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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    BSB-Diesel & Shane-Anal (rock, paper, scissors) This scene was requested by some of the members. They really loved the oral scene between Diesel & Shane. I wasn’t going to bring these two back to do anal since they are both tops. With some convincing and of course the power of the buck, I offered the person that was willing to Bottom $1500 and the person that Tops $1000. Both guys were very hesitant but Shane came up with a great idea to play a game called rock, paper, scissors it took a few times but Diesel had scissors and Shane had paper. scissors cut paper. It seems that Shane becomes our bottom boy in this really hot scene. I instructed Shane to go and clean up while Diesel gets hard waiting for Shane. As Diesel is stroking away several moments later, Shane is back and ready to go. At first I had them do some oral and some kissing and then the boys were ready to fuck. This was really a hot scene! (MORE)

    Watch Diesel fuck Shane in the ass, and Shane has a really hot ass! Its been a while since Shane got fucked so at first it took a while to get Diesel’s huge cock into Shane’s tight ass, but his dick went in and Diesel fucked him like a pro! Listen as you can hear Shane moaning and groaning and then asking Diesel to fuck him harder. In this scene, the boys do doggie for a while and then Diesel turns Shane over on his back and started fucking him harder, and harder until Shane was rock hard stroking his cock blowing this incredible load even hitting the wall behind him. Diesel was not too far from cumming himself and with a few long strokes of his big cock, he blew his load all over Shane, squirting him in the face, chest and stomach what a mess! This is a really hot scene and a must see. (MORE)

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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Shane & Diesel-Oral : Okay! So I thought of a great idea. I brought back Shane and decided to place him with Diesel. Off screen both boys hit it off really well and since Shane has a lot of porn experience I thought it would be a great idea to pair him up with Diesel and show Diesel the ways of filming gay porn. Since they never worked together, I started them off doing oral first to see what type of chemistry they have on screen before I place them into hotter scenes. This scene starts off really passionate as both boys started kissing and making out. Since both boys are tall and have similar builds, they both looked really hot together and I really got into filming these two. I knew this scene was going to be hot when I started getting a semi from the get go. (MORE)

    The passion and the sexual tension between Diesel and Shane were hot and real! Since Diesel is not use to gay sex and is new to this type of passion, Shane took control of the situation and led the way. Once the clothes came off, the dick sucking started and both boys took turns sucking each others hard cocks. At first Diesel was a bit overwhelmed by Shane’s passion but quickly got into the scene and started taking control. As both boys were turning each other on they then faced each other kissing and stroking when both boys touch cocks blowing there loads at the same time leaving a hot messy load of cum! This is a scene not to be missed! (MORE)

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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Bring Ty in for a shoot, he was a local guy that responded to an ad that we had running in a local paper for models, and was interested in the money that we were offering. We went through the process of him sending photos in and applying with us, and then I setup to have him come in for a shoot. The day of the shoot I had him take a seat on the studio couch. He seemed to be a little nervous and shy, but I had hope that he would relax the longer he sat there. In asking Ty some questions, I found out that he had been married, has kids, and currently is working. However, the job that he has doesn’t seem to be bringing in enough money to meet all the bills, so he had to look for extra work that he could do on the side. I explained how things normally work around the studio for people who are just starting out. However, I explained that I had another model in town doing shoots, and that I wanted to bring him in. The two of them could do an oral scene and hand jobs, in return he would walk out making more than we originally discussed. (MORE)

    Hearing the sound of more dollars, he was interested and okay doing oral with another guy. I asked if Ty had ever tried it before and he said once when he did some exploring to find out what he liked sexually. I called Diesel into the room and he shock Ty’s hand before taking a seat next to him on the couch. I explained how much each of them was going to make, and I brought up one of the questions that we had received off of the forum on Broke Straight Boys. Bookse wanted to know if it was really just the money that motivated the guys to do the shoots, or if it was also the experience as well. Directing the question towards Diesel, since he has done a lot more work here in the studio. Diesel responded by saying that really it was a combination of both the money, and also who he would be doing the scene with. He has developed some friendships with the guys he has worked with and talks to them outside the studio. (MORE)

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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    It took me some a couple of tries to get both Diesel and Chasen’s schedules to match in order to get them in the studio at the same time. My biggest reasons why I wanted them together was that they both were really tall, had HUGE dicks, and both have opened up each time they do shoots here at Broke Straight Boys. I knew that each of them had a girlfriend, and that in the real world lived a straight life, however when in the studio they will participate in gay sex to make the money. Plus, not wanting to announce it to the world I think they enjoy doing it as well. I brought up the fact that Diesel has mostly topped, but has also bottomed now as well. He said that it wasn’t bad, but kept an open-mind with doing it. When it comes to Chasen it is hard for me to find straight, curious, or bi guys that can take his monster cock. That means that I mostly have used him to bottom to do anal and he says that he doesn’t mind. Of course, it peaks my interest in finding out just how far I can get him to go. To get things started I explained that I wanted to see them do oral and hand jobs, in return I would give them $600 for the shoot. (MORE)

    To start comparing the guys I asked Diesel what size shoe he had and he responded by saying a 14, which happens to be the same size as Chasen. Next, I had the guys stand up for me back to back, which clearly showed Chasen was taller by about 5 inches. The guys removed their shirts and I saw that Chasen had a new tattoo since the last time I saw him. On his lower ab, upper pelvic area he had a set of lip prints. His reason for getting the tattoo was that he always wanted one. As for Diesel, he had a tattoo going down his side. The guys took off their pants and shorts, leaving them in their underwear. Taking a seat on the couch I had them work on getting hard, while I got some porn on for them to watch. I asked what they wanted to see, gay, bi, straight, or tranny, and Diesel said whatever I had in the player. I had new straight porn that I had just got a couple of days prior. Not really knowing how far along they were I told them to just take down their underwear when they were ready. Chasen seemed to be a little further along than Diesel, so that seemed to decide who was going to be giving oral first. (MORE)

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  • diesel-jimmy-mike12

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    The best shoots are the ones where the guys’ personalities click and they get into the action with one another. Those are the best and sometimes they’re easy to put together and other times it’s hard to match models up. I wanted to use Diesel for another shoot, but I had no idea what I could put him in, because he has worked with most of our models. That’s when I received a call from Jimmy who was looking for some more work, and I had been thinking to match him up with Mike. I spent a good portion of the day going back and forth with each of them to setup a time and day for a shoot that week. When everything was setup for two days later, I knew it was going to be a good shoot. That day when the guys showed up for the shoot, it was Jimmy who was first to arrive to the studio. I noticed with he came in and took off his sunglasses that he had a sunburn. (MORE)


    Seconds later both Mike and Diesel showed up at the studio, but better late than never. My assistant showed them to the shoot room and I had all three guys take a seat on the couch. I told Mike that he was going to bottom for us, because in the shoot before this one he tried it for the first time and did so well. His response to me was that it hurt too much to try it again, and he pointed to Diesel, who then directed we go straight to Jimmy. In addressing Jimmy, he seemed to be the one that was getting forced to take one for the team. He has been with both guys now, so he should be comfortable with each of them. The other guys were going to make less money for only topping. The plan was to start with oral first before the penetration started. Calling Jimmy’s sunburn out, I had him take off his shirt to show us his skin color. (MORE)


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