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  • You know we’ve been waiting to release this hot update for you!  Benjamin Dover, Damien Nichols, and Chris Taylor!  Three of your member favorites, and big fat daddy dicks to boot!

    You will not want to waist time reading here for this Must See scene!  The boys definitely put on a show for you unlike any of their other videos.  They even give straight boy gone gay double penetration a shot for you!!  Be sure to also check out the twitter page for hot behind the scenes on this trio scene.

    And by the way, hands down the most Explosive finish filmed to date, as ALL THREE boys shoot humongous loads of jizz Everywhere!  HERE’S the MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

  • Not only is Jos Alvarez a member favorite, but he’s also usually one of, if not THE-Best liked guy in the house during our Film Weeks.  So naturally, chill demeanor Jordan Hart took a liking to this pairing as well.

    Jos can work well with anyone (Very true), but you can see these two already had some chemistry before Jos goes to Pound Town on Jordan’s Ass, leaving his handprint on his ass cheeks for a long while.  See the video HERE!!

  • If you need your daddy on boy fix, Ari Nucci is already rock hard before the film is rolling.  I’d say he’s a master at commanding his cock, but it’s probably the other way around.  LOL

    Xavier doesn’t like fingers up his twink boy butt, he prefers a real dick. Good thing for Ari, as he gives Xavier the Holyfield Real Deal ass pounding he deserves!

    See the video RIGHT NOW-RIGHT HERE!!!

  • Opposites AttractDecember 16th, 2016
    Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

    Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

    Chaz and Chris, a pair of opposites in almost every way. Chaz is the loud and rambunctious one and Chris is the quiet introvert. But none of that really matters in a bed, does it? If it does, these two wouldn’t care. They get things started by making out, kissing deeply and groping each other. Once their undressed, the Chris goes down on Chaz and begins to blow him. He takes the cock as deep as his throat will allow, much to Chaz’s delight. Chaz moans as Chris works over his thick cock with ease. Rock hard, Chaz returns the favor and sucks Chris until he’s just as hard and ready to fuck.

    Chaz bends Chris over and begins to finger his hole in order to loosen it and prep it for what’s to come. Once it’s ready, Chaz slowly pushes his raw dick into Chris’s ass and begins to pound him. He spanks him as he fucks him with no mercy. Chris bites the pillow as he braces himself for each thrust Chaz delivers. Once turned onto his back, Chaz plays with his cock as Chaz continues to ream him. These boys can’t get enough of each other, and you won’t get enough of them. Pop in and see how these two get along.

    Chaz Berling Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

  • The DisciplinarianNovember 2nd, 2016
    Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

    Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

    It’s been a long day and Chris Taylor is a little tired. But he better wake up because tonight he’s been paired up with Dakota Ford who is gaining quite the reputation. Since he’s been back each of his screen partners have received stiff spankings. Let’s see if Chris can wake up long enough to escape Dakota’s hand.

    Dakota starts thing off by leaning in and kissing Chris.  The swap spit and help each other undress before Dakota fills his mouth with Chris’ cock. Chris’ prick hardens in no time as Dakota blows him and makes him moan. Once Dakota has had enough he forces Chris down onto his fat dick. Chris grips Dakota’s cock as he blows him his sweet lips slides up and down the veiny shaft. Then Dakota makes him choke on it by forcing him to take as much as he can down his throat.

    Ready to fuck, Dakota shoves his cock right into Chris’ ass. Chris hole is stretched wide open as Dakota begins to dig him out. Dakota spanks his ass while bashing his guts in. He is now at the mercy of Dakota who continues to destroy his hole. Cum inside to see if Chris survives!

    Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

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