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  • 2 hot boys on Broke Straight Boys

    Rex and Aaron are in the studio today and are here to try something new; one of them is getting fucked up the ass. As it turns out, Aaron is the one who is going to take it for the team even though Rex’s dick size is somewhat intimidating. However, it helps that the boys had great chemistry in their last scene and as such, they feel pretty comfortable around one another.

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    The two boys were raring to go and as such, we got them to stand up and strip down to their underwear before hopping back onto the bed. Dicks in hand, Aaron and Rex wanked themselves into a respectable hardness, Aaron unable to stop staring at the length of Rex’s cock. Rex got hard so quickly!

    Aaron sucking on Rex's long cock

    As Rex was as hard as he was going to get, wetold him to let Aaron have his way with his dick. Taking off his underwear, Rex relaxed back against the headboard as Aaron leaned over and took the long cock in his straight boy mouth.

    Aaron taking it like a champ.


  • corey-aaron27

    The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

    I received a call from Aaron, a model who has worked with us before; in fact, it had been 3 years since he last appeared on Broke Straight Boys. He said that he was curious if there was any way he could make some money doing a shoot or two and if he could get his way onto Broke Straight Girls. I told him that I thought we could do that, but that I would need him to come into the studio. The plan was for Aaron to do a shoot for Broke Straight Boys and then we would talk about him getting to do a shoot with the girls. I needed to see him in action again before I would go any further. I got to work and decided to pair him up with Corey, another straight boy, who had done a bunch of shoots as well for us. On the day of the shoot Aaron arrived first and I took him back to the room so that we could get an introduction with him first before Corey came in. (MORE)


    Aaron explained that he graduated college but now had a bunch of school loans that he had to pay back. He said that a couple of weeks ago he found Broke Straight Girls on X-tube and was an instant fan. Aaron said that he was straight and has a girlfriend who doesn’t know about his past. I asked Aaron if he was up for bottoming in this shoot, if that would help him get on Broke Straight Girls. He said that it was fine if it got him with the girls, and we made a deal. That’s when Corey came in and I introduced him as the straight Republican who likes to shoot guns. Both the guys were ready to get started, and so I didn’t waste any more time talking. I asked them to take off their shirts first, and both stayed seated to do that. (MORE)


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