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  • They say a winning smile and beautiful eyes will are all that you need to make your dreams come true. Well our dreams have definitely come alive with one look at Tristan Stiles. This BSB newbie is the freshest cut off beef we have and we can’t wait to see every inch of his tube steak. Fortunately for us he ran into a few life issues. He lost his job and his roommate is joining the armed forces so he’s here to make some cash.

    Tristan is no stranger to self stroking, he started early, age 8.

    My brother got me into [watching] pornography and that’s how I started jerking off,” Tristan says to the cameraman.

    Tristan is a ladies man so he’s single since he plays the field. Sidenote, this guy might have a thing for cougars. He shares how he fucked one in just about every place one could imagine. This guy is turning me on.

    Tristan strips down and grabs his cock and starts waking it up. A little nervous he uses both his hands to get in tune with the motion of his man meat. Soon his sausage is plump and fully cooked.

    “I want to cum on the bed,” Tristan says.

    He gets on his back and continues to jack off. He’s doing it just the way he likes it because soon Tristan closes his eyes and we can see the slightest curl in his toes. He starts to finger himself upon the cameraman’s request.

    He pulls his fingers out and starts to jerk faster. This newbie is ready to bust a nut. His thighs tense up, his body quivers and he shoots a huge stream onto his belly. Good stuff, newbie.

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    Tristan Stiles 

  • The only word we can use to describe this performance is simply “amazing”.

    Broke Straight Boys fave, Denver Grand, stunned party guests by bursting into song while in town for a weekend long shoot at the new BSB Studios. During the impromptu performance, Denver showed off his SERIOUS vocal prowess- and some equally serious songwriting skills– on the fly. “Ass to Mouth” (ATM) is sure to become an internet sensation.

    Let us know what you think!

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  • I can’t think of a better way to start a weekend than watching some free videos of the hot straight boys at Broke Straight Boys. Every day they find hot boys in need of cash and film them sucking, fucking, and jerking off for the first time on camera.



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