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First Time

  • How You Doin?January 29th, 2016
    Devon Felix Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw

    Devon Felix Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw

    At BSB we don’t care if you’ve done porn before; either way the red carpet will be rolled out and you’ll receive one hell of a welcome. That is exactly what newbie Tyler Griffin is going to get today. He’s been paired with Devon Felix, who as we all know, is packing a serious weapon in his shorts. Now where I come from that’s a treat but Tyler seems to be a bit nervous. Let’s see how his experience in porn will see him through this challenge.

    Things pop off as they always do around here, with a make out session. But Devon doesn’t want this to be a routine fuck. Oh no, he just pushes Tyler down and shoves his huge cock right up his sweet ass. Tyler is shocked but takes it despite not getting a proper warm up. Tyler’s sweet hole envelops Devon’s cock and holds on with each stroke. Eventually, Tyler is picked up and fucked in the air (reminds me of a bathhouse romp I had last week). Devon just manhandles Tyler, much to his and our delight.

    Once Tyler is put on all fours I get to drool over his cute bubble ass and the way it responds to Devon’s thrusts. This kid has a lot going for him! Devon fucks him raw until he can’t take anymore, he pulls out and unleashes a milky load all over the boy’s chest. That’s the best way to say “hello, nice to meet you”.

    Devon Felix Fucks Tyler Griffin Raw

  • Everyone Sucks Dick SometimeDecember 16th, 2015
    Brice Jones Fucks Devon Felix Bareback

    Brice Jones Fucks Devon Felix Bareback

    Oh yeah! The time has finally come for Brice to experience sucking cock. Devon will be the lucky bloke on the receiving end. That, however, isn’t the only thing this stud will be receiving today. There is a price for getting a blow job from Brice, and that’s a big fat cock in the ass. Let’s see how these boys handle each other.

    After some lip acton and fondling, Devon helps Brice out of his clothes and demonstrates the proper way to give a blow job. He starts off slow, making sure to get every bit of Brice’s cock wet. He works on Brice’s member with his mouth until is sloppy wet. They finally switch places, and Brice tastes cock for the first time. Much to my and Devon’s surprise he’s not bad, at all. He has Devon hard and excited and seconds…damn! He so expertly uses his hands and mouth simultaneously, you’d think he’s done this before.

    Ready to be rewarded for his efforts, Brice asks Devon if he’s ready to take his “anaconda”. Devon nervously responds with “I guess” and then turns on his side. Brice pushes his beefy cock insides and gets right to work. Devon can’t help but bury his face in the pillow as he fights through the pain. Brice’s dick is filling his hole beyond maximum capacity! Devon gets on all fours and allows Brice to penetrate his slightly hairy ass once more. Brice doesn’t ease up, he continues to push every inch of his big dick up Devon’s guts! Tune in to see just how much Devon has to endure before finally getting Brice off!

    Brice Jones Fucks Devon Felix Raw

  • Kyle’s TurnNovember 29th, 2015
    Zander Floyd Fucks Kyle Porter Raw

    Zander Floyd Fucks Kyle Porter Raw

    Like his brother, Kyle is back to experience some man on man action for the first time. But unlike his bro, Kyle won’t be on the top bunk…he’ll be on the bottom. He’s in good hands though. He’s been paired up with Zander Floyd and to my surprise, he seems excited.

    Zander turns to Kyle and they begin by kissing and snatching their clothes off. Zander makes his way down to Kyle’s crotch and puts the newbie’s cock into his mouth. Zander is a great cocksucker, something that Kyle looks pleased to be discovering. Zander swallows the shaft all the way down to the balls. The boys switch places and Kyle returns the favor. He treats Zander the way he was treated by taking his cock all the way down to Kyle’s pubes.

    With his cock nice and hard, Zander puts Kyle on the bed and spreads his ass apart before sliding his hot pole into Kyle’s virgin ass raw. Kyle turns red in the face but he’s clearly enjoying himself. Zander uses his cock to plow and loosen Kyle’s hot hole before putting him on all fours. Zander my not be the most natural top but he certainly does a great job pummeling Kyle from behind! Watch how sticky things get once these two are done.

    Zander Floyd Fucks Kyle Porter Raw

  • No Practice NeededOctober 27th, 2015
    Tanner Valentino Fucks The Very Sexy Danny Cannon

    Tanner Valentino Fucks The Very Sexy Danny Cannon

    Tanner Valentino is back and fresh off his solo scene. He’s going to be paired up with Danny Cannon who is more than willing to show him the ropes and give up a little ass in the process.

    The boys begin with some deep kissing and groping. Danny’s hand explores Tanner’s body and the two stay lip locked. The two take of their shirts and soon Tanner’s shorts disappear with them. Danny is immediately turned on and quickly gets on his knees. He damn near swallows Tanner’s cock whole when he starts to blow him. As he sucks his hand gently massages Tanner’s ball sack. Before he knows it, it’s Tanner’s turn to suck cock for the first time. He’s not bad at it! He takes Danny’s cock all the way to the base, he’s not shy at all.

    They move over to the bed where Tanner lubes Danny ’s ass up before pushing his cock deep inside of him. He starts off slow, delivering long deep strokes. Danny’s juicy cakes absorbs the slow pounding. Danny takes over, and sits on Tanner’s dick and rides some before being dug out from below. This time Tanner picks up the pace. Danny’s fleshy bottoms jiggles as Tanner beats it up. He continues the pummeling after he gets Danny on his back. His cock slides in and out of Danny’s ass until Danny can’t take it anymore. He sprays thick wads of cum all over his stomach. Tanner pulls out and fires off his own load!

    Tanner Valentino And Danny Cannon

  • Gage Dicked DownOctober 25th, 2015
    Draven Caine Fucks Gage Owens Bareback

    Draven Caine Fucks Gage Owens Bareback

    This is just one of those scenes that will have you instantly turned on. Newbie Draven Caine is back and is ready to stretch himself some more. He just recently watched gay porn for the first time, giving himself a better idea of what’s about to happen. Today he’s going to get to fuck Gage who will have no problem showing this stud the ropes.

    Draven removes his pesky shirts, revealing that gorgeous body of his, and begins to make out with Gage. Thankfully, Gage quickly loses his shirt as well while Draven remains a step ahead by getting rid of his shorts. Draven presses his naked body against Gage as they continue to kiss. Gage can’t help but get himself a healthy handful of Draven’s sweet ass. Soon, he finds himself on his knees inhaling Draven’s impressive cock. Draven trades places with Gage in order to return the favor. As the boys begin to 69, Draven plays with Gage’s ass.

    Gage puts some lube on Draven’s cock before sliding right onto it. He lets his erect dick swing freely as he enjoys the feeling of Draven’s beef stick in his ass. Draven smiles as Gage grinds and bounces on his cock. Draven bends over, inviting Draven to take control. That porn Draven watched really helped because he takes to fucking ass with ease. He punctuates the pounding he gives with several slaps on Gage’s sexy hide. Gage can take dick like a pro and it’s a good thing because Draven is using his hole and showing no mercy! By the end of the scene Gage is covered in jizz and semen. Draven is a natural top and I can’t wait to see him give it to a few other boys.

    Draven Caine And Gage Owens Raw

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