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Zeno Fucks Vadim

Got milk?

Two of the hottest boys that BSB has to offer: Zeno and Vadim have been paired together. Vadim has moved to south Florida where it’s hot and sticky (in more way than one I’m sure). […]

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Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander

Ian in control

Here’s a combo we haven’t seen in a while: Kaden Alexander and Ian Dempsey. But there’s a small twist, today it will be Ian doing the fucking. I love watching Kaden’s tight, muscular, mixed ass […]

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Why are you so bouncy?

We start with Tyler bouncing up and down on the bed. When asked why, he responds “because I’m getting fucked in the ass.” Indeed he is! I’d be bouncing up and down today too if […]

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Blake Savage Screws Ian Dempsey

The Savior and the Pleaser

As soon as this video starts its clear that these two are ready for action. Both Ian Dempsey and Blake Savage have nice healthy bulges, protruding from their shorts. They start talking about what they’ve […]

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Ayden Troy Fucks Romeo James Tight Ass

Conceiving babies

Look whose back! It’s Ayden Troy! He’s been gone for a while and has had a baby since we last saw him. Congratulations! Today he’s going to see if he can impregnate Romeo. Knowing this […]

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Brandon Beal Dominates Newbie Sebastian Wilde

Switch fuck

The new cutie on the block, Sebastian is nervous but he’s going to have to swallow it (his nerves that is) if he wants to get paid. Brandon should be the one a little nervous […]

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Tyler White, Kaden, and Romeo Orgy

Drowning in cum: The 3 way

Oh boy! Another group scene! They’re starting to spoil us. Tyler, Romeo, and Kaden are on set and ready to fuck. These dudes waste no time. Tyler gets things cracking by pulling Kaden and Romeo […]

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Skyler Daniels Fucks Anthony Hunt

I can’t hear you

Skyler is fresh off of a wild night. He had such a good time that he has lost some of his hearing Homeboy must have gone hard in the paint! His temporary loss may come […]