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  • A Boy and His ToysDecember 8th, 2017
    Miles Taylor Plays with Himself

    Miles Taylor Plays with Himself

    Miles Taylor doesn’t make us wait. The boy is almost completely undressed by the time the camera starts rolling. He begins to play with his thick cock, , running his fingers up and down his shaft and balls.  Once his cock is rock hard, he reaches for a plug, lubes it up and slowly eases it into his tight ass, taking it nice and slow as he continues to strokes his thick, throbbing dick with his other hand. His ass opens and loosens as he moves it in and out while continuing to play with his prick.

    He switches it up by picking up a bigger toy, a dildo. He slides into his entrance and fucks himself with it. The expression on his face relays just how good it feels. He continues to stroke as he works his ass over. Miles knows how to please himself and all that fun toy play and masturbation brings him closer and closer to cumming until he finally strokes out a nice big load!

    Miles Taylor Plays with Himself

  • PreparingFebruary 21st, 2017
    Levi Jackson Toy Play

    Levi Jackson Toy Play

    I would make a shitty personal trainer, but in this instance I would love to give Levi I hand. Levi has never bottom so today he will be using toys to help him get used to the feeling of being penetrated. Who wouldn’t want to help this lad out? He’s got three different size dildos to work with and when he takes off his boxers and lies back on the bed, he lubes up the smallest of the three and very slowly eases it into his hole.

    He spends some time fucking his ass with the dildo while he strokes his own dick, moaning as his ass takes more and more of the toy.  When he’s feeling brave he grabs the next biggest dildo, and pushes it into his ass. This one takes a little longer for his ass to accept but it soon stretches to accommodate it. When he’s ready, he tries the last dildo and it’s a big one! If you’re wondering if he’s able to take it you’ll have to take a look for yourself! For now, I’ll just say that this boy ends up releasing on hell of a load.

    Levi Jackson Toy Play

  • Put your weight into itNovember 7th, 2014
    Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy

    Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy

    David is already back and this time he’ll be getting that newbie ass fucked by the one and only Conner Chesney. David blew me away with his topping skills so I’m anxious to see how he takes to his first time bottoming for us.

    These two waste no time. They shed their clothes quickly and begin to fondle on another. They sit back on the couch and Conner wraps those lusty lips around David’s hot dick. Conner takes almost all of it down his throat as David reaches around and jacks him off. David gets on his hands and knees and returns the favor while showing off the arch of his back and his ass. Conner cops a nice feel, grabbing and slapping David’s juicy buns.

    David lies on his back and allows Conner to lube his tight hole. Conner also teases it with a dildo, priming that ass for a good fuck. Once his ass is prepped and ready Conner gives him the real thing. He slides his dick in nice and slow. David moan’s out in pleasure so Conner takes that as a cue to really start fucking him. Conner bangs that boy pussy hard while David begs for more. I’ve said it before and I mean it; Conner knows how to put his weight into every stroke. Just watching him makes my asshole throb! He holds David’s legs apart while constantly shoving his dick inside him. He flips David’s pretty ass around and continues to fuck the brakes off of him. This newbie is getting all he can handle and more from Conner. Conner is fucking that ass like it’s loose pussy, no holds barred. Soon, David takes over by riding Conner. He bounces up and down, tacking every inch of Conner’s meat stick. David is proving to be just as good a bottom as he is a top.

    Conner bends him over one last time and soon they both send globs of sperm and cum all over David’s body. Okay! That scene was fucking hot! More please! Now!

    Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy

  • Spencer Todd’s ass gets much need attention today. The red rocket tells the cameraman nothing has been in that ginger hole. Not even a finger. Apparently his girlfriend tried once, but wasn’t successful. Wonder why? Clothes are quickly shed and Spencer sits down and plays with himself. In no time at all, all the blood rushes to a certain area. Before he reaches full engorgement, the camera does a slow scan of his face and chest. The gym work he’s been doing recently is paying off. A fine muscled chest and thighs that could crack a walnut. Once his dick is ready to go (isn’t the head adorable?), Spencer pulls out the dildo. The toy gets all lubed up, and is pushed all the way into the virgin territory. Lucky latex cock! Probably doesn’t recognize how privileged it is. Looks like Spencer is not an advocate of gentle loving with an untapped ass. He takes his own cherry with no mercy.

    The camera goes below and there is a wonderful view of his face and stuffed rump. Pay close attention to Spencer’s expressions. He is struggling not to like his ass getting pleasured, but when the dildo hits that sweet spot his moans say it all. Probably wondering why his girlfriend wasn’t more insistent about butt play. He heads to the couch, his backside facing us. Keeps pushing the new bestest toy all the way in. A few strokes cause those pale toes to curl up in ecstasy.

    WATCH Spencer play with his ass HERE

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