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jerking off

  • The Morning WoodsAugust 30th, 2015
    Morning Woods

    Morning Woods

    Dustin Powers, Jaxon Ryder and Chandler Scott are up early for some morning sex and there’s plenty of eggs, waffles, and dick to go around. Let’s see how well these studs mix.

    They quickly lose their clothes and basically attack one another. Jason and Dustin find themselves fighting for the pleasure of sucking Chandler’s cock. They play with Chandler’s dick and balls like a cat plays with yarn. Chandler then gets in on the sucking action by showing Dustin some oral love. He then switches to Jaxon but continues to pleasure Dustin by jacking him off. These boys eventually end up in a ball of cock sucking; everyone gets a dick in their mouth.

    Dustin wants more than a dick in his mouth, he wants one in his ass too. Jaxon is up to bat first and he slowly pushes his cock in the boy’s. Dustin’s moans can still be heard even as he 69s with Chandler. Dustin fucks raw him from behind while Jaxon watches from underneath. Jaxon pounds Dustin hard until it’s his turn to be on the receiving end. Dustin stuffs his big hot cock inside and batters his hole while sucking Chandler off. When all’s said and done the cum is everywhere but mostly on Dustin.

    Dustin, Jaxon, and Chandler

  • Eruption!August 11th, 2015
    John Henry and David Hardy

    John Henry and David Hardy

    My favorite country boy John Henry is back along with David Hardy. These guys are prepped for summer, especially John, whose manscaped his bod leaving hardly any hair. Some viewers may not like it but I don’t care, these two are hot as long as they have their facial hair. That’s just one horny guy’s opinion though.

    The boys lay back on the bed and begin to make out. David climbs on top of John, pressing his hard body against his as he play with his cock. He then straddles John’s face and sticks his uncut cock right into John’s mouth. John sucks it, taking it deep into his throat. David helps him by face fucking him. He then unleashes his fetish side and has John jack him using his feet. David puts his own oral skills to the test by blowing and rimming John. David dips his tongue deep into John’s boy box.

    John, on his back,  opens his legs and lets David push is hot, raw  cock inside. John takes a pounding from David, who is unrelenting. He breaks John ’s ass in from a few different positions. David only pulls out momentarily to make John taste his ass by sucking David’s dick. When he’s done as much damage as he can do, David cums on John’s steamy hole. John flips over jacks himself off until cum erupts from his cock and rains down all over David!

    John Henry and David Hardy

  • Jaxon Ryder Fucks James Andrews Raw

    Jaxon Ryder Fucks James Andrews Raw

    Jaxon has been gone for a while and I’m so happy he’s back. Here’s here with a broken heart and broken wallet. We’ll fix that. Today he’ll have the pleasure of playing with James Andrews who will be getting topped for the first time. Let’s see how these two get along.

    After looking over some sex toys, the boys lean in for a kiss. They slowly part with their clothes as they continue to make out. Jaxon wraps his lips around James’ dick the moment it’s free from its constraints. This kid can suck dick like no one else; almost like he enjoys it. James soon returns the favor and manages to get over half of Jaxon’s dick down his throat. He puts his techniques on display pleasing the newly returned boy.

    Ready to take his BSB experience to the next level, James slides onto Jaxon’s slick dick. He takes his time, giving his ass a chance to adjust to Jaxon’s fat cock. He moans and grunts but grinds on the dick nonetheless. Jaxon lustfully watches James’ fat ass bounce up and down before bending him over and taking control. He takes his time, as James’ virgin ass still needs some time to get used to being invaded by raw cock. Jaxon is patient, for a time. Then he unleashes, fucking James like he’s a cock hungry slut in heat. To finish up the boys decide to jack off, leading to them both releasing nice loads.

    Jaxon Ryder Fucks James Andrews Raw

  • Ryan Fields And Chandler Scott Suck Fest

    Ryan Fields And Chandler Scott Suck Fest

    Chandler is back and ready to get his cock sucked by a guy for the first time. But because Ryan never had the chance to have a legit oral scene, he’s going to have experience his first time giving a blow job as well. Let see just how Chandler deals with the pressure.

    Before they get to inhaling each other’s meat poles, Sha asks them to kiss, even though that’s a bit out of Chandler’s comfort zone. Ryan moves in and delivers some strong lip action. Chandler recoils at first but he quickly gets into it. Soon Chandler finds himself against the wall with Ryan’s body pressed against him. He certainly looks like he’s starting to enjoy the kissing.

    He gets on his knees and allows Ryan to stick his cock in his mouth. I know this kid is new to giving blow jobs but damn! He takes Ryan’s dick all the way down to the balls. Impressed, Ryan decides to return the favor. He gets on his knees and explores Chandler’s meat stick with his mouth and tongue. The boys go on to suck cock all over the place; they even get a ladder involved. Satiated by each other’s meat, the boys sit back to back and jerk off. Ryan bursts first, sending ropes of cum onto the ground. He then sits behind Chandler and helps him rub his nut out by playing with his nipples and kissing his neck. The load Chandler shoots off was well worth it, jizz explodes from his cock.

    Ryan Fields and Chandler Scott

  • The Couch QuickieMarch 5th, 2015
    Trevor Laster Blows James Andrews

    Trevor Laster Blows James Andrews

    James Andrews (my favorite newbie) is back and is going to have to come out of his comfort zone a bit by receiving his first blow job from a dude. He’s in very experienced hands though because he’s been paired with Trevor Laster, whom we all know has been around the block.

    To get him warmed up, Sha asks James just to start off by jacking off. James doesn’t hesitate. He whips out that fat cock of his and starts to pull on it. He gets his boundaries stretched when Sha asks Trevor to suck on the newbie’s in order to help James get hard. It does the trick. Trevor then makes his way down to James’ cock and starts to suck on it. He bobs up and down on James’ wood, getting it nice and wet. James’ sausage continues to grow in Trevor’s mouth. James can’t help but admit that it feels great. He stares up at the ceiling in awe, he can’t believe that a guy’s mouth is doing this to him. This is what happens when you let a real gay boy go to work. You get an amazing straight boy that suddenly becomes speechless. Soon James can’t hold it anymore, he pulls out of Trevor’s mouth and jacks until cum is spewing everywhere.

    We’re not done yet though, we’ve still got one boy who needs a release. James isn’t quite ready to suck cock yet but he’s willing to give a hand job. They break out the lube and James grips Trevor’s thick cock. I always say that there’s no way that a girl can give a better hand job than a guy and James proves me right, he has Trevor cumming in minutes. He may be straight but he knows how to give a handy (all guys do). I’m excited to see how much we’ll get James to do.

    Trevor Laster Blows James Andrews

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