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First Time

  • Not Your Average…November 24th, 2014
    Introducing James Riley

    Introducing James Riley

    James Riley may not be your average clean cut, ripped porn star, but he is cute and broke, just the way we like them. He says that if the mood is right, he’d be okay with getting oral from a dude and maybe reciprocating. Today he’s just going to show off for us so let’s see what he’s got.

    He’s positioned on the stairs, where he’s fondling his growing cock. James jacks off while leaning back on the stairs. This kid has a nice thick cock for sure! I would definitely like to see him paired up with Ronan Kennedy or Brandon Beal. He and Ronan could sword fight with those big pricks of theirs and I’d love to see Brandon’s soft ass ripped open by James’s dick. During his solo, James also lets us see his ass as he simulates fucking. I know he’s new to the site and it will probably take him some time to warm up to the idea, but I’m sure James wouldn’t mind  letting Zeno pop his cherry (for the right price) for all of the BSB fans to see.

    But let’s focus on the present. James is moaning and groaning while stroking his hard cock. This kid is quite horny, so horny that the starts to fuck his hand through the railing on the stairs. He sits back down and gives the camera a sultry look and busts a nice load all over his hairy abdomen. James seems intelligent and like he’s got a good head on his shoulders. He also has a different look than most of our other models, so he definitely adds variety. I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings.

    Introducing James Riley

  • Brody opened upNovember 16th, 2014
    Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

    Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ayden Troy. Since he’s been gone, he’s added a tattoo of his son’s name to his collection of tats. He’s going to add a new boy to his virgin ass collection today; Brody Lasko. That’s right, its time for this newbie to get the ribbon cut on that cute ass of his.

    Stripped down to their underwear, the boys begin with some gentle kissing . Brody takes off his last bit of clothing, exposing his rock hard dick. Ayden takes the bait and wraps his lip around it. Devouring over half of it. He licks up and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet. Brody sounds pleased, as he watches Ayden’s mouth glide up and down his cock. Ayden stands, allowing Brody to show him his own head skills. Brody hasn’t been around long but he’s already come to take Ayden’s dick in all the way down to the base. He gently fondles Ayden’s s balls while feeding on his fat dick.

    Brody gets on the floor and willingly offers his ass to Ayden. Ayden wastes no time; he gently pushes his cock in. He starts off with some nice slow strokes, letting Brody’s tight hole get used to the pressure. Ayden loves every bit of this virgin man pussy. He moans and groans with every penetrating pump. They move over to the bed where Brody sits on his cock and starts bouncing. His virgin hole is loosening up quite nicely, so Ayden begins to pound him hard from below. Ayden bends him over on the bed and continues stroking his insides. That cute hairy asshole is taking everything Ayden’s big cock can give. Brody releases a juicy load while getting dicked from the back; not bad for a first timer. Ayden pulls out and cums on Ayden’s ass. Nice way to open up what I hope will be a well-used ass on BSB.

    Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

  • David and GoliathNovember 5th, 2014
    David Hardy Tops Ronan Kennedy

    David Hardy Tops Ronan Kennedy

    We’ve got a new kid, David Hardy. He’s a hot 22 year old newbie who truly enjoys sex. Today he’s going to continue breaking in Ronan’s sweet hole. He’s a little nervous but this guy is fan oriented and he’ll push through his never for us. Ronan better be ready because David doesn’t seem like the type to take prisoners once he gets started.

    It’s Ronan who kicks thing off by going in for a steamy kiss. David reciprocates and they fondle on another. They begin to undress and Ronan finds himself on his knees with David’s nice dick in his mouth. He works David over good with his mouth before switching places. David gets a first-hand look at just how big Ronan’s cock is. They move over to the couch where David continues to try to take it all into his mouth. Ronan stands up and begins to fuck David’s mouth.

    David lays back, straps on, lubes up and waits for Ronan. Ronan wastes no time, he sits right on David’s pole and begins to ride. Soon David takes over and begins to fuck his fuck toy hard form the back. Ronan turns over and David continues to fiercely pound him while pulling his hair. Ronan lies on the couch and David lifts one of his hairy legs into the air and pounds his cock even deeper inside. He jacks Ronan; thick cock while continuing to blast his hole. Soon, they’re in my personal favorite position, with David beating Ronan’s booty form the back. David may be new but this id knows how to fuck. I’m jealous of Ronan; I wish it was my hole getting pounded like that. Ronan releases a creamy load right before David deposits his own man milk on Ronan ass.

    David Hardy Takes Ronan Kennedy’s Little Ass

  • Damien Kyle Blows Salem Pierce

    Damien Kyle Blows Salem Pierce

    Damien has always been known for being the first to lend a helping hand. So it was no surprise when he decided to tag along to pick up one of the new boys. But once hunky Salem Pierce is in the van it’s clear that Damien has other things on his mind.

    Damien coerces Salem into getting his feet (and dick) wet before even reaching the BSB house, and Salem obliges. Damien starts by fondling Salem’s budding boner through his sexy blue undies. It’s already apparent that it huge! My suspicion is confirmed as soon as it pops out. Damien’s mouth must be watering just at the sight of it. He wraps his lips around it and goes in! He only gives Salem a brief pause and that’ to get those pants off. Once they’re off, Damien gets back to work, steadily bobbing up and down. Salem’s dick gets bigger and bigger as Salem watches.

    Then things get interesting. Damien stops and tries to get Salem to suck his dick. At first Damien says no, but he soon changes his mind when he’s offered $300 to do the deed. Salem starts off pretty slow but he gets some pointers from Damien and we see the results instantly; Damien’s cock gets brick hard. Salem goes deep enough on the dick to produce tears. The boys jack their dicks and Damien mentions that he wants to cum on Salem’s face but of course Salem’s no going to do that for free. He wasn’t 50 more dollars and a baby giraffe. Salem cums and he busts a nice load all over his chest and abs. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this stud in some hardcore action.

    Damien Kyle Teaches Salem Pierce How To Suck Cock

  • Introducing Ando KoenigDecember 19th, 2013

    Meet Ando! This is a dude you want with when all hell breaks loose. He’s a fan of mixed martial arts and wrestling. He’s been doing martial arts since he was a kid. Don’t worry though. He’s no bully looking for a fight. Just enjoys the art of it all.

    The 20-year-old shows off his guns, and when he takes his shirt off there are some cool tattoos. Ando has a great perspective on how to get better as a fighter, a philosophy
    that applies to most things.”You don’t learn anything if you win. You have to lose.” His taste of girls runs toward blonde girls, gymnasts, and cheerleaders. Athletic gals who can bend. When the cameraman wonders about the size of his dong, Ando doesn’t brag. However, when he pulls his underwear down, Ando is sporting a nice side of meat. Eventually he gets on the bed, completely naked. His sausage has plumped, all red and pink. Ando strokes are slow and deliberate. Those small sized nuts jiggle with each stroke.

    “You jerk off slow,” the cameraman says. “Is that how you jerk off.” “Yeah, I want it to be pleasurable to me,” Ando answers. He jumps on his knees, and keeps stroking. After some conversation with the cameraman, Ando gets on his back. His hand picks up the pace, but it’s still leisurely. Like a walk in the park. On a perfect summer day. LOL! The dude closes his eyes and it looks like he’s getting more into it.

    Ando’s hand stays close to his bloated head. He alternates speed, from fast to slow. With no warning, he pops a load that covers the skin right under his belly button. He gives us a smile and the scene ends. What do you think? Should he come back?

    Click to see the entire scene with
    Ando Koenig

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