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  • Paging Kaden…October 26th, 2016
    The Two Kaden's Fuck Raw

    The Two Kaden’s Fuck Raw

    You can’t have two guys named “Kaden” walking around without finding out which one reigns supreme; you just can’t. I don’t even know how to tell you about the hotness in this scene without confusing you so we’ll just have to address them by their last names. We find the two Kadens, Alexander (the vet) and Porter (the new Kaden) lying on the bed. Alexander makes it clear what he wants by pointing at his crotch. Porter gets the point and helps Alexander out of his shorts before wrapping his lips around that sweet dick. He bobs up and down on it while simultaneously swiveling his head on it. Alexander sucks wind as Porter impresses him with his oral skills. Alexander then decides to take his turn on the mic. He rips Porter’s clothes off and takes that cock in his mouth and sucks it until it’s nice and hard. The boys 69 so that they can taste each other.

    Ready to get fucked, Porter lies on his back, opens his legs, and lets Alexander stick his raw cock right into his ass. From the moment Alexander begins his stokes, Porter is moaning. Alexander can’t help but to exclaim and say how good Porter’s ass is as Porter’s hole grips his dick tightly. It loosens up a little when Alexander picks on the pace and begins to really blast his ass. Porter gets on all fours and Alexander spits inside his hole before continuing to fuck the shit out of him! Please come inside to see Porter’s ass get destroyed by Alexander in this hot scene!

    The Two Kadens Fuck Raw

  • Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

    Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

    Antonio Ferrari and Kaden Alexander are back in the studio and they don’t want to waste any time. They get things with a steamy make out session. Kaden holds Antonio close to him as they lips continue to collide. They barely separate as they undress each other. But once Kaden has Antonio completely nude and on the bed, Kaden goes right for his big cock. He twists his mouth on it and getting it to grow. Junior just watches Kaden work as his dick grows in his mouth. Kaden provides full service with his mouth, tongue, and hand. When they finally switch, Antonio gives an equally impressive blowjob, making Kaden moan loudly.

    Ready to fuck, Kaden lowers his ass onto Antonio’s shaft, riding it reverse cowboy. He doesn’t just ride, he shakes and twerks on Antonio’s hot dick. Antonio grips Kaden’s sides as he fucks him raw and deep.  Antonio places Kaden face down on the bed before pushing his dick back inside and pounding Kaden beautiful bubble butt. Antonio fucks those round bouncy cakes while holding Kaden’s arms behind his back and destroying his hole. Kaden moans in response to each deep thrust that Antonio delivers. This scene is loud, nasty, and just downright fucking hot! You’ve got to see this one for yourself.

    Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

  • The Early RiserOctober 6th, 2016
    Kaden Alexander And Chaz Berling Flip Fuck Raw

    Kaden Alexander And Chaz Berling Flip Fuck Raw

    Kaden can’t understand why Chaz is always up so early in the morning. Chaz blames his early schedule on his ability to stay sleep. While the other boys are busy dreaming of dick and ass, Chaz is up brushing his teeth, ironing clothes, and providing water for the boys that wake momentarily. I’m not a doctor but I’m sure I know the solution to Chaz’s sleep problems, sex. Getting a good nut always does the trick for me. Let’s see if the veteran Kaden can help him out.

    Kaden gets things started by kissing Chaz. The boys indulge for a while; slowly undressing while they make out and enjoy the taste of each other’s lips. Eventually, Chaz finds himself naked on the bed. Kaden takes Chaz’s dick in his mouth and begins to blow him, sucking it and making Chaz moan. They reverse roles and Kaden lets Chaz gobble on his big, veiny cock. Chaz pacifies himself on it and makes Kaden’s eyes roll to the back of his head. Once they’re both on the bed they get in the 69 position and feast on each other’s meat poles.

    Kaden positions Chaz on his side and  and enters him slowly from behind, pushing his full bareback length into Chaz’s ass. He fucks him gently at first but slowly picks up the pace. Soon, Chaz finds himself on his needs getting drilled from behind. Kaden isn’t done with him yet. He fucks Chaz halfway off of the bed and has Chaz do pushups in order to fuck himself! (You have to see ti) Kaden enjoys pushes every bit of his dark pole into Chaz’s guts. But soon it’s his turn to see how it feels. They flip and Kaden begins to take dick as Chaz spreads Kaden’s ass and buries his prick inside of it!  Chaz fucks Kaden raw, making sure Kaden can feel every inch of that cock in him as Kaden jerks himself off and lets Chaz cum all over him!

    Kaden Alexander And Chaz Flip Fuck

  • Like a FlashbackSeptember 7th, 2016
    Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington

    Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington

    Well, well, well…guess who’s back! Kaden has returned and is ready to start making some money. Here to welcome him back with all the warmness BSB has to offer is Zach Covington.

    After talking about the changes to the set, Kaden gets things started by pulling Zach into him and deeply kissing Zach. Zach is all to eager to hook up with Kaden. He presses his body against his as they make out. They undress as Kaden gets on his knees to blow Zach. He works Zach’s member over with his hand and mouth, getting Zach fully erect. The boys switch so that Zach can taste Kaden’s cock. He somehow manages to get most of it into his mouth and gives Kaden some amazing oral action. Kaden returns the favor by aggressively getting Zach on his feet, turning him around, and sticking his tongue up his ass! Kaden’s tongue flicks quickly all around Zach’s sweet hole. The boys assume the 69 position where Zach takes his turn eating Kaden’s big bubbly butt.

    Now it’s time to fuck. Kaden lubes up as Zach braces himself on all fours. Kaden pushes his giant dick inside, going slowly so that Zach’s hole can adjust. Once it does, Kaden begins to bash his insides with relentless, hard thrusts. They switch positions allowing Zach to get on top. Zach rides that dick reverse cowboy, playing with his own cock in the process. They switch positions one more time and Zach jacks his dick while he lies on his back with Kaden between his legs. After a few moments of pounding, Zach cums blows his load. Kaden follows suit by shooting a massive about of jazz all over Zach!

  • Up in the AirFebruary 2nd, 2015
    Kaden Alexander and Justin Riggs

    Kaden Alexander and Justin Riggs

    Justin is still getting used to having gay sex in front of the camera. So to ease him into today’s scene Kaden is going to try to bench press him. Oh boys! Kaden almost succeeds but eventually relents to the awkwardness of trying to bench the human form.

    Even though the impromptu workout didn’t go as planned it does loosen Justin up. He and Kaden get things heated with some steamy kissing before Kaden stands on the bed and stuffs his dick into Justin’s mouth. Justin works on that uncut pole, getting wet and stiff. He holds the balls while his mouth glides up and down the shaft. He then has Kaden lay on his stomach. If you know Justin then you should know what’s coming next. He opens up Kaden’s ass cheeks and sticks his tongue right into Kaden’s sweet hole. Kaden moans in pleasure as he is completely at the mercy of Justin’s rimming skills. Ready to take over, Kaden flips Justin over and takes the lad’s cock into his mouth. But he doesn’t let Justin just lay there. He picks him up, puts him against the wall, and gives him a blowjob while holding him into the air. Wow! Once they’re back on the bed, Kaden sits right on Justin’s face while continuing to suck his cock.

    Eager for some dick, Justin lays on his back and allows Kaden to slide his huge cock right inside. Kaden opens Justin’s hole with some nice, slow, and deep strokes. He must be hungry because he also feasts on his toes. “Gimme that dick” Justin moans as he spreads his legs even more. Kaden picks Justin up again, fucking the kid in mid air. Justin is being straight up dominated in this scene. But after fucking Justin on all fours, Kaden can’t last any longer, he pulls out and dumps a hot creamy load in Justin’s ass and then eats in out! Justin flips over and busts all over his abs and chest. What a performance!

    Kaden Alexander and Justin Riggs

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