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  • Guys Stroking Off

    Guys Stroking Off

    Zach an Rocco were both back at the Broke Straight Boys offices. They had both been here before, but were still having some money troubles and they needed to earn some extra cash. The guys that run the site told both of them that if they were going to come back for extra money they were going to have to do something a little more intense than they did last time. The guys both agreed that Rocco would fuck Zach with a dildo and Zach admitted that from time to time his girlfriend would slide a finger inside his ass and he liked it.

    The guys stripped down and sat on the couch. They watched some porn and checked each other out as they jerked their big cocks. Both guys were getting pretty turned on as they stroked so it didn’t take long until they were both rock hard. Zach got so into the moment that he leaned over and swallowed Rocco’s hard dick down his throat. Who knew that Zach liked sucking cock, but he did and he was great at it. Rocco pushed his head down and fucked his mouth.

    Straight Guy Sucks Cock

    Straight Guy Sucks Cock

    It was then time for Zach’s big moment. He got on all fours and let Rocco slowly ease the toy into his ass. He fucked Zach’s ass slowly, relaxing him and making him moan with pleasure. Zach wanted to take things a little further and have Rocco fuck him in the ass. Rocco was all four it. He lubed up his hard dick and had Rocco sit down on it. He took Rocco’s thick, long dick in his ass and ground on it. He bounced on it letting Rocco fuck him hard while he stroked his own cock.

    It was all so erotic, so intense that Zach came while Rocco was buried deep in his ass. Seeing that send Rocco over the top so he pulled out, stood up and fired a hot load of spunk all over Zach’s chest. I think these two hot studs earned that extra money. Hopefully they will get broke again and come back soon.

    Straight Guys Fucking

    Straight Guys Fucking


  • kyler-zach-preston18

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I was getting ready to shoot my last scene in the old studio, before we completely get moved in and started at the new location. In preparing to do my last shoot, I wanted to go out with a bang, so in picking the guys that would give me some hot interaction that was going to make a shoot for the record books. I decided to put Kyler and Zakk together again, because so far their scenes have been very good that I wanted things to go to the next level. Adding to the duo team, I called in Preston who has been doing very well in the shoots and has been opening up to trying more and more with guys. All three of them were setup to come into the studio later on in the week. That day I had most everything packed up and ready to go, so really I was just waiting on the boys to show up. (MORE)


    When everyone was there I had them pack into the shoot room on the old futon, since I hadn’t had time to replace the one that Preston broke. All three boys knew to be prepared for anal and that I wanted the best show they could give me. The plan was that they each were going to make $1500 a piece, and I didn’t care what they did, and if they were straight, gay, or bi. Actually, I could tell that they were just as excited for this shoot as I was, but they like the idea of total control over what happens. The first thing I had them do was strip out of their clothes, and all the guys stood up in front of the couch and started with peeling off their shirts. After that their shorts came off, and all the guys had on some kind of boxers. Each of them was in very good shape, with nice abs, tone chests, and smooth skin. I didn’t have to tell them, the guys just went for their boxers and took a seat on the couch covering up their packages. (MORE)


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  • WOW! This is fucking hot! Zach and Mike are both gay cousins and had hot sex on camera just the other week. The guys at Broke Straight Boys promised them some fun on camera with some hot straight boys as a “gift”. I bet these two cousins didn’t expect what they had coming to them; two fucking hot straight boys ready to do anything for some qucick cash.

    Do they kiss? Yes. Do they suck? Yes. Do they all fuck? Yes. This video is just amazing. These guys kiss, suck, fuck, 69, and get in just about every sexual position imaginable. The ending will sure not disappoint you as there is hot straight boy cum flying all over the place.

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  • Zach is back at Broke Straight Boys. After his solo debut last week, the guys have teamed him up with his cousin Mike. Both are gay and the the guys at Broke Straight Boys had this to say,

    I brought Zack back for another shoot, and this time I paired him up with his gay cousin Mike. Both of them are gay, broke, and wanting a chance to be put with straight boys for Christmas. The goal for the shoot was to have them suck, fuck, and kiss throughout the shoot on their own. I hoped that passion would kick in to give the members a really good show from the gay boys. Mike and Zack were both going to make $800 for doing the shoot to help put some money in their pockets.

    It looks like the guys at Broke Straight Boys are recruiting some gay boys for the straight boys to fuck. Whatever the reason, this is one hot video as these two cute boys just seem to have a passion for each other and a desire to have great sex that will get your cock rock hard in no time at all. From the minute the camera starts rolling until the very end, all you will see is hot man on man sex. And if you have a fetish for jockstraps, then you will be happy to know that Mike keeps it on almost the whole time he is having sex with his cousin.


  • Broke Straight Boys – ZachDecember 29th, 2008

    Ok. He is not a straight boy, but there is a “story” as to why he is on Broke Straight Boys. Zach 19 years old (almost 20), 5’10”, 10.5 shoe size, and gay. He also helps the guys at Broke Straight Boys behind the scenes. As a Christmas present they decided to let him appear in front of the camera for the first time. It has always been his desire to join the long list of hot straight boys that have jerked off, sucked, and fucked for the first time on camera.

    Obviously Zach works out a lot as he has a nice six pack and cute bubble butt. His shoe size pretty much tells a lot about the size of his cock; you wont be disappointed with what this cute boy is packing in those pants. Zach is a real shooter. Watching Zach jerk off one can tell when he was getting close to having an orgasm. His body was shaking, and his head was all the way tilted back. Zach stretched his legs wide apart and both hands were busy doing something. Zach yelled out that he was getting close to cumming. Seconds later his load was being sprayed on his chest. The cum was running down both sides, and covered his whole stomach. What a gift!


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