Zak are both relatively new to the scene; so it’s going to be interesting to see how they do. Zak is ready to show what he’s learned over the past weeks when it […]

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Dakota Ford, Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Fuck Bareback

Pound for Pound

Like the beginning of a wet dream, we find a Dakota, Ian, and Tyler in the gum lifting weights. They must get hot quickly because soon their loosing clothes left and right. When Ian tries […]

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Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Different Day, Different Dick

Brody is about to get his ass broken in, for real. Dakota gotten to really fuck anyone in a while so he’s in for a treat because this is only Brody’s second time bottoming. Dakota, […]

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Zak Parker and Tyler Whit

Trade Off

The time has come for Zak to bottom, finally! We’ve seen that hole up on the air while fucking other boys, but today we’ll finally get to see him get violated. Tyler White will be […]

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Zak Parker and Dakota Ford

Fuck Them, Get Money

Our new boy, Zak Parker will be taking on SB;s resident bottom, Dakota Ford. Dakota is looking forward to being in a scene with someone that hasn’t been in the industry that long. I guess […]

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Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

Simply Manhandled

How is it that Vadim and Ian haven’t been paired together before? These two are so fucking hot that I can’t afford to waste any time on an intro. Let’s do this. The boys embrace […]

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Tyler, Brody, Vadim 3 Way

Three course meal

Yum! Tyler White, Brody Lasko, and Vadim Black, altogether in one room?! These are arguable the three hottest guys BSB has to offer and they’re set to give each other the business. The boys, sides […]