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  • Bobby Owens Landon WellsApril 16th, 2018

    Bobby Owens returns to BSB!!!  And one of your new faves gets first dibs!

    During this film week, these two were probably the most laid back and chill of the group.  That off camera chemistry carries over into their scene with each other as well.

    After some hot 69 action, Landon gets a thorough rimming from straight boy Bobby!  It’s always a treat when we can get a straight boy to do THAT!   When Landon’s entrance is dripping wet with Bobby’s spit, he lines his cock up with that tight hole and slides inside of Landon, filling him up with his pulsing dick, bareback and eager as he fucks Landon hard and deep…  See it all Here: Bobby Owens Fucks Landon Wells Raw

  • Did someone say it was time for a Beefy Muscle Daddy fix at BSB?!  As if a myth of legend himself, Aron Kronos steps into the studio to pop that gay for pay cherry!


    This hunk is a dude’s-dude. Cocky swagger, with the bod to match.  He also has a less intimidating side we’ll be sure to massage out for you as he becomes more comfortable.  He knows how to put on a show for you from the get go, Flexing at the best moments.  Of course he looks like he’s never, Not flexing.  Come take a CLOSER LOOK at this BSB morsel newbie, and stay tuned for his upcoming partnered scenes!

  • Go It AloneJuly 22nd, 2017
    Introducing Damien Nichols

    Introducing Damien Nichols

    I’ve never really thought about it, but it seems that going solo for your first scene may actually be more nerve wrecking than having someone with more experience with you. It’s no wonder our newest boy, Damien Nichols is nervous; he’s going to be the center of attention.

    The cameraman does a good job talking him out of his clothes. He’s got a hot body and some muscles which he’s all too happy to show off for us. Once he’s ready, he grabs the lube and begins to slowly stroke his meat. His cock nice and slippery as he strokes it, working that dick as it grows longer and fatter in his hands. He reclines back on the bed and he uses his free hand to play with his nipples and balls. His other hand continues to jack his cock. This boy works his pole as if he hasn’t cum in days! He gets up and kneels on the bed and picks up the pace even more before unleashing a massive load all over the bed! Yeah, we have to get this kid some more action!

    Introducing Damien Nichols

  • PregamingMay 30th, 2017
    Dillon Fucks Preston's Little Ass

    Dillon Fucks Preston’s Little Ass

    Dillon Anderson has a very hot body, something that Preston has taken notice of. After Preston teases that he’s going to dominate at laser tag tonight, Dillon’s ears perk up. I’m sure he’s wondering what else Dillon can dominate! Ready to find out, Preston leans in for a kiss and is met halfway by Dillon. The boys make out before Preston bends down into Dillon’s lap. Dillon frees his hard on from his pants and Preston damn near swallows the entire thing whole, almost choking on it. The boys loose their clothes and briefly 69 before Dillon pulls Preston’s ass to his face in order to rim him while Preston continues to suck Dillon’s dick.

    Preston bends over the bed and offers Dillon his ass and Dillon doesn’t hesitate to push his bareback cock inside of it. Dillon fucks him deep, showing Preston that he can indeed dominate whatever he wants. Preston takes each thrust like a pro before taking over and riding Dillon’s cock. Preston’s cock drums freely on Dillon’s abs as his hips rock back and forth on Preston’s crotch. These boys go at it for a while before they both finally unleashes large loads!

    Dillon Fucks Preston’s Little Ass

  • Fiyah!May 2nd, 2017
    Rowan Adams and Brandon Evans Fuck

    Rowan Adams and Brandon Evans Fuck

    Two of our hottest models, Rowan Adams and Brandon Evans are finally going to do a scene together. They don’t waste anytime and get things started with a hot make out session. Brandon soon finds his way down to Rowan’s cock and wraps his lips around it. He swallows as much as he can as his head bobs up and down on it. Rowan soon returns the favor by licking Brandon’s shaft up and down, getting it nice a wet. He then gets his entire mouth and hand in on the action. The oral doesn’t stop there, he then bends Brandon over and sticks his tongue in his ass.

    Once his ass is prepped, Rowan pushes his prick right into Brandon’s hole. Rowan spreads Brandon’s ass to get deeper as he dominates that ass with his bareback prick, flipping Brandon over onto his back and taking him hard while Brandon plays with himself.  Rowan holds Brandon’s legs open and drives his long shaft into that ass over and over. Soon enough, cum is flying from Brandon’s cock! Rowan pulls out and strokes out his own huge load, cumming hard and long!

    Rowan Adams and Brandon Evans Fuck

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