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  • Corey shows offApril 1st, 2013

    Meet cutie pie Corey. The 18-year-old is here for a silly reason: he has a DWI charge so has lots of court costs and fines. A terrible mistake on his part is a boon for us. But come on Corey: call a taxi next time you want to get your drink on.

    The lad started jerking off when he was in sixth grade. His story is sort of unusual. He peeped into a neighbor’s shower and saw a female friend. Thus began a new, pervy, adventure. 🙂

    He’s a busboy at the fine restaurant called Chili’s (that’s where the cameraman met him).

    Corey strips to his underwear and and someone is sporting wood. 🙂 It’s been a long time since he’s had any booty. Corey is tan all over and has hefty thighs the need to be kissed. His tool would make a good mouthful.

    His jerking technique is pretty basic, nothing dramatic, but he’s grooving to it. Not nervous at all. Even plays to the camera occasionally. Little tease!

    Begins to play with his fuzzy balls. Throws his head back and stokes his chest. Wonder if anyone has nibbled on these juicy nipples? When asked to show his man pussy, he does with a smile. It looks tender and sweet. Like it needs to be filled with something.

    Corey puts his legs down and returns to paying attention to his pole. His moans get louder and the stroking quicker. Someone is ready to pop! The stud bites his lip and starts shaking his head back and forth. The jerking speed picks up. When he’s moaning to himself you know he’s ready to blow.

    Cory whispers some filth and strokes his thighs. He looks like he’s about to cry he’s so horny. The jizz spurts out, slathering his hand. That thumb is coated with the cum.



  • Straight Guys Gay Sex

    Straight Guys Gay Sex

    It was a big day at Broke Straight Boys because Jamal (who has been on the site before and is a straight guy) is going to fuck his first guy. Jamal seems pretty relaxed as he and Corey hang out and talk before things start happening. They even feel so comfortable around each other that they take off their clothes and get things started on their own. Corey is a little nervous, but he liked Jamal and thinks he is a good looking guy so he is looking forward to it.

    Jamal has sucked guy’s dicks before and actually enjoys doing it so he doesn’t waste any time getting Corey’s nice cock into his mouth. Jamal is learning, but his cock sucking technique is getting better and better every time he does it. Corey doesn’t complain, he just lays back and enjoys it, but the more Jamal gives him head the more he wants to get fucked by him. Corey is bisexual and doesn’t get fucked by guys much, but today he is in the mood for some dick and can’t wait to get it inside him.

    After Jamal finishes giving him some great head he returns the favor. Corey might not fuck very often, but he knows how to orally please a guy and judging by the look on Jamal’s face, Corey has his game down pat. He sucks Jamal until he is throbbing hard then flips over and gets on his hands and knees so Jamal and fuck him from behind. Jamal goes into it like a pro. If he is nervous at all he doesn’t show it, he keeps his swagger and drops the meat bomb right into Corey’s nice little ass. He grabs Corey by the hips and builds up speed.

    Once Jamal has Corey relaxed he rolls him over onto his back and really finds his stride. He fucks him deep, fast and lets his hips slam into Corey’s ass. The two guys find a perfect rhythm as their bodies connect and converge into one. Both guys are moaning, out of breath and starting to sweat. They are into it, fucking for all they are worth and loving every stroke of that nice big, black cock. Jamal finally hits the wall, pulls out and cums on Corey’s cock. Corey grabs his jizz covered cock and strokes it a few times then explodes, sending his load all over his nice abs and chest.


  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Today at Broke Straight Boys, John is on the futon. I’ve told him that because his dick sucking skills are not quite up to scratch, he is going to be having some lessons. John, being a straight boy, isn’t keen on sucking dick and finds it quite hard to do without gagging. I asked John how much he thought he should get paid for learning how to suck cock and he came up with $600. As we were still waiting for the other models to turn up, I told John to get himself hard. John stood up, stripping off to his boxers before sitting on a blue plastic chair and wanking off to the straight porn. By the time Diesal and Corey entered the room, John was rock hard. I got Diesal and Corey to strip off as John continued to maintain his hard on. (MORE)

    Deciding that Corey was going to suck cock first, Diesal sat right back into the futon as Corey immediately leaned down and licked around the head of Diesal’s cock. Right away, Diesal was loving the blowjob, gasping as Corey rubbed his tongue ring along the cock slit. Corey was going deep on Gigantor, all the while, John watched intently and stroked his cock. I asked John what he thought, John saying that it was interesting and a learning experience. Diesal was impressed when Corey went all the way down on the huge dick. Diesal was loving the blowjob so much, he started thrusting gently into Corey’s mouth until it was time for Corey to display his skills on John’s dick. Corey got up and crossed over to John, swallowing down the rock hard cock. Right away, John was in awe of how good Corey’s blow job was. Corey bobbed up and down over John’s cock, licking the shaft and tonguing the head. (MORE)

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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Broke Straight Boys is very pleased to have back Corey and John. While both boys have been on the futon before, they haven’t worked together so it’s time to change that. Last time the boys were at BSB, they both made some decent money, however, John lost his due to a minor offence and jail time while Corey bought himself a car. As they haven’t worked together before and John is still a little apprehensive about the whole ‘gay for pay’ thing as he is completely straight while Corey is bisexual, I told them that they would just be doing oral as they have both done it before. (MORE)

    As we chatted, they quickly decided that $600 was a fair price and with that, they stood up and stripped right off, John continuing to tug on his cock. With the porn playing, the boys sat down and played with their dicks, John saying that he would go first at sucking cock. With barely any hesitation, John leaned over and sucked Corey’s cock into his straight boy mouth. John wrapped a tight hand around the base of Corey’s dick, sucking hard on the just head of the hardening cock. As John got used to another guy’s cock in his mouth, he started to experiment a little with how to give a blow job. (MORE)

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  • The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back both Mikey and Nathan, along with Corey. Corey is 21 years old, straight, has a girlfriend back home and is completely broke as he needs money for a new car. However, he has actually appeared on College Boy Physicals so he is not quite a newcomer. Corey was going to do his solo scene but as I was pressed for time, I decided to throw him right into the mix with an oral scene. Because Mikey is gay, he was going to judge who was the best cocksucker between Corey and Nathan, also, whomever came the most, the winner getting $700 while second place would get $500 and third place, $300. The boys stood up and started stripping off, Corey revealing a pale, slender but toned body. Leaving their underpants on, the boys turned around, pulled them down and wiggled their asses for the camera before sitting back down on the futon. With the porn playing, the guys worked on getting hard, Mikey having a raging stiffy after only a minute or two. (MORE)

    Gesturing at Corey, Mikey decided that the new boy should suck his cock first. Corey was a little nervous but quickly got the hang of sucking on a dick, even deep throating Mikey’s huge dick as Nathan looked on in amazement. Corey gagged the first few times but soon got used to the feel of a cock in his straight boy mouth, Nathan jerking himself off as he watched Corey give head. Then it was time for Nathan to have a turn at Mikey’s dick, sucking on just the head as he wrapped a tight hand around the shaft, Mikey thrusting up into his mouth. Corey sat beside them, tugging at his own dick as he looked closely at how Nathan was giving head. (MORE)

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