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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Pairing up models I put together two of our hottest guys that looked like they had been picked out of a modeling catalog. Both Logan and Shane had bodies that looked like they had been sculpted by an artist. As the guys took a seat on the couch, I introduced them to one another to get them to start to interact with each other. Logan has been doing more and more shoots for us, and I brought up the fact that he can only be seen with us as an exclusive. Shane on the other hand has worked with a bunch of other companies and sites, and he contacted me to see if there was any work that I could give him. He is kind of in the middle of being straight/bi-sexual, and even at one time was engaged. However, he prefers to be described as “gay-for-pay!” As for Logan he was between girlfriends leaving him single, and he’s straight. Both guys prefer to top when doing anal with a guy, but one time each of them had bottomed on camera to make the money they were being offered to try it. (MORE)

    Since there was going to be no way anal would happen between the two of them, the plan was for them to do an oral shoot. Both guys seemed fine with the $600 I offered them to do it, and were ready to get started. Standing up they both peeled off their shirts, revealing their very, nice, developed chests and arms. Keeping the clothes hitting the floor they went for their pants and Logan asked me if he should stop at his underwear or not. I told him that was fine, and as the guys took a seat on the couch while I turned to put on a video for them to watched. Picking through the bi-sexual porn that I had, I tried to go for something newer and that had more girls since that would be something these two guys would get turned on to see. After I had the video playing and was ready to continue filming, I turned around and the guys already had their underwear off. As they stroked their cocks, they were already almost hard in that short amount of time. Something told me that maybe they were both just a little horny, and were ready to move on in the shoot. I asked which one wanted to suck cock first, and there was a silent pause for a moment that filled the room. (MORE)

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  • logan-ricky28

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Pairing Logan and Ricky together I was mixing a newer model Ricky with an older one Logan. Both guys wanted the money for doing a shoot, so I explained to them that what I had planned was an oral shoot. I knew that Ricky was straight, but asked anyway if he had ever sucked cock before. His response was never, but for a certain dollar amount he would do it. Posing the question to the two of them, I asked how much they felt they should get paid for doing it. Logan yelled out that he wanted $1000 to do it, and I told him that’s the amount that guys usually get paid to do anal. Giving it some thought though, I came up with the idea of doing another contest. I was going to be the judge, but the guy who gave the best blow job was going to get $1200, while the other guy only walks away with $500. That was a huge difference, so it was my hope that maybe our senior model Logan would get a little more creative with his dick sucking. (MORE)


    Both guys stood up to get started and took off their shirts, and from there the rest of their clothes followed leaving them naked. As they took a seat I told them we would get some straight porn playing in the background for them to watch. Jerking off and getting their dicks hard, it was no surprise that Logan was rock hard in around a minute, while Ricky kind of struggled. I told Logan to go ahead and give Ricky head first in order to get him hard and going in the shoot. However, Logan argued that since he was already hard and ready to go, his cock should get sucked first. With this being Rickys first time sucking cock I didnt know how well he would do not even getting his dick sucked by a guy. However, he dropped to his knees on the floor in front of Logan. Putting the cock in his mouth he started sucking and at first it was just like a learning lesson. I coached him along in telling him to jerk the dick once in a while to give his mouth a break and to catch his breath. (MORE)


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  • logan-shane-ricky27

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    In talking to Ricky over the phone I told him that I could have some work for him if he was interested, the only thing was that it involved anal and I know that was something that he has never tried. Giving him the opportunity to make some good money for bottoming, he couldn’t really pass up the chance make $1500 since he has no income coming in. Ricky agreed to try it, so I called up the other boys I had in mind to join in and arranged for them to come to the studio the following day. The day of the shoot I had Ricky go into the shoot room and take a seat on the couch, while the other guys were in the back room. I wanted to try and keep Ricky as calm as possible, so that he wouldn’t back out on me. Ricky has been doing very well with us, and I recapped the conversations that we have had on the phone on film. I explained that Ricky has done a solo shoot, and an oral shoot winning the dick sucking contest we had. Keeping with the theme of contests I told him that we were going to have another one, and Ricky asked what kind. That’s when I called the other guys into the room. (MORE)


    Shane and Logan walked in the room and took a seat on the couch around Ricky who was sitting in the middle. Pointing out that I knew Logan was only interested in topping and that Shane really only preferred to top as well. Ricky kind of had no other choice but to bottom, however he knew that was going to give him a nice size check. Giving them the rules of the contest I told Ricky that I wanted to see how long he could get fucked, and who could fuck him the best. Logan burst out laughing about the fact that he felt bad for Ricky’s ass. The plan was that guy that fucked Ricky the best was going to make $1500, and as long as Ricky could take the fucking he would make $1800. The final prize was the top that made Ricky cum from just the fucking alone was going to get paid an even $2000. I told Ricky that he could stroke his dick or just sit there the choice was up to him, they just have to be inside his hole when he came to claim the prize money. The last twist to the contest was that the loser makes nothing for the shoot, and if Ricky backs out than he makes no money as well. The plan was to see who would do the best, and give a great performance. (MORE)


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  • logan-dustin44

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Our newest model is Dustin, 23, straight, has a girlfriend, and has a southern accent from Nashville, Tennessee. When he arrived at the studio for the first time he told me that he was broke, because his girlfriend goes crazy with his credit card, and he needs to pay some of it down. I explained to Dustin that we were a gay owned and operated studio and he said that he was fine with that. Before he came down here we talked on the phone about what I would put him in, and he decided to do some work for Broke Straight Boys. I just told him that the first shoot just shows me what he looks like, and then from there the shoots pay out a whole lot more. So far Dustin was on board with everything, I asked him to go ahead and stand for me to take off his shirt. Standing he is 5’11”, 165 pounds, and he has a size 13 shoe. Taking off his shirt, his body showed that he works out and takes care of himself. Dustin had a set of abs going on and some pec muscles to go with them as well. Overall, he was shaping up nicely in front of the camera, and I asked him to continue with taking off his shorts. Once he had them off and was left standing in his boxers I told him that I had another model waiting and that I was kind of crunched for time. (MORE)


    Pausing for a moment Dustin really didn’t know how to take what I just told him, and I asked if he could join in on the shoot. There would be no kissing or touching of any kind, and that the model has been here and done shoots with us before. The model that I had waiting was Logan and in my mind I knew the two of them were going to be a prefect fit. I asked Dustin if he had ever jerked off with any of his buddies in the room and his response was that he wanted to plead the 5th. Drilling him a little more I found out that he had a moment where there was some porn on and a couple of guys including him were jerking off to it, but were far part in the room from one another. I went and grabbed Logan to bring him into the room, and I explained to Logan right away that there was going to be no contact and that Dustin is very straight. I knew that Logan didn’t care it was just easy work for him, and we kind of talked to Logan about some of the Broke Straight Boy Events he has been doing. (MORE)


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  • logan-holden16

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Holden has done a handful of shoots now, and so he has been getting more comfortable with each one. After his last shoot I told him that I wanted him to think about doing anal, and that with some practice I think that he could make some good money. Over the phone he was really nervous about whom I would pair him up with to do it. When he agreed that he would try it, I told him to come in to do a shoot and we would figure it all out the day of the shoot. I worked hard behind the scenes to have everything ready, so that the shoot could run as smooth as possible. When he arrived I kept the other model in a different room and started filming with just Holden. As the two of us were talking, he told me that he practiced anal with this girlfriend and they sounded like a crazy pair experimenting. Using different household objects they could find to put up his ass, and she told Holden that she wanted to use a strap-on with him during sex sometime. I explained to Holden that I paired him up with Logan, so that he didn’t have to worry about doing anything with Jay. (MORE)


    Logan came into the room and took a seat on the couch, and I explained how things were going to go and the pay. When Logan kind of moaned about the pay I told him that he could bottom since he tried it once before, and his quick response was no. Logan bottomed in that shoot for charity to help the humane society out. We joked around about the cats that I like to keep around the studio and my house. Getting back to what we were doing, I told Logan that Holden was nervous about doing anal for the first time. He went home after the last shoot and experimented with different things around the house with his girlfriend. Now, Holden’s girlfriend is into this type of play. I had the guys start by standing to take off their shirts. Next to go was their pants, but they could just work on getting hard in their underwear first. Taking a seat they started to stroke to the porn. (MORE)


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