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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I paired the dynamic duo boys together Jordan and Mike with Scott one of our newest models that has been with us only a couple of shoots now. Scott is bisexual and has been experimenting with boys here on broke straight boys, and he even bottomed for the first time with us. I wanted to see him in some more action and so what I did was put him with the two guys that I knew would pound the hell out of him. Both Jordan and Mike have done shoots together before, and have proven to have a lot of fun working side by side. Keeping that enthusiasm and fun going I told them that they would be topping Scott in this shoot, and they both had no problem with that. I explained to Scott that I would pay him $1500 for doing the shoot, and then afterward he and I would decide what we would pay the straight boys. This would give them an incentive to do a good job, and make the shoot one of the best in order to walk out with a great size check in their hands. On top of that money, I also told them that if Scott got off getting fucked I would give that guy an extra $300 on top of whatever they got. Jordan especially liked the sound of more money, so he was pumped to get started. Scott was visiting us from Brooklyn, NY where he goes to school, and lives in a one bedroom apartment. While coming down here on a break he had made enough money to pay his rent for two months. This was a huge relief for Scott, and after all the money talk was out of the way everyone was ready to get started. (MORE)

    The guys stood up to take their shirts off and it appeared that both Scott and Jordan both had been spending some time outside in the sun, because they didn’t blend in with the walls behind them. All of them were too quick to take a seat as I told them to just keep going for more of their clothes. Stripping out of their pants and shorts, they got down to their underwear, and then it was okay for them to sit down on the couch. I asked the guys if they wanted me to put on some porn or if they thought they could do it on their own. All of them said they wanted something on, after I had something running I turned around to find each of them were jerking off and trying to get their cocks hard. The straight guys were going to need some help, so I had Scott start with giving head to Mike first. As Scott got sucking on Mike’s cock that was through the fly of his boxers. Mike seemed to be enjoying it, because he rested his head back on the couch and he just let Scott’s mouth do all the work. Jordan was sitting on the other end of the couch just watching all the action taking place that he was missing out on. I told him that he could take off Scott’s and his underwear and to do that he stood up to slide off Scott’s briefs. In order for them to come off Scott had to stand up, and as he returned to taking a position back on the couch he got on his hands and knees. With his hand, Jordan smacked Scott’s ass so hard that it left a red mark that clearly showed each finger. I had Scott go ahead and turn around to give Jordan oral for a while. That’s just what Jordan was waiting for, because he placed his hand on the back of Scott’s head and didn’t let his mouth come up for one break. Jordan also gave him a warning that he better not feel any of Scott’s braces rub on his dick or else. (MORE)

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  • preston-mike-jordan30

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I brought Preston and Mike back after their last shoot to see if I could get them to do anal. My hope was that with a little added pressure of being on the spot, needing the money, and a chance to do some pounding they would jump on the opportunity. When they arrived at the studio, they right away noticed that things had been moved around and were different. In part due to us moving the studio, and also that Preston broke the futon sitting on the back the last time. Anyways, I was able to pull something off and we had to break the old futon out of the backroom for one more use. These two guys have been buddies for a number of years, and Mike was the first one of them to start working with us. Then, his friend Preston needed to make some money for bills and he came in for work. I told the two of them that I needed to see anal since they had done everything else that I had to offer them. Mike said he was down, but that he would be fucking Preston, because his hole wasn’t going to get stretched out. It seemed as though they didn’t want their friendship to get to that level, and so what I did was offer to bring in another model. (MORE)


    I had Jordan in the studio, because he arrived early to get his check and since he was here I asked if he wanted a chance to make more, so I told him to just hang out until I called him. When I did though, he was a little hard of hearing, but we got him to come in and he introduced himself to the guys on the couch. He took a seat on the couch, and I explained the situation, and Jordan has become very good at playing into what I need him to do in the shoots. I had the guys stand up and Jordan was the tallest out of the three and Preston was the shortest. Being the shortest he drew the wrong straw and I offered him $1500 to have his first anal experience with Broke Straight Boys. Jordan was ready to top, and Mike was going to sit off to the side and jerk off to his friend getting fucked. Both Preston and Jordan stripped out of their clothes and down to their underwear. I asked them to play with their dicks while I got a chair for Mike to sit in. After everyone was situated the underwear came off and it was time for the dick sucking to begin. Preston leaned over and took Jordan’s cock in his mouth and started to suck. Jordan made the comment to Mike that his buddy sure knew how to give head and that it felt great. His cock got hard from the oral and it seemed like Jordan was clearly ready to fuck. As he put a condom on, Mike ordered Preston over to suck on his dick for minute. (MORE)


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  • jordan-scott21

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I called Scott and Jordan up to see if they wanted to come in to do another shoot, and figured we would kind of decide how far things would go when they came in. I was pretty surprised at how easy it was to set things up for the following day. Jordan was the first to arrive and he told me that he makes a lot more money being in front of the camera compared to his retail job, so he would move anything around for the extra work. When Scott showed up we moved over to the shoot room and I had them take a seat. Starting with Scott, he is bisexual and has some experience with guys as for as hand-jobs and oral goes. The one thing that he says, he won’t do is anal, but hopefully someday that will change. Moving over to Jordan, he’s straight and has done oral with guys before here in the studio. I told the two of them that I wanted to purpose another contest between the two of them. This time I wanted to see which one of them could get the other guy off from oral and jerking together. If they could do it I was going to give them $800. If they couldn’t do it and the guy had to stroke himself off then the pay was only going to be $600. (MORE)


    The guys seemed happy that they were going to make more money than the shoot they did the other day, but Jordan wanted to caution Scott about his braces. Jordan didn’t want to end up with railroad tracks on his dick, so both were told to be careful. First, to come off was their shirts, so the guys stood up to do that. Stripping them off, their bare naked chests were exposed, and Jordan’s sunburn wasn’t as noticeable. Continuing on with their shorts, the guys got down to their underwear and from there they took a seat on the couch, so that they could watch some porn to get hard. Stroking and playing to porn that I had on the TV, it was hard to tell how far they were coming along. I had them take off their underwear and it was clear that Jordan was in the lead, and Scott was watching Jordan jerk off. Maybe Scott just needed the interaction to start, so I asked him if he would go ahead and give Jordan head. Standing up he got down on his knees on the floor and using his tongue he licked Jordan’s dick to tease him. (MORE)


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  • jordan-giovanni26

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I called Jordan back to see if he wanted some more work, he had just done a duo scene where oral was involved with another guy and he did great. Since he did so well, I wanted to see if he would take things one step further. I didn’t give him any details over the phone, and just told him that he would make more money than the last time he did a shoot. Sure enough that’s all he needed to hear and we setup a time for him to come by the studio to do a shoot. The other model I was going to pair him up with was Giovanni, and I told him to be prepared to fuck or get fucked in the shoot. A couple days later the day of the shoot, both models arrived on time and we just went right into the shoot room. I told Jordan that he was doing a great job, and that the reason I didn’t talk money with him on the phone was because I wanted to see what he would do. (MORE)


    In talking to Jordan I told him that my hope for the shoot was that he would bottom for the first time and let Giovanni top him. If he did than he would make a whooping $1500 for doing the shoot, otherwise if he only would top he would make $1000. His reaction was that he didn’t want to take the dick up his ass, but that he would top for the lesser amount. I could tell that he was really thinking about bottoming as an option though. We talked about how if he started topping and just found that he didn’t like it we would stop, but he wouldn’t make the full amount for doing the shoot. The first thing they had to do was get undressed. Both guys stood to strip out of their clothes as the articles of clothing hit the floor Jordan seemed to be in a hurry. He was first to be naked and by the time he was fully stripped, Giovanni was just taking off his shirt. Giovanni gave him shit for being horny and wanting some ass. (MORE)


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  • Broke Straight Boys – JordanSeptember 30th, 2009


    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Jordan has been in a bunch of shoots for us on broke straight boys, but now I am going to take you back to the first time he set foot in our office. He came in for an interview appointment, and when he arrived he had to fill out all of our standard paperwork all the models go through. I took Jordan back into my office and turned on my camera to start getting him used to being in front of a camera. Jordan is from New Jersey, but was down in South Florida going to school working on getting a business degree. He shared that he hopes to one day open his own restaurant, but until then he has to work and finish school. Looking over the app some more, he mentioned that he’s straight, but said a little curious. When I had him tell me more of what he meant, he used an example of him walking down the beach he would admire guys and their bodies. As far as working out goes, Jordan said that he likes to go running every morning. I explained to Jordan that we do the shoots at our studio not too far away from the office. (MORE)


    We got into what kind of girls Jordan likes and he seemed to bring up MILFs, and his biggest turn on was their well developed boobs. Since he has been going to school down here he said that he likes the women. Jordan recently got fired from his job and hasn’t been able to find other work, so I told him how much he could make per scene and how we would start him out. He was excited to hear about the money, because he needed to come up with rent money or he was going to get kicked out. I asked Jordan to stand for me and I had him start by taking off his shirt. As he was peeling off his wife-beater his nice 6-pack abs showed for the first time. He showed them off to me, and then pointed out his biceps as well. Finishing stripping out of the rest of his clothes, it made me interested in seeing how big his dick was going to be. Right at first glance, his dick was uncut, hung, and he was ready to start getting it hard. I put on some straight porn for Jordan to watch and flipped the monitor around for him to see. (MORE)


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