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  • 2 of our hot straight guys: Chad and Jimmy

    For this update, we have two of the hottest boys on the site together; Chad and Jimmy. Right away, it was easy to see that the two of them were really relaxed and in tune with each other. Chad and Jimmy were chatting about bromances before they started in on the nitty gritty such as what sort of new things the boys were going to bring into the shoot. As they talked together, Chad and Jimmy started discussing what it was like to get their asses licked, Jimmy likening it being as if a lizard was getting his tongue right around his behind. Suffice to say, one of these boys was going to get their asses licked. It was enough of the small talk and now it was time to get down to work so the two boys stripped down to their boxers. Jimmy and Chad stood next to each other, rubbing their cocks through the soft material until their dicks stiffened up. Like always, Jimmy won the race hands down.

    Straight boy Chad's first time sucking a cock

    Plonking down next to one another, Jimmy held his dick straight as Chad leaned over and slid the hard cock between his straight boy lips. Slowly but surely, Chad bobbed up and down on the thick cock even as he fisted his own dick. Despite not going down as far as he normally did, Chad made sure to lick and nibble the tip of the dick, all the while, Jimmy gasped and panted in pleasure.

    Chad eating Jimmy's ass

    Jimmy pins down Chad and fucks him hard


  • Two Hot Guys

    Two Hot Guys

    Bobby is back and is as broke as ever which is good news for everyone at Broke Straight Boys. Luckily, at the same time Bobby came in so did Jimmy. The guys knew right away they had to have these two hotties fuck. Both the guys were game and seemed to be at ease with each other right from the start as the messed around while pulling their clothes off.

    Jimmy told Bobby he needed some help so Bobby yanked his underwear off and grabbed Jimmy’s cock. He leaned in and started to suck it, working his mouth up and down that shaft as he went. Jimmy was loving the gay blowjob he was getting. He might be a straight guy, but he now knows that a guy can suck your cock better than any girl can.

    Straight Guy Gives Head

    Straight Guy Gives Head

    Bobby continued to work his oral magic on Jimmy’s cock until he was so hard he was ready to burst. Jimmy then bent Bobby over and slowly eased his cock into his ass from behind. He grabbed him by the hips and drove it in deep. Bobby nearly shot through the roof as he got fucked in the ass hard. It took him a little while to get used to the feel of a dick in his ass, but he did relax and really start to get into it.

    The guys built up a rhythm then Jimmy sat down on the couch and let Bobby get on top. He slowly eased himself down onto that throbbing cock then bounced and ground himself into it. It felt so good he lost the strength in his legs so he fell to the side and let Jimmy get in behind him and continue to fuck that ass. Jimmy slammed that ass like he owned it then pulled out and dropped his hot load all over Bobby’s well fucked ass.

    Straight Guys Fuck

    Straight Guys Fuck


  • Straight Guys Jerking Off

    Straight Guys Jerking Off

    Mick and Jimmy are back for more and ready to go! It is like these two are starting to use Broke Straight Boys as their personal bank. Whenever they get short of cash they show up at the offices looking for some money. You know the guys always have some cash on hand and are ready to watch as these two break it down get wild. They are both hot and neither of these straight guys is shy so it took them only a few minutes before they were pulling off their clothes and pulling on their dicks.

    Mick was already half so as he jerked his cock Jimmy leaned in, opened up wide and started sucking Mick’s dick. This straight guy gives good head. Mick had a glazed over look of happiness on his face as he relaxed and let Jimmy bob on his knob. Jimmy isn’t used to sucking cock so his jaw got a little tired so Mick returned the favor, wrapped his mouth around Jimmy’s cock and sucked hard. Mick hand’t given head for a while, but it was just like riding a bike – he got right back on it and remembered quickly how to please another man.

    Straight Guy Gives Head

    Straight Guy Gives Head

    The cock sucking was great. These two guys were both rock hard, but what the guys on the crew wanted to see was some hardcore fucking. Mick put a condom onto Jimmy’s rock hard dick and lubed up his shaft then he got on all fours and arched his back. Jimmy fucked him from behind. It was hardcore straight guys having gay sex just like you want to see as Jimmy plowed his cock into Mick’s tight little ass.

    Jimmy fucked Mick doggy style as Mick moaned with pleasure. Mick wanted to jerk off so he rolled over onto his back and let Jimmy hammer him while her stroked his rod. Jerking off while getting fucked felt so amazing that Mick came, shooting his hot load all over his body. Jimmy was right behind him. He pulled out of Mick’s ass and drained his balls all over Mick’s stomach. These two straight guys had done it again. Can’t wait to see them again.

    Straight Guys Having Gay Sex

    Straight Guys Having Gay Sex


  • Straight Guys Get Naked

    Straight Guys Get Naked

    Boston was broke and in need of some extra cash. A friend of his had been on Broke Straight Boys before and told him about it so he decided to give it a shot and went to the office to see what they might have for him. They had a brilliant idea and hooked him up with Jimmy who had been on the site a bunch of times. The two seemed to get along as they hung out and you could tell right away things were going to get hot.

    The guys got down to their boxers, and started teasing their cocks. Boston was getting hard fast and needed very little encouragement to lean over and take Jimmy’s dick in his mouth. He sucked him good, working his shaft with his mouth and using his tongue to lick the head. Boston was very into giving Jimmy head and judging by the look on Jimmy’s face he knew what he was doing. Jimmy stood up, grabbed Boston’s head and started fucking his face. Boston was gagging as the cock slammed down his throat, but he seemed to really be loving it.

    Straight Guy Gives Head

    Straight Guy Gives Head

    Boston took over and laid Jimmy down on the couch. He wrapped his lips around Jimmy’s not throbbing hard cock and sucked while he massaged his balls. He really hit his stride as he sucked the dick while working the shaft with his hand.

    Jimmy said the head was too good and he wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. Boston went to his knees like a good boy and let Jimmy thrust into his mouth until he couldn’t hold out any longer. As he pulled out and stroked his cock a few times Boston opened up wide and let Jimmy drop his hot load right on his tongue.

    Straight Guy Swallows Cum

    Straight Guy Swallows Cum


  • Straight Guys Kissing

    Straight Guys Kissing

    Broke Straight Boys brought a couple of guys back who had been on the site before, but were broke again and in need of money. The last time Jimmy was here he got naked and jerked off. This time he is made the offer to suck some dick and he says he is up for it. He even admits that he had been thinking about sucking cock for a few months now. He does draw the line and says that Rocco can’t cum in his mouth no matter how much they are offering to pay.

    Straight Guy Gives HeadStraight Guy Gives Head

    The guys get naked and check each other’s tight, hard bodies out. They are both hot and hung and relaxed in front of the camera so it doesn’t take much before they are grabbing each other’s dicks while kissing. Rocco takes the lead. He sits Jimmy down on the couch and swallows his cock down his throat. Rocco might be straight, but he has a talent for sucking cock because he deepthroats it without even gagging. Jimmy is amazed at how great it feels having his cock down Rocco’s throat.

    After some amazing head from Rocco it was Jimmy’s time to shine. He had Rocco stand up, then he got on his knees in front of him and started sucking his cock. This guy has a natural talent because he gives such great head that Rocco is squirming and moaning with pleasure within seconds. Rocco loses the strength in his legs and has to sit down, but like a Pit Bull Jimmy stays attached to his cock. Rocco reached down and stroked Jimmy’s dick while Jimmy gave him head.

    Both guys were close to cumming. Jimmy blew his top first, cumming all over Rocco’s hand. As Rocco was close to bursting Jimmy stopped sucking and started stroking his cock. He worked his shaft fast with long strokes until Rocco went off like a volcano and sent hot jizz flying all over his tight body and Jimmy’s strong hands.

    Straight Guy Gay Sex

    Straight Guy Gay Sex


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