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  • Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David

    Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David

    It’s been awhile since we’ve had an orgy scene but when BSB makes you wait they certainly have a way of making it up to us. Today they’ve put Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David together in a foursome and boy oh boy it going to be a treat! There’s no need to talk, these boys know what they’re here to do. Let’s get cracking.

    The boys split up, Chandler with David and Gage with Tyler. Both pairs make out and begin to strip each other. Soon David and Gage are sitting back while their partners suck their growing dicks. Chandler and Tyler are both great cock suckers and they have their partners stiff in no time. With everyone on brick, it’s time for the fucking to begin. The boys get on the bed, with Chandler and Tyler on all fours ready to take cock. Gage and David eagerly enter the asses before them and begin to pound away. Tyler’s bubble butt has me drooling as Gage fucks him hard and raw! David is also putting in work, making Chandler moan at the end of his joy stick. At BSB caring is sharing, so David and Gage switch allowing the other to get in their partner’s sweet asses.

    When the time comes for them to flip, David and Gage get treated to rim jobs from their partners before getting fucked on their backs. Soon Chandler becomes the center of attention. Chandler ends up getting his ass fingered by the other three guys and then things get a little rough as they tie his hands behind his back and take turns pounding that sweet ass and fucking that mouth!  When all is said and done Chandler is covered in the cum of three friends.

    Chandler, Tyler, Gage, and David

  • Orgy PoolNovember 13th, 2014
    Ian, Brody, Ronan, and David Orgy

    Ian, Brody, Ronan, and David Orgy

    How does a simple game of pool turn into an orgy? When the stakes revolve around a blow job. Once Ian makes his final shot, Brody gets down on his knees to pay up. He pulls Ian’s dick right through his BSB underwear and begins to suck on it. It’s safe to say that despite his newbie status, he’s becoming one of the best cocksucker s on the site. As he gives s was world class blow job; their buddies, Ronan and David watch and begin to stroke their cocks.

    Brody stands and Ian starts to fondle his cock before getting on his knees and taking full advantage of the boy’s hard on. Ian sucks that meat-sicle like a true cock hungry pro. Brody moans in pleasure as their audience continues to stroke. Brody bends Ian over the pool table and pushes his pole deep inside. Once he’s in, all bets are off. He fucks Ian nice and hard. Ian’s ass bounces nicely off Brody, what a delicious site.

    Sick of just watching Brody get all the action, Ronan comes over and takes over fucking Ian while David gets on his knees and services Brody. Ian groans out as Ronan’s big monster cock stretches his hole even more. Being the pro that he is, Ian takes every inch of it. The boys switch, allowing David to get his chance to fuck Ian’s juicy booty on the pool table. Brody and Ronan also end up on the pool table, making out and exchanging blow jobs. After getting a blow job form David, Ian gets on his knees and lets all three boys cum on him at the same time. Ian releases his load after the first drop lands on his chest. I should play pool more.

    Ian, Brody, Ronan, and David Orgy



    And another BSB orgy! It’s about to go down. This time we’ve got Vadim, Brandon, Zeno, and Blake. This is an interesting mix of guys and I can’t wait to see who’s going to do what. Let’s get it in!

    The boys quickly lose their clothes and pair off; Vadim with Brandon and Zeno with Blake. It’s a scene of opposites attract as the smaller boys are all over their taller counterparts. Brandon quickly gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s’ dick. He gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s dick. He is soon joined on the floor by Blake who wraps his juicy lips around Zeno’s thick cock. Vadim is audibly pleased; verbally letting Brandon know that he’s doing an excellent job. While getting their dicks slobbered on, Vadim and Zeno begin to kiss. The boys transition into a cock serving chow line: Blake on Brandon, Zeno on Blake, and Vadim on Zeno. I would say me on Vadim but I think my invitation got lost in the mail L

    After some very filling, sausage swallowing the boys move over to the bed. Brandon bends over and offers his ass to Blake while Vadim sits right on Reno’s cock. I’ve seen a lot of great asses on BSB; but Brandon’s is quickly making it to the top of the list. That beautiful bubble ass bounces right off of Blake. While watching those fleshy gloves get worked, Vadim demands that Zeno fuck him harder. Zeno of course obliges and begins to pound those cakes from below. Wanting to join in on Vadim’s rough treatment, Brandon smacks and playfully chokes him while continuing to get his hole drilled.

    Our BSB boys are always down to share. Zeno makes his way over to Blake while Brandon gives up his booty to Zeno. Vadim works Blake’s dick over with his mouth before getting bent over the bed and pummeled from behind. They transition to Vadim getting spit roasted by Brandon nad Blake, while Brandon happily sucks Zeno’s dick.

    When it’s time to cum these boys CUM! They all fire their loads all over Vadim. All except for Brandon, who shot his hot jizz right into Vadim’s pretty mouth. Hell even my load hit Vadim, albeit on the screen.

    Hot, hot, hot scene boys!

    Check it out here!

  • Drowning in cum: The 3 waySeptember 2nd, 2014
    Tyler White, Kaden, and Romeo Orgy

    Tyler White, Kaden, and Romeo Orgy

    Oh boy! Another group scene! They’re starting to spoil us. Tyler, Romeo, and Kaden are on set and ready to fuck. These dudes waste no time. Tyler gets things cracking by pulling Kaden and Romeo toward him. I don’t know what’s gotten into Tyler lately but he loves to taste armpits. He gives Kaden’s and Romeo’s pits a good cleaning.

    Soon the cock sucking fest begins with Tyler sucking Kaden and Romeo sucking Tyler. This is how BSB boys mingle. The boys move over to the bed where Tyler lies down and begins to give Romeo head while experiencing some mouth on dick attention from Kaden. All of these boys know how to use their pie holes!

    Kaden decides to really get things popping by sitting on Tyler’s dick. We cannot really hear him moan because his mouth is filled with Romeo’s cock. After having his hole thoroughly stroked; Kaden gets up and lets Romeo have a turn. Tyler fucks Romeo from the back good while Romeo swallows Kaden’s man bat. They flip Romeo on his back and fuck him stupid until all three of them blow nice loads. They completely hose Romeo down with cum!

    Click here to see the Tyler White, Kaden, and Romeo Orgy

  • 4 for the price of 1August 18th, 2014
    Fuck Fest Featuring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, And Skyler Daniels

    Fuck Fest Featuring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, And Skyler Daniels

    Oh my! It’s time for another BSB orgy! Ryan and Skyler have never been in an orgy mix like this so I hope they’re as excited as I am. Tyler and Kaden have been through this before so I’m sure they’ll show these boys the ropes. Let the games begin!

    The boys instantly pair off and begin kissing and rubbing all over each other. Tyler gets a little too excited and takes a hair out of Kaden’s arm pit with his teeth! Kaden returns the favor by kissing and sucking on Tyler’s pits. Yum! Meanwhile, Skyler has his hands full with Ryan, literally. These two are really into each other as they intimately rub and kiss. Ryan and Tyler get laid onto the bed and their respective partners begin to eat their asses. They really are into taste testing today! Kaden and Ryan put those tongues to good use and really work those holes over. Skyler digs deep into Ryan’s ass with his tongue. Kaden and Skyler pull their boys to the edge of the bed and they begin to digest their dicks. Tyler and Ryan enjoy the sight while making out with one another. Then they form a good ole’ cock slinging chow line. Kaden sucks Tyler, Tyler sucks Ryan, and Ryan sucks Skyler.

    After some good cock sucking the boys really get things popping. Tyler fucks Ryan on the side of the bed. That boy has a nice juicy ass. Tyler slides over and feeds his dick to Ryan while Kaden moves behind Skyler and slides his dick inside him. Wow! Now we’ve got two asses getting fucked! Kaden sits on the bed and Skyler sits on Kaden’s’ dick. Ryan begins to suck Skyler’s dick while getting fucked from behind by Tyler. After being fucked all over the place, it finally time for Ryan to get some ass, he puts Tyler on his back and takes his turn. Skyler lies on his back beside Tyler and gets fucked by Kaden.

    After all that fucking, sucking, and cock handling all four boys blow their loads. But it doesn’t end there. We get to see this sexy foursome take a steamy shower. BSB out did themselves this time!

    Check out the New Orgy Video here.

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