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Kayden Alexander bottoms for Duncan Taylor

The Dick of Your Nightmares

Kayden isn’t very excited today. That’s probably because he’s broke and about to get fucked by Duncan Tyler. Duncan’s got a dick that tends to scare even the “brokest” of straight boys off. Apparently he’s […]

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Cage Kafig Fucks Dakota Ford

Ultimate Fucking

Ding, ding, ding! In tonight’s matchup we have Dakota Ford and Cage Kafig. This should be better than any fight I’ve seen on Pay Per View. Dakota says he’s only heard “a little bit” about […]

It’s a good day to get fucked

We’ve got three broke boys in the room today; Romeo James, Kaden Alexander and Cage Kafig. If this blog had sound effects you’d be hearing applause, sirens, explosions, and dogs barking. This threesome is going […]

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Paul Canon Fucks Tristan Stiles

No, you’re not gay ;)

Paul and our favorite bottom Tristan are together. Paul is dressed like someone dropped him off from the early 90s but with those looks he can get away with it. After a discussion about feet, […]

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Jaxon Ryder Fucks Ian Dempsey

The Robin Hood of Porn

Jaxon and Ian have returned and are as hunky as ever. These boys are back to make a little cash or as Ian likes to think “to help a brother out.” He believes that he’s […]