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  • kyler-zach-preston18

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I was getting ready to shoot my last scene in the old studio, before we completely get moved in and started at the new location. In preparing to do my last shoot, I wanted to go out with a bang, so in picking the guys that would give me some hot interaction that was going to make a shoot for the record books. I decided to put Kyler and Zakk together again, because so far their scenes have been very good that I wanted things to go to the next level. Adding to the duo team, I called in Preston who has been doing very well in the shoots and has been opening up to trying more and more with guys. All three of them were setup to come into the studio later on in the week. That day I had most everything packed up and ready to go, so really I was just waiting on the boys to show up. (MORE)


    When everyone was there I had them pack into the shoot room on the old futon, since I hadn’t had time to replace the one that Preston broke. All three boys knew to be prepared for anal and that I wanted the best show they could give me. The plan was that they each were going to make $1500 a piece, and I didn’t care what they did, and if they were straight, gay, or bi. Actually, I could tell that they were just as excited for this shoot as I was, but they like the idea of total control over what happens. The first thing I had them do was strip out of their clothes, and all the guys stood up in front of the couch and started with peeling off their shirts. After that their shorts came off, and all the guys had on some kind of boxers. Each of them was in very good shape, with nice abs, tone chests, and smooth skin. I didn’t have to tell them, the guys just went for their boxers and took a seat on the couch covering up their packages. (MORE)


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  • zakk-kyler14

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    The roommates are back!!! Zakk and Kyler called me back only a couple of days after they did the oral scene together and they wanted to see what they would have to do in order to get another shoot. I didn’t beat around the bush with them I wanted to see them fuck. The response they gave me was that they wanted some time to think about it, and they would let me know. The following day after our phone call, I got a call that said that they would do anal and they had it all figured out. We setup a time for them to come by the studio in order to do a shoot. Since both had done two shoots so far, they were a little more relaxed. I had discovered just before I turned the camera on that Zakk was going to be getting fucked by Kyler the bi boy. Right after I started filming I had to call them out on what they just told me. Zakk the straight boy was going to take a dick up the ass for the first time, and we were going to get it on camera. Kyler said that he prefers to top, and honestly I just think that he hasn’t had the right opportunity come along to try bottoming yet. (MORE)


    We talked about how they had spent pretty much all the money that they had done shoots for in order to pay for rent. I explained to both of them that the guy who bottoms would make $1500 for the shoot, while the one that tops would make $1000. Still they would be walking out of the studio with a bunch of money in their pockets. Zakk said that he was just a little nervous about how things were going to go with doing the anal. I told him to relax and that the first thing we had to do was have them take off their shirts. Standing there in front of me were both of their bare chests exposed and both guys are in great shape and had very nice abs. Next to hit the floor was their pants and I saw that both had on a pair of boxers. To make them relax a little more I had them take a seat on the couch, while I put on bi porn for them to watch. Stroking their dicks for a few minutes, I had them take off their underwear so that we could see their dicks. Zakk had a monster cock that was on its way to being a HUGE rock hard cock. I even had him stand so that I could get a good shot at how big it was. Now, I understood why Kyler was a little scared to take that up his ass if he was to bottom. (MORE)


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  • zakk-kyler15

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    After a couple of weeks I talked with Kyler on the phone to see if he was interested in coming back and doing some more work. I knew that Zakk was a little uncomfortable doing the casting couch scene, and I didn’t want to really pressure him in doing any shoots. The plan was that Kyler was going to make $600 if he came in to do an oral scene and that was going to pay his half of the rent. It was only about an hour after we got off the phone that I received a call back and it was from Zakk wondering if he could participate in the shoot. I explained to him that I would have to see just who I could pair him up with and to do an oral scene, since that was what I was looking for. There was a pause on the telephone, and then the voice on the other side asked if he could do it with Kyler to be more comfortable. (MORE)


    Later that week the two of them showed up at my door and they both seemed a lot more relaxed and actually Zakk seemed a little more talkative in person. We moved over to the couch and they took a seat, so that we could get started. Starting the cameras it was a slow start and beginning with introductions. Talking about what they did in their shoot, and how they were managing paying their bills while Zakk was looking for a job. Tyler has a part time job in the evenings, and Zakk happened to fuck a MILF (Mom I’d Like to Fuck) and she paid him $100. That was when I brought up a teaser in that they were going to try anal for the first time in the shoot and both seemed a little shocked. I really didn’t want Zakk to get up and walk out, so I told him about the plan for the shoot. Both of them were going to give and receive oral and make a whopping $600 a piece. That would pay for next month’s rent if they didn’t spend it all. Kyler was also going to go first in giving oral, and he let it be known that he had only tried giving it twice before. (MORE)


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  • zakk-kyler48

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Zakk and Kyler are two roommates that were looking to make some cash. I talked to each of them on the phone and then they sent me an email with their pictures. Afterward we setup an appointment for them to come in to do a casting couch. When they arrived I had them do all the paperwork and then move into the shoot room. Doing the introduction that was when they revealed that they were both 19 years old, freshmen in college, living in an apartment off campus, and trying to pay rent. Tyler had more of a skater boy look to him, and was shorter. He admitted to being bi-sexual, just has had limited experience. Zakk on the other hand was more of a swimmer jock type that was straight and never been around another guy naked before. I explained that they both would be doing a little tryout thing in order to see if we would be able to use them in any other future work. Both seemed very nervous and shy, but especial Zakk. Even though we had talked about them jerking off together in the tryout, Zakk still thought for some reason he would be doing it alone. (MORE)


    I explained to both of them that if they just jerked off next to each other and with no contact between them that I would give them an extra $100 for doing it. Kyler seemed very down for the idea specially, because their rent was due in just a couple of days. As soon as I got a go ahead, I had them take off their shirts and stand in front of the couch. Kyler stands at 5’6″, 120 pounds, has a size 8 shoe, does workout, and has a 7 inch cock. Zakk on the other hand stands 5’11”, 140ish pounds, a size 11.5 shoe, works out as well, and says an 8 inch penis. I ask Zakk if he had Asian in him, and that was when he told me that he was half Filipino and white. That would explain why he would have the big penis then. Removing their pants, I had them get down to their underwear and take a seat on the couch to watch bi porn that I had. After about a minute Zakk was the first one to pull his dick out of his underwear, and right away I could see that he had a thick, long dick. Both guys lost their underwear and I told him to jerk off until they were ready to cum, and then just to give me a warning. (MORE)


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